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  1. Are you still looking for these parts. I have a complete top iron assembly from a 53 Skylark. Glenn gt1059@aol.com
  2. KongaMan, Would you go to 200.00 ? ? ? If the car sits idling it seems to be ok, the temp really starts climbing when it gets put under a load. Test the sensor???? not sure what you are referring to, it is overheating to the point of puking out a quart or so of anti freeze after shutting it down. Ill try flushing. Thanks, Glenn
  3. Thanks Roy, it doesn't appear that he is active here. Do you know anything about his car?
  4. Hi all, I have been back working on my 53 Skylark trying to get it complete. Last major issue is with the (rebuilt) engine overheating, constantly. If I take it for a ride (say 10 miles) it seems to run at normal temperature until I stop to turn around. As soon as I stop the temp starts climbing and never recovers even after I get underway again. Turnaround time is seconds. I have removed the thermostat, installed a new water pump, checked engine timing, replaced the distributor and it still overheats pretty rapidly. This is on a fresh, complete nut & bolt restoration. Everything has been done. I just removed the radiator and was about to order a new aluminum Tri-Flow from Eastwood (which I hate to do) but I am running out of patience. The radiator was re-cored during the restoration but I don't see a lot of flow going on with the cap off. Wish I had another to compare it to. Anyone have any ideas???? TIA, Glenn
  5. I'm in need of a nice front fender for the drivers side of my 53 Skylark. Not expecting to find one, but thought it was worth looking before repairing mine. Glenn gt1059@aol.com
  6. Anyone know who the owner of the 53 Skylark is........ wondering if its my old one? Glenn
  7. Mike, The black top against the blue is contrasting and very sharp. Quite frankly you will find that you will have the top down most of the time. The 53 Skylark is striking with the top down and looks much longer, lower and sleeker that way. Best of luck with your restoration. Glenn
  8. Hi All, Its been quite awhile since I've posted anything about the progress on this 53. She was neglected, put into storage twice and moved to a new home in Maine, but the restoration has been back underway for a few months now.
  9. Atta Boy Bob! At least yours looks to be moving forward, I have been working on mine for two years now and all I keep doing is moving backwards.
  10. DCamm, Where are you in Mass. I am in the northeast corner of CT and own a 55 Century Convertible. You are welcome to come see it anytime.
  11. Rob, I fully understand your comment, trust me I have been battling the crappy panel fit on this car for almost 2 months now. The problem I am faced with currently is differing fits and gaps between the passenger side and drivers side door to fender. I am just rying to figure out which side is correct. Thanks for your remarks.
  12. I am trying to figure out the correct Door to Fender and Hood to Door gaps. Could some of you 53 owners post a picture or two of this area of your car? Appreciate any help.
  13. Thanks for all the responses. Now that I know it was a Buick dealer I guess I will have the script replated and put it back on the car. It's neat to know where the car originated from, I wonder if I could find out who the original owner was. Thanks again.
  14. Hard to believe. 97 Views and not one reply Note the script on the trunk lid, has anyone heard of this dealer?
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