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  1. can someboby give information. I hawe bought new brake shoes to front and rear. Last owner has taken old shoes away , so I dont know, is to front wheel coming "longer" shoe front or rear. Same thing to rear , longer to rear axel front ot rear??
  2. wanted to buy 1949 Hudson Commandore 6 front park lamp lens any condition
  3. does somebody know ,where to buy new parts to my car as : door rubbers ( gaskets ) , door window gaskets completle , back lights,floor mouldings, tachko meter,
  4. I am selling my friends 1939 Zephyr convertible. It is 60-70 % original , but someone has welded it to 4-door doors.Original doors are missing . It is missing all top parts.It is rusty , but enoug good for restoration , but needs lot of work.Only really buyers are wellcome to ask anything. e-mail ; timo.kankkunen@pp2.inet.fi [color:\\"yellow\\"]
  5. Hello Peter I hawe one good 1937 Zephyr in pieses. Man has put it pieses somewere 1950 and it has been dry store hole time.Parts are abcsolut rust free. I like to sell or trade all sedan parts away. I hawe 1937 coupe and I hawe allmost all parts now. Timo kankkunen Finland
  6. I hawe two different cylinder block numbers as C 279 and D 111. Does somebody know ,what year modell are these? I must buy all parts inside engine new. Are Kanter parts ok and how much is borring tolerans for aluminium pistons ? Is V-8 oilpump ( bigger capacity)1948-1951 ok to V-12 engine and must I drill oilholes inside crankchaft little bigger ?
  7. when I will mehanize crankchaft 0.40 shall I take those 10 pieses plugs away and can I buy new somewere.I think there is dirty inside.
  8. ,I hawe lot of 1937 sedan parts for trade to good rustfree fenders. I hawe 1937 coupe .
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