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  1. i put the same unit in my '28 Std. 6 and it really makes a big improvement as you experienced. Definitely need to match the coil to the electronic ignition. There are timing marks. See page 47 of repro owners manual available from Myers and others. By the starter there is an elliptical cover near the flywheel housing. Open it and slowing have an assistant turn the engine until you see the marks. Use a strong flashlight. On mine someone put white paint so easier to see. But they are there. You can use a modern 12V timing light using your modern car as the source of power and your 6
  2. phone #: 214 208 0272 CDT Paul Bohlig paulmarg@gmail.com
  3. For sale.1928 Dodge Std. 6. Old age mandates sale. Dallas TX area. $ 12,500.
  4. Looks like a good winter challenge. Try Myers Early Dodge (Michigan) and Romar Dodge (Pennsylvania) Myers has a one volume CD put together by John B. It is for the Victory 6 but includes many models from 1928. The Dodge Brother Club sells a 3 or 4 CD of back issues of the DBC News which is searchable. Seems you are on the right tack to clean the gas tank and have the radiator flushed. Good luck. Paul
  5. Mercy, $ 3,700 is a pretty strong price for a car in that condition. Thanks for the update. Paul
  6. Please define, explain and or expand on the term "tube axles". I have a '28 DB and it has a typical sort of modern rear end although with mechanical brakes. What years are you referencing? thanks paul
  7. Try Romar owned by Vern Barker and his wife. Their webpage is: www.geocities.com/romardb/index.html Phone 814 827 7601 ET Business hours e-mail romar@mail.usachoice.net Very knowledgable. Paul Bohlig
  8. The 600 grade is in my mind, an urban myth. Yes, it did exist in the 1920's and 1930's. But got recalibrated after WWII. So: Old cars leak fluids buy the highest grade gear oil. probably 90w to 120w from auto store top off annually. others will surely disagree
  9. Hi: Some one on this site inquired about thread for rear. It is 7/8 by 14. I looked up generic torque values in Peterson's Basic Automotive Tools, page 17. Depending on the type of steel; the values range from 206 to 600 ft. lbs. I have a '28 Std six. I think it is self defining. You put it back together and tighten the castle nut until it stops. Then try to go up to 1/8 more to line up the axle hole, the castle nut slot to insert the cotter pin. The taper on the axle makes this self defining
  10. Hi: I am using the replacement electronic distriibutor on my Dodge Bros Std 6. I have been using stock 6 volt coils. They burn out quickly. Problem is I do not have a 1.5 ohm ballast resistor as recommended. Anyone have a part number and source (e.g NAPA). I have ordered the Flame-Thrower 40,000 volt coil with built in 1.5 ohm resistor but want to protect my backup 6volt coil till I receive the Flame Thrower Thanks Paul
  11. What is your engine number? The master parts book lists the Stewart up to M-28792 for your car and then a different Stewart above that engine number. Where are you in Sweden? We visited Lund and Granna in May 2005. I have a Stewart Carb which would fit your's if under M-28793. Also I have an aftermarket bolt on carb. I had the Stewart carb reworked but not run on an actual engine. So, before I sent it to you I would want to run it on my '28 DB standard 6. I think the rebuilt Stewart would run your car even if your engine number is above that #. What carb are you now running? Paul
  12. We have a '28 Dodge so no help there. We recently moved to the Dallas area. There are no Dodge Bro regions. But join AACA and look for a local chapter. They have a monthly newsletter and a membership directory. So, even if not your specific make, someone has a restorer they trusted. Best wishes Paul
  13. There are a number of articles on tools on the Dodge Brothers Club News 3 volume CD covering the period Dec '83 through Nov 2000. Costs about $ 50 USD; but a great resource. Join the club and contact the technical advisors. I have a '28 Std 6. But, the tools remaining were the crank, wood wheel tire rim remover, hubcap wrench. Good Luck Paul
  14. Clutch adjustment: Page 57 of the reproduction owner's manual says "The clutch is adjustable for wear by turning the cover on the flywheel." Want to hear from someone who has adjusted such a clutch. Take out floor mat and boards as needed Open transmission/lub plate on top of transmission With car in neutral loosen the ? clutch bolts Turn (how ?) the "cover on the flywheel" reassemble How to do it. Thanks Paul
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