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  1. These boats were made in Topeka, Kansas from I think early 50's to 69? They were the first all aluminum boat made in the U.S.A. A lot were sold thru western auto and later through Montgomery Wards. The Ted Williams boat was one of the Studebaker boats.
  2. Make sure you have as full charge on the battery. My 29 will turn over but not hit a lick if it's under charged!
  3. Vellumoid was similar to wax paper or oil skin paper. It was more oil resistant then the normal gasket paper and yes it was very thin.
  4. Don't let one bad apple spoil the batch we go to the source( you) if some one is not happy. Stand your ground. People as a whole like to complain to see if you give in. If you're honest your word is good.
  5. You could have the timing off by putting the rag join together 180 out. That happened to me.
  6. I seem to remember there being numbers on the light switch of my first car but I can't get that information back and after 40 years it's hard to recall quickly.
  7. I was just going right to left as you see them. 1 power 2headlight 3 so on, It looks like #4 was blank on your earlier post. your headlights should be close together.
  8. By your previous post on the steering wheel lever and light post #2 terminal is blank?
  9. The hearse is a commercial vehicle which I'm not that familiar with. One my switch there is a notch on the part that turns that should be in the down position to hit nothing. one turn to the left turns on the cowl lights and tail lights. One turn on to the right from center is low beam and one more to the right is high. Is two of the terminals hot all the time?
  10. one my switch is #1 is power and wire to the stop light, #2 is low beam (or tilt); #3 is high beam, #4 cowl lights, #5 is tail lights, so one of those others should be hot all the time for the break light switch. The horn should be out the center hole with a bullet connection unless they hooked it up to a dead connection. Don't forget to put a little electric grease or vasoline on it for lubricant so it turns easier. I don't remember what I used. Maybe someone has a good suggestion. Lanny
  11. Originally the outer tube was pressed on the outer bas plate so it was rigged an not able to move and over the years these come loose. As for the reason it doesn't completely rotate is as long as everything is hooked up there is only so much movement in the cap.
  12. Looks to me like the headlight switch is put together wrong which is easy to do. I will take pictures of my '29 Commander to see if this helps.
  13. I think you have posted that in another topic some of us have short memories!
  14. I just went out to look at my 1929 Commander 6 and it has a gates 745 green strip with B11 on it
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