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  1. Hiya all, LTNS-I tossed my last TC bits on Ebay, Left headlights only so far-have at 'em, there's 2 of them-follow the link for the pother at 'see other items'. Still miss the little money pit on wheels. Chrysler TC Maserati headlamp headlight OEM Driver's side | eBay
  2. Ok, 50. shipped for the chipped one or it goes to the landfill. Pictured is the good which I need to locate in our moving mess, 100. shipped for that one.
  3. SORRY!! These are diver's side housings, not the coveted passenger sides. I'm selling Mark 8 lights also and those are right sided...desole'!
  4. HI folks, ltns, as I'm cleaning out to move to steamy FL, I found 2 DRIVER"s side headlights. One is perfect and the other has an edge internal chip that seems to be non penetrating. How about 75, for that one and 125 for the perfect one? Will send pics upon request, thanks.
  5. Yeah but Bill most government don't 2 trillion of anything to rub together...
  6. SOLD, congrats guys. Enjoy the calm & quiet inside your new cocoon.
  7. There are new 09 Volvos here in NY that are 8-13k discounted w/o the program. Then of course, you own a Volvo...
  8. The car needs to be running, reg in your name for 1 year+ and that's it. You need to buy a new car that gets better mileage. And I have a 2 low mile Mark 8s that qualify but I cannot see them being melted down into new Kias. And, the reason this time will be more sucessful is the depressed car prices PLUS the 3500-4500. for a heap means a new Kia for say, 9000. for your co-ed daughter.
  9. How did I lame-brainedly post this twice?
  10. Photos finally, complete and fair cond. Looks better in person than in the digipics-usually most things do.
  11. Finally unearthed my tookit. seems to intact in decent but not mint condition. Make an offer. An remind me of what it should contain.
  12. Car was sold 3 years ago-I might put a skeg on the top and tow it behind the boat...
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