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  1. Great thanks. 23??? Man. I'd be happy with 19-20. Was that downhill in FLA with a tailwind?
  2. I couldn't find any posts regarding gas mileage on our cars and was curious as to epa/your mileage. Any clues for local/on road for the 4s?
  3. Wow, thought I'd find a slew of posts on wheels & tires size but got nuttin. Anyone have any ideas about +1 or +2 wheel sizes and how wide a rim/tries we can fit? 15's are truly vintage these days.
  4. Hope so, almost had instant buyer's remorse after hitting "enter."
  5. Hey, wish me luck as I won an 89 TC on ebay tonight that looks clean. while not a gambling man, this satisfies that urge as risky as it is. I've liked these cars since they came out and came close a couplr times but now embark on the real adventure. Looking forward to strenghtening it up and doing the needed mods.
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