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  1. I took a look at my horns brass collar today using a mirror only to find out that it is split in half/broken. I saw this problem in another post. Looks like I have no choice but to pull the column. Not sure if I can solder the collar back together or not. I will post back whenever or if ever I get this fixed. Might be one of those projects that take the backseat for a while.
  2. sounds just like what I was needing to hear. Where on the brass colar do I solder the wire? Is there a certain place I will see that it attaches? I will try this proceedure this weekend. Thank you, Larry
  3. I have a 1960 Lesabre and the horn wont quit blowing. I removed the steering wheel to find out that the horn wire was twisted off about 2'-3' down inside the column. Wire was curled up at the end. What do I do now? Anyone know how to fix this? why did it twist off? Larry
  4. Still looking for a correct 1958 Olds 2 Barrel air cleaner assembly. Surface rusted is ok.
  5. Still looking. Anyone have one? Do you think these will ever be reproduced? Is there enough demand to have them repopped?
  6. John, Thanks for the reply. I checked with Kanter and they told me all that was available was a conversion kit for cars that had drums. I couldn't find a corvette rotor available in the parts stores without ordering one. I think the vettes may of had a different bolt pattern than the full size cars anyway. I really hope you can find one laying around. Larry
  7. I am in search of a front brake rotor for a 1967 1968 1969 Buick Riviera. Interested in any condition available. Warped or thin, let me know what you have. Does anyone know of an alternate way of fixing this issue? Is it possible to find a rotor with specs close to the original to fit my hub since the factory rotor is 2 piece (hub and rotor) Email Limolarry at windstream.net or call me 352-895-3735
  8. Looking for a front disk brake rotor for a 1968 Riviera in good condition. Must have enough material thickness to turn a new finish. Email Limolarry at windstream.net or call 352-895-3735.
  9. Thank you for the help. I will try the PPG code. Does anyone know if their code is a metallic like the original paint was?
  10. I have tried to buy the factory correct color code "H" chalet blue paint for my 1960 Buick Lesabre at several automotive paint suppliers only to be told that color was no longer available. Has anyone had this issue trying to find paint? I want to stay with factory color but do not know how to find chalet blue. I would like a single stage paint. any help would be appreciated.
  11. Nope, did not say that at all. I love the Buick Club and am not trying to steal its members. This is my attemp to start a parts wanted/for sale forum for people to buy and sell parts. and to me, its just the fun of trying to build a cool site that maybe someone will use. Not trying to get anyone to change over. The internet is a nice place to share information. This is not the only Buick forum in the world wide web. there are alot of great Buick forums. Some fail, and some make a great name for their site. Anyone that wishes to come visit or place their ad on this site, is more than welcome.
  12. Check out SavetheBuicks.com This is a basic forum for anyone interested in buying, selling or talking about anything Buick. anything goes.
  13. wheel center holes need to be 3 9/16" diameter or larger to fit over hub.
  14. I am looking for a 2 barrel air cleaner to fit my 1958 Olds 88. Also need a decent spare tire well.
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