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  1. Ok I have a 40 Z with 18600 miles on it completely original,radio still works, clock doesn't.Orginally sold to G C Patton at the Aberdien proving grounds in Maryland in may of 1940, it was bought back by a lincoln dealer in 1947, which I bought from them,at the time it had 7,000 some miles on it.But do to my service time and other Government work the car spent alot of time in storage mostly in Nevada at the Test Site, I do use it once in awhile and perform general maintenance as required by the manual. So see we do have people that you can converse with it Gravity
  2. Require swingout window weather seals, for 38 and 40 Z's 4 door sedans, Seems that no one makes or advertises window weather seals? Appreciate any suggestions. Gravity
  3. I got mine from NAPA $5 bucks each. Gravity
  4. HI I just wired up a 47 heater switch that has 4 wires 2 wires go to the brushes and the other 2 go to the armeture fields, What are the colors of the wires?, I believe One is black, One is red, and the other 2 are either yellow or orange. Note the Green ford manual does not show the heater wires on the schematic I guess because of the manufacture of the fan motors I have 2 motors and the only color thats common is the black and red. The other item is "SPEEDS OF THE FAN", some are single. and some have a fast and low speed. Gravity
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