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  1. I'm visiting the Philippines and would like to ship a mid sized motorcycle back to America. So far finding a carrier has been difficult. There is no hurry or concern re: shipping time. I've heard of people shipping antique cars from Europe to the states for shows and/or tours so the cost shouldn't be prohibitive. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Just a WAG but if it runs wild w/o the choke try starting with the basics and check to make sure the throttle return spring is not broken or disconnected.
  3. Here are somne pictures of the Pontiac if anyone is interested. It appears to be complete. DO NOT contact me re: this car. Contact the OP.
  4. If you have one for a 28 Chevy, working or not, I might be interested.
  5. I remember the Bob Cummings show. Is that good enough?
  6. DJ, You came to the right place to ask that question. The responses merely show the controversy and various opinions that exist on this particular subject. For further entertainment start another thread and ask for the definition of a restored vehicle. :eek:
  7. I have a set of All States on my 26 that were "new" when I bought it 5 years ago. I don't think they had 1/4 mile on them. When did they quit making All State tires, 20-30 years ago?
  8. I don't recall seeing any fire or smelling any smoke but I do remember seeing many gallons of something resembling clear water in gallon jugs. :eek: And no, I did not take the time to grab a few of them.
  9. Long ago in a world far away I dated a girl in Ga. whose father had run a still. He told some very interesting stories. Then there was the time in Alabama on a back country road where we were doing some construction work when another man and myself walked to an old half fallen down barn that sat off the road a hundred yards or so. As the song goes, we uncovered up a covered up moonshine still. I did not delay my departure. :eek:
  10. I can make my own fuel. Whether I share it with my old car or not is another story.
  11. rbl2

    New Guy

    Welcome to the AACA. That vette would look a whole lot better parked in my drive way.
  12. That looks more like a 34 clock to me but I may be wrong. What I need are the brackets that would hold my clock against the dash. I appreciate the trouble you went through to get those pictures. Maybe someone else can put that clock to use.
  13. Can you send me a picture of the clock? I would prefer a PM as I will most likely lose this thread.
  14. This car fits two people only and at that you better like each other a lot because you won't fit a cold drink between yourselfs. It doesn't have a radio, AC, a heater, side windows, overdrive, disc brakes or even hydraulic brakes. It doesn't have vacuum or electric wipers. It has one wiper blade that is operated manually. The gas gauge is on the gas tank and you can't see it unless you exit the car. It doesn't have a GPS thingy that I don't need even in a new vehicle. It has a speedometer, an amps gauge and an oil pressure gauge. It gets a little more than 12 mpg and cruising speed is 40-45 mph. It does have an electric starter though. I have no idea how many cubic feet is in the passenger compartment but it's a lot bigger with the top down. I call it an old car. I don't care what others call it. I wouldn't take 20 of any new car on the market for it. I have a newer vehicle that offers me all the creature comforts I need. Y'all go back to arguing. I'm done now.
  15. Is this what you're looking for? It's not far from my house if it is. Send me a PM if you can use it. I can't promise the man would part it out but I do know his prices are realistic and reasonable.
  16. What he ^^^^ said. Unless you want a specific type car that is very hard to find and unless you have mechanical abilities and a lot of time get one that is as complete and as in good a shape as possible, preferably restored or in good original and driving condition.
  17. Although I didn't see it happen when I was in Kosovo some idiot pulled in front of an M1 Abhrams. The Abhrams won. There were 5 people in that little car. I have a picture stored in my foot locker. There wasn't much left.
  18. I'm not anywhere near old enough to even lie about having a new car back in the 20's. Good luck with that one. However, I do have a 26 Chevy that I drive fairly often. It drops a quart of oil every 75-100 miles at the most. I can't say how many miles are on the engine but it runs very good and does not smoke unless I put MMO in the fuel tank, and then very little.
  19. Gary Wallace has almost any pre 28 Chevy part you could want. Early Chevrolet Parts New glass can be cut at any place that cuts glass. I had a place that puts in windshields cut mine. I forget what it costs but it was less than $10 I'm sure.
  20. In 1942 my father enlisted in the Navy at 17. Before he turned 18 he had crossed the Atlantic three times in a destroyer escort. As I understand it, that was when the U-boats were at their most destructive stage. He very rarely talked about it. I do know he saw combat. Over the years I have made friends with several WW II vets. Fine men, all of them. All of them are gone now. I miss them.
  21. These old Chevys are known for leaking oil. As long as it's leaking oil you know it has oil in it. The old water pumps have an adjustment on them that covers a seal. Every once in awhile that seal shrinks or wears out a little and you tighten that big brass nut on the front of the water pump. Some will say that is should be left loose enough to still drip a little water but I am not in that camp. Point being, I wouldn't worry at all about the oil leak unless it is severe and neither would I worry about the water pump. The seal can be replaced if need be and the parts for a complete rebuild are readily available. I would think the car is worth at least $4,000 if it runs or can be made to run fairly easily. It appears to be solid and complete. PM sent
  22. I have a Frankenchevy. Titled as a 26 it looks much more like a 27 and has a 28 engine in it. Parts are readily available once you know where to look. While driving it in heavy traffic has its downside, to be nice about it, it is still a fun car to drive. Only having rear brakes means I keep that much more distance between my car and the one in front of me. Up until I started preperations for painting I used to drive mine several times a week. It's a fun car and always gets attention.
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