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  1. The car needs to be running, reg in your name for 1 year+ and that's it. You need to buy a new car that gets better mileage.

    And I have a 2 low mile Mark 8s that qualify but I cannot see them being melted down into new Kias.

    And, the reason this time will be more sucessful is the depressed car prices PLUS the 3500-4500. for a heap means a new Kia for say, 9000. for your co-ed daughter.

  2. Found my not so mint toolkit, pressure gauge, army knife, channel locks, phillips, gloves, tape ans band aids, sound complete? It could use a cleaning and is in fair shape. What's a fair price?

    Email me as the instant notifier never worked on my address:

    houseofcharm at optonline dot net

  3. If you're in the market for a white lid, I have one in dcent shape, one fogged window, for CHEAP! $50 and you unwrap it and haul it off-free installation included. ON long Island but I have a cheap delivery guy who may take it within 100 miles for maybe $100.

    Buy this one and contrast your color AND cut in a sunroof like I'd planned to. Good moonroofs on Ebay for about $75-100.

    Here 'tis.





  4. I have a decent but not perfect gauge pod fs that I got from Car hick. A little shrinkage even though I didn't swim with it at the front edge-maybe use the leather for yours or this one may be better than yours. Email for photos. I paid about 35. so take it for 25. Cheers,


  5. Like 2 left feet, I have 2 last lights for sale, both nice but one with a non penetrating edge chip(like an interior chip, not on the outside). the other one quite nice, not much sandblasting on either one.

    150. for the chipped one and 200 for the god one(less than I paid for either!)

    See the light-email for pics until I post the other one.


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