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  1. Have an 83 car in DPC, has to be 25 y.o. Now HPOF reduced to 25 y.o. can we relo to HPOF ?
  2. Would come at last minute but not for $150 / nite, 3 nite minimum room. Sorry
  3. Wondering if the tri-fold is ready for the Reading show. It is nice to get organized early 'cos we usually tie in shows with other old car happenings.
  4. We were there a few years ago in sports shirt and twill slax (Dockers) and had a great visit. Do go if you can. Cheers.
  5. Re the Hershey show - - - an easy way to have judges miss breakfast, or just not sign up, is to have them stand outside at 06:30 in the cold, and could be rain, waiting to get in. Emphasizes the need to open the doors earlier and use the empty space inside and assure no outside waiting. Anyone seen the forecast for October yet ?
  6. Hershey Region might be interested to know that several people we know quit judging 'cos getting to the event for seven a.m. breakfast in the dark is too much trouble. In the rain, as it does often, seeing is hard and many figure just go later and drive a car in to the show field in daylight. This could be changed to eight a.m as at other events and would perhaps get them more judges that stay overnight after the meet anyway. Two cents - - -
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