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  1. Be certain your brakes are correctly adjusted inside the drums and eccentrics. No adjustment of the turnbuckles in the cables should ever be required.
  2. I don't; but, now that we've identified the part as # 510068, perhaps Mr. Kapteyn does. Stephen Allen lists them as well. http://mystudebaker.com/heating-cooling/heat-riser-valves-related-items/
  3. Your Model '10' Rockne is referred to as a Model 31 for parts reference in the Studebaker parts catalogs. Is this what you are looking for?
  4. That trim is on most, if not all Studebakers of the era. Even the low priced '33 Rockne.
  5. It's easy to understand Rockne model confusion. Though I suspect the logic of their designations is long lost to history. The two prototypes produced by Ralph Vail and Roy Cole were never called Rocknes. In fact, I don't believe anyone knows if they were ever called anything. They were produced by Vail and Cole under contract to Willys-Overland. And when W-O determined not to produce them, the two engineers got to keep the prototypes. One day as Vail was out driving his, he decided to stop in South Bend and show it to Albert Erskine, who drove it and agreed to make it a Studebaker product that same day. To name the new product a Rockne, in homage to Knute Rockne, was an afterthought, as Knute was killed on March 31, 1931; and the first Rocknes did not roll off the assembly line for another nine months. The 1932 Rockne of Vail-Cole design was marketed as the Model '65'; but in the Studebaker Parts depot it was a Model 30. The 1933 Rockne of Vail-Cole design was marketed as the Model '10'; but in the Studebaker Parts depot it was a Model 31. To further confuse matters, Barney Roos was assigned the task of outfitting the Studebaker Model '54' to be a larger model Rockne, and designated the Model '75'; which is identified in the Parts Depot as a Model 41. I'm sure that clears things up. 🥴 So, those parts would NOT be from a 1931 Rockne. But they COULD be Model 31 parts, in which case they would be from a 1933 Model '10'.
  6. In most instances I too prefer authenticity. This one has never been restored. Other than maintenance items, it is just as it left the factory.
  7. Here are images from John's first inquiry. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/327184-33-rockne-windshield-wing-nuts/
  8. I don't know if the splines would be the same, or if Angelo is looking for originality. Here's the '41 Champion wheel and the '41 Commander Skyway/President.
  9. I suggested that in a PM and his reply was, " I do not have the steering wheel. I actually need the whole steering wheel, not restored. The Shrock Brothers do not have any."
  10. Well done! Hopefully the new owner will update his information on the Rockne Register.
  11. The Membership Office for The Antique Studebaker Club: Cornerstone Registrations P.O. Box 1715 Maple Grove, MN 55311-6715 or Call (763) 420-7829
  12. As a three-decade Rockne owner unfortunately I must agree. Another instance where rarity, condition and age do not equate to investment value. Your best market return is still going to be in the EU but, my advice would be to enjoy it more; get it seen more; perhaps with a "For Sale" sign attached; and ask for offers without quoting a price. It's a beautiful example that anyone should be proud to own.
  13. Uncertain on your reference to "the third nuts" but, here's photos of the winged screws.
  14. The site listed by Mark is not an authorized ASC site, and my well exist simply to phish for email addresses. The grammar is crude and there are NO links to the ASC at all. I would caution folks from opening it. The following site is recognized by the ASC and has a link to membership application. http://www.theantiquestudebakerclub.com/
  15. The article indicates it was crashed very early in its life. Probably went to scrap during the war.
  16. Yep! A car for such a specific purpose definitely needed the deluxe dual salon horns, sidemount spares and radiator mascot. Why, ...the gang would be so awestruck by the grace and refinement they would be easily cuffed and stuffed before they even knew the alarm had been tripped. 🤣
  17. They don't list the seal specifically for the Rockne; but a couple options for the '33 Studebaker Model 56 and one for the '32 Model 55, which would probably be the same for the Rockne '75'. If the '32 Model '65' and '33 Model '10' weren't such entirely different animals from all other Studebakers there would be no trepidation.
  18. Joliet Studebaker is a full time parts supplier for parts back to 1934. We have some older parts and we run a parts locating service. We have a 38.000 sq ft. building full of parts from 23 former Studebaker dealers We stock all new rubber for your car such as vent window rubbers,windshield rubber trunk gaskets etc. We would be pleased to work with you. R.Kapteyn , Joliet Studebaker Service. 112 Bissel Street Joliet IL. 60432-3002. 815 722 7262 Thanks for your inquire. Bob K. Robert Kapteyn, Sr. Joliet Studebaker Service 108 Bissel St. Joliet, Illinois 60432 cell: (815)212-2389 fax: (815)722-7262 email: studebaker@mac.com
  19. Good advice there! I've been a member for over a quarter century, and my '33 would not be on the road without the contacts and support I've received there.
  20. One really great first move I would urge you to make would be to join the Antique Studebaker Club. The bi-monthly ANTIQUE STUDEBAKER REVIEW will connect you with parts and their vendors, technical information, history, restoration articles and great fellowship. http://www.theantiquestudebakerclub.com/
  21. Correct; 1932 Model '65' and 1933 Model '10'; but NOT the Model '75'.
  22. The top hose, as near as I can tell from the original parts catalog, was a straight piece of pipe, joined at each end by a 3" (7.5cm)x 1-1/4" id (3.2cm inside diameter) piece of hose. My Model '10' simply has one piece of hose 14" (35cm) long. My lower hose is a flexible aftermarket type. The hood lace on the cowl is different in appearance and size from the lace on the grill shell.
  23. All Model '10' Rocknes use the same radiator and grill. The "hood lace" you seek is available from Restoration Specialties in Windber, Pennsylvania, but I would think an EU company should also have it available. The hood lace on the cowl is different in appearance and size from the lace on the grill shell. http://www.restorationspecialties.com/page_119.pdf
  24. Volume 1, No.1 of Skinned Knuckles has a really good article about the Startix in general, but I believe the information Richard has supplied has more detail, and is Studebaker specific.
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