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  1. Riddled with arthritis and not as skinny as I used to be; will have to jack up the car to get those dimensions. πŸ˜† Don't expect that within 24 hours! πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, maybe someone with an actual '34 Dictator instead of a '33 Rockne might feel induced to help. I WILL get back to you.
  2. Understand these photos are of a Rockne Model 10 (31), but the same part numbers in the catalog for the '34 Dictator Model A. Front shocks are mounted outside the frame with 7" lever arms pointing forward, and rear shocks are mounted inside the frame with 10" lever arms pointing to the rear. First two images are right front. Note the curve in the 7" arms. Second two images are left rear. The 10" arms are straight.
  3. But the '35 is a Model 1A, not the '34 Model A that you have.
  4. According to the factory Catalog of Chassis Parts the shocks are the same Delco-Lovejoys that are on the U.S. assembled '32 Rockne 65 and '33 Rockne 10 (models 30 and 31 in the catalog). I will post pictures of how they are mounted on my '33, which has never had them removed. In the meantime, here are the pages with the part numbers.
  5. What spray lube are you using? How much time have you given it to work? Can we assume you have pushed it up a tiny bit a few times, then let it rest and soak? Then repeat before you try to lower it the least bit, so as to not bend the hood or hinges; then up a tiny bit and let it soak some more? Extreme patience is your friend.
  6. You want to talk to Jon Myer or Phil Harris. This forum you've posted in caters mostly to pre WWII Studebakers. Best to make your inquiries on the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum, where later V-8 performance is a hot topic. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/ There is also a forum specifically for performance Studebakers. http://www.racingstudebakers.com/foo/index.php
  7. I believe that should also fit the '32 Rockne Model 75. How's Mike doing these days?
  8. Chrome plated windshield frames were usually factory installed on Deluxe models, which would also include things like dual wipers, salon horns, side mounted spares, etc as standard equipment. I believe painted frames were black, rather than body color, and installed on Standard models, lacking the options included on the Deluxe models. Others have more experience with that decade than I. As well, export models assembled down under may well have variations not found in our domestic market.
  9. Commander Model 1B? The Chassis parts catalog for the eight cylinder cars would have the length used in every model. My catalog is only for Six Cylinder models.
  10. The original 313 cid has been upgraded to the 337.
  11. JΓΆrg, I've sent a couple emails but they've been bounced back undeliverable. I haven't found a photo of the radio control head for the Rockne. I believe Richard Quinn indicated it was mounted on the steering column, like other 1933 Studebakers. Perhaps he, or someone else, might be able to come up with an image.
  12. I believe he DID sell it. To his wife! 😁
  13. Obviously my bad. I don't have the 8 cylinder catalog. But his suggested part # 633100 does show up as the copper asbestos pipe flange gasket for the Model 56 as well.
  14. I sent my Rockne shoes to Dave Thibeault for relining, and got them back post haste. I'm sure others still offer the service. If you can find replacement shoes, I'm sure they will just be cores.
  15. Right hand control in China. Possibly purchased out of the Hong Kong Hotel Garage Studebaker Dealership on Stubbs Road. The dealership was also associated with the Shanghai Hotel.
  16. Isn't the spring end slotted? Specifically to maintain the spring at tension.
  17. If I were you I would just get the original coils rebuilt. www.mykmlifestyle.com
  18. Apparently they must be different than the ones in my '33 Rockne. Each bracket was held in by only two screws.
  19. I would think folding it between each bow would definitely put a pinch in it at the fold. I would inquire if there is anything the deck can be treated with to enhance the flexibility of material a century old.
  20. You might also check with https://special-interest-autos.com/
  21. cve92, Check your private message board. I sent you some contact information
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