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  1. I have Hagerty and they told me that they will not cover my car for daily use or trips to the store. But they did say that they understand and will allow weekly drives to keep the car battery charged and the oil circulated and with that in mind, they understand the need to stop and get a cold drink or a snack. I told the man I had a dream about taking my car on an extended road trip and he said that would be permissible but I would have to contact them and clear it first.
  2. I agree with Steve. My first thought was battery connections. Then the battery. Then other connections. These old cars were touchy about connections being clean and tight.
  3. I understand about heat flow with a fan. My manifold heater, yet to be installed, has an adjustable gate to control airflow. Mine being an open car, even here in Southern Misissippi, it gets cold in that car riding down the road on the cooler days.
  4. Matt, I don't doubt what you say about the efficiency of a manifold heater but I have also heard the opposite to the extreme they will melt modern sneakers. My roadster has enough heat come through the floor in the summer to make it uncomfortable and I have wondered if there isn't a way I can insulate it.
  5. Spectators viewing it while you were working would/might have a field day with it. I can't even walk in the store to get a cold drink w/o people gathering around my Chevy. One time I went in the post office and while I was in there some man crawled under my car. Another time while I was at a state park museum a man put one of his kids behind the wheel of my car. Granted, these are isolated cases but they are something for you to ponder. For the record, my car is far, far from a show car. It's still under construction, as I tell people. Other than that, if you think you can drive that 12 miles safely, go for it. The bottom line for most of us in owning these cars is to enjoy them by driving them.
  6. What would cause my engine to cut out at around 35 mph? It starts fine, idles fine, revs up fine, and goes through first and second gears fine, even if I wind them out. Get up to 35 mph in high gear and it starts to cut out. No back firing at all. Everything is new except the wiring. The carb was professionally rebuilt about 2 years ago. I just recently replaced the low speed jet tube in it as the one in it had a fracture running almost its entire length. What brought that on was a problem with rust in the gas tank. The gas tank has recently been professionally cooked and sealed. I placed a clear plastic filter about 18" from the gas tank. It's not readily visible unless you crawl under the car but it does allow me to look for rust. I see nothing in it. I also placed a sediment bowl just before the vacuum tank. This would allow me to see any water that might be in the fuel. There is none. The gas tank work, fuel filter and sediment bowl, and carb work have all been done in the last few weeks. It ran ok for about 40 miles and started this problem again. I say again because it was doing it before. I'm tempted to say it's an electrical problem and it may well be. A week or so back when all this started "again" it also at one point wouldn't turn over and blew the fuse to the headlights. Long story short I concluded the problem was in the ignition switch, which needed to be wiggled to work anyhow. I made that conclusion because if I bypassed the ignition switch the starter would turn over. I took it apart, cleaned the contacts and reassembled it. It works better now then ever and even the headlights are brighter. But the engine still cuts out. It's as if its running out of fuel as it does sputter but does not backfire. I'm at a loss here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I had some C4 I'd consider using it. I'm tired of chasing this gremlin. I want to drive my car, not stare at it and see a bottomless money pit.
  7. You can email me pictures and I can post them for you. Please be sure to say in the email where they go in case I'm suffering from old timers disease. Even without having seen the car I would recommend restoring it to the best of your abilities. You can get a lot of help from http://vccachat.org/ They even have a forum for cars of these years.
  8. My 26 Chevy did the same thing. No power and sucked gas. Turned out the inside of the carb was messed up. You wouldn't know it by the way it idled or as smoothly as it ran going down the road though.
  9. My 26 had sat for many years without being run. I flushed it out with kerosene but never once started it with it in it. First, after allowing oil to sit in the cylinders for several days I would spin the engine by hand a few turns once every few days. Eventually I used the starter but I made sure the ignition was switched off. I'm with Ted. Don't do it. Your engine is running fine. Leave it alone.
  10. If you're starting out with the radiator topped off, what you're experiencing is normal. The water will seek its own level as the engine runs and warms up. As it runs and heats up it naturally expands, allowing slightly less room for water. This water will run out the overflow tube, as you described. after awhile, it reaches a point where the water level will be just above the core, making it look at first glance as if it is low on water when it is not. At this point, no more water will run out the over flow tube and neither will it overheat. This is perfectly natural. You don't see this in modern vehicles due to the overflow tanks they have. If it will make you feel better, drive the car w/o adding any water but keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't overheat. Keep a few gallons of water in the trunk just in case.
  11. 1928 was the first year for 4 wheel brakes on Chevys
  12. I just looked and found my parts book. I did a quick search for the numbers but didn't find them. It may not be the right book. I'll look more later and get back to you. Again, I urge you to go to the VCCA forum and ask the people there. They are far better with this type of information then I am.
  13. I can help you only a little. It is my understanding that the Chevy roadster PU is VERY rare. IIRC, none were made in the states but don't quote me on that. There is a member here who may be able to help you with the numbers but his name escapes me at the moment. If you go to the VCCA forum there are people who can rattle those numbers off their heads. Due to its rarity I would strongly urge you to keep the car original. If not, sell it to me.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Peter Gariepy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">whats "maypops" </div></div> Old tires. They may pop now or they may pop later but they will pop
  15. If it's like the brake light I had on my 46 Plymouth it should be removed from the inside of the trunk lid. Grip the outside of the fixture, squeese and twist 90* and it should lift out. The bulb will be in that fixture and should also be easliy removable.
  16. Mother in laws.... I no longer have one. Bill and happily divorced for 26 years.
  17. Mother in-laws can scare away the Hells Angels.
  18. I get my oil from NAPA. Valvoline, 30w, nondetergent.
  19. I agree for pretty much the same reasons. Also, if an engine has been using non-detergent oil for any length of time there's particulates in places with close tolerances. put a detergent oil in there and it'll clean all that out and open up those tolerances, which can cause serious problems. I also believe though that if you have an engine that has been using detergent oils, regardless of when it was made, it is safe to continue to use it. I would be careful about the sinc thing though.
  20. I want to stress that I have had very few problems with people touching my car. Like you, it is far more common to find people oohing and aahing then anything else. Oddly enough, in my opinion, the best people to find by my car when I return after disappearing for a short while is bikers. They never get closer than 5 feet and even then often have their hands behind their backs as they walk around the car. When I tell them to go ahead and look at it closer they act surprised and some have asked if I was sure of that. They never criticise it and some have even suggested I not paint it as they think the paint job (cheap spray paint) adds character. I suspect they're this way because they know how much time, effort, and money they have invested in their bikes. Whatever the reason, they sure blew away a bunch of stereotypes.
  21. A short in the starter maybe? Happened to me once with a F***
  22. I don't know that there is much a person can do, especially if he has a 6v system in his car. It's not like you can put a car alarm in it. Mine is still under construction but I drive it from time to time. Just because it's not finished doesn't mean I don't care if people mess with it. One day I found a man had put one of his young children behind the wheel while I was inside a state park museum. Another time I stopped at a post office and found a man underneath the car when I came out. I guess you could make it a habit to cover it, as previously mentioned, or have someone stay with the car at all times. Covering it is a pain in the rear though, especially if you plan on only being away a few minutes.
  23. I've used both the Stewert vacuum tank and an electric fuel pump on my 26 Chevy. I much prefer the vacuum tank. You can get one from Gary Wallace
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