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  1. 34Coop

    door hinge ?

    OK, thank you for all the replies, I will just have to figure out how to straighten out my hinges as they are obviously bent out of shape.
  2. 34Coop

    door hinge ?

    sorry I forgot to mention a 1933 dodge truck cab.
  3. 34Coop

    door hinge ?

    I would like to know if the top and bottom door hinges are the same and therefore interchangeable?
  4. I am trying to help a friend identify a pickup box he is looking at buying, he said it is supposed to be either for a '34 or '38 dodge. Does anyone know what the inside dimensions of these two boxes should be? Thanks for any help.
  5. Well, I solved the problem, it was a dustcap and it did turn off to expose the nut and wheel bearing to remove to get the drum off.
  6. I have a '34 dodge one ton that I want to remove the front brake drums from but I cannot figure out how they come off. There is some type of extension hub fastened to the brake drum with 5 nuts holding it to the drum, I tried removing the se nuts but the entire stud and nut turn. There is a big dustcover looking end on the extension that is six sided that looks like it is used to turn it off but it looks like the extension is all one piece cast unit. Any help would be appreciated. Going to Carlisle tomorrow, may find a manual that can help me.
  7. would like to know the width of a '34 pickup front axle from kingpin to kingpin, I have a 1 ton and would like to know if it is the same axle as was used for a pickup. thank you for any help
  8. I would like to know if a door from any other Dodge or Plymouth model will fit a 1933 Dodge pickup?
  9. I would like to know if I can obtain complete 1934 1/2ton pickup frame dimensions and diagrams or blueprints so I can make a frame to build a pickup on. I have a 1 ton frame which I would like to use if I can modify the rear section to pickup specs. Thank you for any help.