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  1. My A5 still cools, but sounds like it is ready to blow up. I have ordered a A6. Anyone adapted this to an A5 equiped car? Dan
  2. We used refrigeration oil, I think 502, a good A/C shop did the charge & added the oil to the suction side with a vacuum on it. Maybe that is the problem, oil not spread out? What do you mean by that? Dan
  3. Yes, I added oil when I charged it in May. It got loud a little while after we pulled the compressor & flushed everything, including the compressor (and since finding out that you shouldn't flush a compressor), I did that two years ago. She blows 40 degree air, but the compressor housing gets cold, tells me it is leaking internally, valves are probably jammed. It sounds terrible with the hood open, but it almost cannot be heard inside the car. I figure she is going to blow one of these days. I guess a replacement compressor is in order. Dan
  4. My 49,000 mile A6 still cools, but sounds like its full of marbles. I hear the A5 compressor is not rebuildable, no parts. Has anyone put the A6 on instead and does the existing hose set bolt up? How do you deal with the brackets? Dan
  5. Hve you confirmed they are attached to the dash levers? Pull the housing apart & verify. When the cables froze, if forced they would break at the levers. I had this exact nightmare with my 60 Electra. Had to pull all the cables out, soak them & free them up, and put it all back. Dumb-[censored] design putting those delicate vacuum valves & switches in the inhospitable engine room, but hey, I wasn't yet born to ask. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> Dan
  6. All you guys have been really helpful. I changed the oil & filter, put in 10W40, and it seems to have gone away. I think she wanted the oil changed. Unlike lesser cars, Buicks are so smooth & quiet that any little noise out of the ordinary stands out. Dan
  7. Check Kanter, they say in the catalog that they have cast iron drums to fit. Dan
  8. I have a 1960 Electra. I got it with 42,000 original miles a year ago. I've put 5,000 miles on it since (I love the car). The motor is powerful, uses no oil, runs cool & starts at the slightest provication of the starter. Lately I'vre noticed some tapit noise has developed, not terrible, but not there before. When I got the car the oil was clean, but I've changed it 3 times since, using Castrol 10W30. What might this be? What oil and/or additive can I run to keep her quiet? Dan
  9. I am close by, let me know where the cars are, I'm happy to help. Dan ddplotkin@comcast.net
  10. 1). 1960 Buick Electra 4-door sedan A/C Power Seats Power Windows Tinted glass Door edge guards 2). 1963 Impala convertable A/C (in dash) Power Steering Power brakes 327-250 HP V8 Automatic trans Tinted glass 2 speed wipers W/washer dual sport mirrors 3). 1963.5 Ford Galaxie 500 XL "sports roof" 390 V8 (biggest engine with Automatic Cruiseomatic Power Steering Power brakes vinyl roof A/C AM/FM (first year) Motorola reverb Emergency brake warning lamp 4-way flashers Wire knock-off wheel covers hood ornament Dual mirrors Day/night mirror 1961 Plymouth Savoy 2-door Club sedan Sonoramic Commando e
  11. Thanks guys. On a tip I had NAPA get me a Wilson rebuilt. A Fleet manager swears by Wilson & won't use anything else. Put it in today, seems fine. I discovered that the 364 & 401 use different starters, the 401 has extra coils and a different solonoid for more torque, although they are interchangable. Dan
  12. Looks like I left my timing too far advanced for too long, and finished off my 45,000 mile starter. Who has a starter for this car, the parts houses don't have them. At least she's stuck tucked in the garage. Dan
  13. I was coming to that conclusion myself, already do that fix with my '63 powerglide. Funny how I have a 63 cruiseomatic that doesn't leak...yet. Danny
  14. What do you do for a leak at the torque ball on a 60 Electra? Dan
  15. I got the car with 43,000 miles and no boots on the lowers. The lowers were worn, so I replaced them with a set from CARS. Those boots, not over greased, tore off in a couple weeks from insufficient clearence with the knuckle. Ordered a second set from Kanter, same thing. The joints are new, so I'll just keep 'em greased. Dan
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