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  1. I appreciate all of your responses...thanks for taking the time to get back with me.
  2. Have 1936 buick. Is it necessary to use a lead additive in the gasoline?
  4. Where was the VIN or serial number plate located on the 1936 models? Did they have hidden VIN's on vehicles back then? [color:\\"red\\"]
  5. Where should the VIN (or serial number back then) plate be located on 1936 Buick? Do these cars have hidden VIN's like more recent models? [color:\\"red\\"]
  6. Restoring my 52 Buick Super Riviera. What color were the manifold and the exhaust system. I am using POR 15 products. They have three colors, POR 20 (silver/aluminum), factory manifold gray and black velvet. Want to keep it as close to original as possible.
  7. Thriller, thanks for you info. The style does have a 'regal' look about her.Is badging the same as embleming? It has two red emblems, one on the front grill and one on the trunk saying 'McLaughlin Buick 8 Canada". I will get the series number and touch base with you. Is the 2 dr rarer than the 4 dr? Many thanks!
  8. Hey, Thriller thanks so much for your response. I will find out what series it is and get in touch with you. When you mention 'badging' is that by chance the emblem that was placed on the front grill and rear trunk? This one does have the emblems in red saying 'McLaughlin Buick 8,Canada. That model does have 'an air about her'. I have a chance at buying it, but I busy with getting my 52 Buick Super Riviera I purchased last June up to speed. Many thanks!
  9. What's the scoop on this model? Are they rare?
  10. I'm a novice owner. Wanna make her right. Thanks so much for your help. Sandy
  11. Was the oil filter of the 52 buick the same turquoise color as the engine?
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