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  1. Selling my 91 TC with 66k miles. Triple Black. Grandfather gave it to me as he's too old to drive, but I have two cars and don't need another. Just taking up space in the drive way and adding to my liability insurance. Runs well, had new heads, water pump and hoses added when it overheated last year when he gave it to me. Needs new dash, and paint it sun damaged. In Sacramento if somebody is interested in taking a look. Pricing is negotiable, and willing to consider trade for certain work (plumbing, roofing, tile, landscaping).
  2. New owner of a TC that was given to me by my grandfather. Tried to take the hardtop off today for the 1st time. I flipped the front levers and the front of the top came up with no problem, but the back seems locked down. I can tell there are pegs that go into the body of the car, but are they locked in somehow? Is there another switch I should be looking for to release the back of the hardtop, or is it maybe just stuck because of the rubber seal (it was sitting in a driveway undriven for a year). Also, what is the wire/line that connects the hardtop into the tonneau cover? Related to rem
  3. Just acquired my grandfather's 91 TC. It's Black throughout. Seems to be in good shape, with 60K miles on it. Overheated on the way home, but had two new heads put on it, along with new water pump, hoses, thermostat, plugs, wires, transmission service and oil change. Should be set for a while... I hope. However, the leather dash has a crack above the steering wheel and is peeling up near the bottom of the windshield from sun damage. Also, the flat area of the dash directly under the windshield, above the glove compartment is also sun damaged. Has anybody had this problem, and if so, h
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