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  1. Hi Ken, thanks. I sold my Buick to a guy from Berlin, Germany, and apperently he got problems with the pistons, I've no more information right now...
  2. Hi, I'm looking for 6 new complete pistons for my Buick 1929 Model 29-44 (Series 121)309.6 cu. Somewhere I read that there are alloy pistons available? Do somebody have an address? Thanks, Roland
  3. Buick 29-44 Roadster from 1929, convertibel 2-seater + 2 (rumble seat). Vehicle is in superb condition including technique. Spare parts and detailed documentation supplied with the vehicle. 6 cylinder engine, 5100 ccm, 90 HP, 3 gears (not synchronised). Rear glass window integrated in top, wooden wheels, etc. Asked Price: 45000 Euro (with spare parts and a lot of documentation) Vehicle currently in Luxembourg (Europe) Pictures and details: http://buick.rkweb.org
  4. Hi, my car is to sell, a 1929 roadster 29-44 series 121. The car is in Luxembourg, Europe. Pictures are available in http://buick.rkweb.org contact: kirpachr@pt.lu
  5. Here is a modifies and more realistic (final ?) version of the choke actuator holder: and here are my "unibal's" for the throttle actuators:
  6. Here is the idea I had for the choke handling of the 3 carburetors...if somebody has a better one let me know please
  7. I'm in communication with a German Carburetor Specialist.(http://www.ioz.de/frontframe.html) They told me that it's not necessary to put in a connection between the 3 inlet manifold tubes. It's mainly needed to get enough vacuum for servo-brakes.... When the carburators are mounted on the car they will get it and then they will do the fine tuning on the rolls - dynamometer What's really unusual: The boss is a girl!!
  8. I'll use 3 SU HS6 carburetors Here is the first drawing from one of the three inlet manifold tubes
  9. It would be nice to get more pictures of all these transformations. If you can't put them here online send them to me (kirpachr@pt.lu) and I'll show them here
  10. Hi, I found the following 2 images in Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Buick-FOU...599486258QQrdZ1
  11. Hi, did you got the address? or better the e-amil address? Tks, Roland
  12. I was thinking on SU's....the model from the 3.5 ltr Rover. This car has a 3500 cc engine with 2 SU's = 3500/2= 1750 cc for 1 SU. The Buick engine is 5100cc/3=1700 cc for 1 SU...I know that this calculations are a little bit "simple" but I think that they can't be totally wrong? The only thing is that the Rover engine will rotate at around 6000 RPM and the Buick only 2700 RPM...
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