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  1. Dave Tachney might be able to give you a lead on a transmission guy. If he does let me know as I will be looking for one in the future also
  2. I saw it used on one of the shows from England that fixes up cars. I think they used it on a Triumph they were fixing. It boils at over 300 degrees. Can't remember the freeze point. Costs about $100 to fill your system up. I haven't looked for it now but when the time comes in my restoration I would love to use it.
  3. Has anyone heard of or tried waterless coolant ? It's expensive but rust and overheating is not a problem Brian
  4. That's the car. What is included in the D500 package that this car doesn't have?
  5. Is there a difference between a 1957 Custom Royal and a Custom Royal Lancer ? There is a car on Ebay and he says it's a rare 2 door Custom Royal with a 326 engine. I can't find any info on a 2 door Custom Royal let alone a 326 engine.
  6. Thanks for the answer. The jump seats were in but not the backrests. That's why I had the question.
  7. I have what I think is a 1938 opera coupe but I need to be sure. Does the model # 4427 signify a opera coupe? I want to know if it was a business coupe turned into a opera coupe. Thanks, Brian
  8. I have what I believe is an air cleaner for a 49' or so Olds. Shipping costs only. It has some rust inside. If wanted, give me your email and I'll try to send a picture. Thanks, Brian
  9. I might also be interested in the bumpers. I know mine have to be re-chromed, but I have to take a good look at mine to see what kind of shape they are in. When were the bumpers re-chromed ? I would like to call you if I see I need new bumpers. If you would email your phone # and when a good time to call would be I would appreciate it. My email address is bdl@alaska.net. Thanks, Brian
  10. Roy Martin repairs temp units. Just google The Temperature Gauge Guy. Brian
  11. bdl

    39 gearing

    That's what I thought it might be but wasn't sure. Thanks
  12. bdl

    39 gearing

    What gear ratio does the 1939 special have? Brian
  13. That generally was the question. I ask because I see people selling a fuel pump for the 40 series stating it is for the 1st 54,000 models built or for models built after that.
  14. I understand there are different type pumps depending on the production # and model for the car. Series 40 : 1st 54,000 used type W. After that type AF was used and type AJ was an option. Is there any physical difference that precludes using a type pump that was not original equipment? Will using a different pump damage the engine somehow ? Thanks, Brian
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