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  1. This means nothing to anyone who is not a Buick fan, but for me, it means a lot. I learned how to drive, in 1979, in my dad's Buick Estate Wagon. It was a mother of a car size-wise, but nonetheless, I loved it.

    Well, many years have gone by, and my dad passed away last Fall. No fun, and anyone who has lost a parent can completely understand.

    Anyway, I've been without wheels for many years. I live and work in Toronto so it wasn't an issue. On Tuesday of this week, I picked up my somewhat used (ok, it's a '91, but it has very low milage) Buick Regal. I know it's not the same car, but everytime I get behind the wheel, I'm that 16 year old kid, in his dad's car, with him beside me again.

    My new Regal has the 3.1 litre engine and only 110k miles on it. It's in perfect condition, no rust, so I'm hoping it's with me for many years. You never know, it might be the car I teach my 11 year old daughter to drive in, in about 5 more years.

    Thanks Buick, for keeping the memories fresh.


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