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  1. Does anyone know the engine color for a 1964 Ford F100 with a 292 Y-Block?
  2. Once you see the smile on your grandkid's faces, you will know you made the right purchase.
  3. I believe Al Capone's 1928 Cadillac is in a museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  4. The starter is made with alot of "pot metal" that is crumbling. It would need a new housing.
  5. I am at at standstill with a restoration of a 1928 Dodge Victory 6. I can't seem to find a starter replacement. Is there any alternative starters that will work? Someone said a starter for a small Caterpillar will work but didn't know a part number. I'm not sure about that but any suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. Had a chance to buy a new1970 Dodge Hemi Daytona Charger that had sit on the dealer's floor until 1971. Nobody wanted it. I passed on it....now anybody guess what they are worth? Makes you sick to watch Barrett-Jackson!!
  7. There is a Stewart Warner Vacuum Fuel System manual for a 1928 Dodge for sale on EBay as of this morning. It should have all the info you need.
  8. Does he have any parts for sale? I need a starter for a 1928 Dodge Victory Six.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the posts! Dad has capped off the windshield wiper vacuum line and that seemed to help some. Does anyone know how much vacuum pressure it should produce. He has got a new carb kit ordered to make sure that is not part of the problem.
  10. I am needing a starter for a 1928 Dodge Victory Six
  11. My dad originally bought this 1928 Cadillac over 40 years ago. The only problem that we have had is with the vacuum fuel pump. Does anyone know of a solution of how to rebuild this system or (would rather not do this) what type of fuel system to replace the original.
  12. Thanks Ron for all of the great help! That will get me started in the right direction. This car appears to be original and was sitting in storage since 1962. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks. On the tag on the firewall is the following info: Style # 55-2519D; Body BK-574; Trim #260; and Paint #01. Hopefully this will help.
  14. Great car! I had a buddy in school that had one the same year and color but with 340-4bbl w/pistol grip 4 speed. Your car took me back a few years. Thanks for sharing
  15. I need help decoding the VIN of a 1955 Pontiac that I have purchased. Thanks for the help. The VIN is K755H2113
  16. I have a 1928 cadillac V8 that has had fuel problems for the past thirty years. I think the problem is with the vacuum tank. The engine runs great as long as I am getting enough fuel. Any suggestions as to how to make the vacuum tank work properly.
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