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  1. Just some insensitive old school jesting. I never did the actual cut for the top but I think they're thick enough to hold their own. I'd also use a spare top and save your original. Drive down here topless and you can have mine for the price of a nice lunch.
  2. Wow, so sorry. Sounds like a loss to the whole group. Time heals once the shock and loss diminishes.
  3. Thanks Lou, now I have an American phonetic for 'voila' also!
  4. Yep, & now I'm gonna put the top in the recycle bin. It would be simple to do(do you have sun in Newfieland? Wife's from Vancouver and they don't have solar out there either) Check on Ebay-there was 1 guy selling quality pop=ups for cheap, maybe 65-95US. And that was why I bought the 2nd roof from 89TC-save the original and modify the 2nd roof. Where are all the roofs from all the junked TCs anyway? every owner should have at least 2 by now if they weren't all trashed.
  5. What the easiest way to remove opera windows? I'm not sparing the top as it's getting cut up and tossed since no one wants it.
  6. R.I.P. I have the hardtop from this car still if anyone wants another one. I bought it to install a sunroof in it and keep my original one orig. An original idea, I thought.
  7. Found my extremely clean driver's light in box finally after 2 years absence. Make an offer-it comes with a lensless turn signal, bulbs and the mounting frame. Photos:
  8. I will also be finding my 2 driver headlamps in the mess of moving. One's a beauty and one has a non penetrating chip on the edge. What's fair these days w/o delving into that other thread?
  9. OK Lou if it comes to that. I may as well save the hardware and rear glass perhaps too. Never considered parting out a top before. Headliner's nice as well...maybe I could make a garden pond out of the shell.
  10. I counted up the items in my antiques shop(a serious one, 13000' chock a bloc) and came up with over 1000 things I have to ship to FL a swe prepare to move 4 of us with over 200 collective years in NY. Lots of things will be tossed and many sent to auction for pennies on the $ so a $50 hardtop will head to the recycyle bin even a sympathetic as I am to the TC faithful.
  11. Larry, if were not on the panhandle, I'd drop it off on my way down as we move to Vero...where on the handle are you? And will Greyhound handle it?
  12. Hi all you TCer's, LTNS. I have my leftover white hardtop available for $50 if anyone whats a 2 tone looks on the car. Decent shape, maybe a little cleanup on the headliner from dirty fingers. One window fogged and one fairly clear. On Long Island so PU only. Drive in a ragtop, drive home with a hard one.
  13. OK, make any offer on this decent condition white hardtop I still have and it's yours. I paid 200. for it but drive in and drive off with it before I make a fishpond out of it. It's on L.I.
  14. Heya all, I have my extra white hardtop available in decent shape. Make an offer and pick it up on L.I. cheers, Jeff
  15. Correct, not through the glass. Seal? as in airtight? This is the perfect one-will need to find the other one to take some pics of it.
  16. Hiya all, LTNS, I still have 2 Left headlight FS, one w/small peripheral non penetrating ding and one perfect (if I can dig it out of Mt vesuvius in my garage). Hope all's well...
  17. And I have a decent white /tan top FS in NY...
  18. How does it run? Did I miss what it needs to be roadworthy?
  19. What kind of heads are used on an air engine?
  20. Hey Bob, where're you at on da Island?
  21. Congrats from a dormant member, seems like it's mostly dormant these days..
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