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  1. I am running an Edelbrock 800 cfm on my 401 that has a mild TA performance cam, mildly ported and otherwise stock engine. It has an electric choke and AVS style secondary's. The engine starts great and runs very well with no stumble and good throtle response. I am satisfied with the performance of this carb. Only drawback so far is gas mileage, which on a recent trip averaged about 14 mpg. Carb is at present time being run right out of the box, some tuning is upcoming. I think that this carb deserves a fair shake, its not that different from the original AVS and is every bit as tunable.
  2. I am rebuilding the rear suspension on my 37 Buick Special. Two of the bolts that go thru the shackle and spring are broken. Got the rest out OK but even those are worn. I can't find replacement bolts in any of my catalogs. Anyone know if a person can purchase these anywhere? They appear to be an odd size, slightly larger than .625" with 11 threads per inch. Don't believe they are to have nuts on the far side as the shackles are also threaded. Any info would be appreciated. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  3. Quite a while back I remember seeing a post that had a source for a disc brake adaptor to mount discs on the original 37 kingpins. Can't remember if I saw it here or somewhere else. Anyone know the source and contact for this modification?
  4. Thanks for your reply Matt. I understand fully what you are saying about modifieing the rest of the car. I just finished my 57 Chevy with power disc brakes, power rack & pinion steering, fuel injected 350 with a 5 speed manual. Now that it and my 69 Barracuda are finished (it to modified) I'm ready for my Buick streetrod project. I drove my 57 for 23 years after I restored it back to original and am enjoying the car more than ever now that its been rodded. Restored cars are fine, always like to see them, just not in my garage. I am still in the planning stage for the 37, just putting out some feelers for this motor, never owned one but I think it would make a great cruiser engine. At one time I considered keeping the straight eight, love the look of it, just don't think I can get enough power from it to keep me happy. Anyway, thanks again. PS, I don't do Japanese cars ever, no matter where the put them together!
  5. Seriously thinking of a 350 Buick and 400 turbo in my 37. Anyone here do this swap? What year did Buick go with hardened valve seats for unleaded gas? Guessing 1977, sound close. Left side manifold clearence I'm sure could be an issue, any ideas? Anything you guys got would be of interest, thanks Dan.
  6. I'm looking at a 70 455, how doe's one ID the year and cid of this vintage Buick engine?
  7. I'm new to this sight and already know I'll be a "regular". I just bought a 37 special model 41, haven't even got'n it home yet. (the cars in Phoenix, I'm in Iowa). Quite sure its going to end up modified but am taking my time to think out how I'm going to build it. Has the original 248 ci inline. I understand there were 4 different displacements for this engine. Are they all the same length? Mount the same? Considering using an old long 8 with a modern automatic. The original 248 sounds a little small for modern speeds, what you think. Maybe a 320? How much can these blocks be bored? Would really like to find a two carb manifold, are they hard to find? I'm sure some of you guys really know your Buick stuff, what's your opinion?
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