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  1. It's not all that bad. When I was a young man starting out in life I used to drive cars in worse shape than that one.
  2. As long as the engine is apart pull #1 piston and have a good look at it. The rod bearing is not the problem. If it is it's because that bearing is no longer there. I suspect the problem is in the wrist pin area. Pulling the rod and piston is not that difficult and could answer a lot of questions. What I can't figure out is why it didn't make any noise the next morning. Good luck.
  3. If you can move one piston 1/4" and not move the others I think there's more to worry about then cam gears.
  4. If the radiator is in good condition it will sell eventually. Your problem is that there aren't that many 33 Oldsmobiles out there. The Filling Station sells new honey comb cores for Chevys. I'm sure if you gave them the measurements they'd be able to get a core to fit other cars as well. I bought one for my 26 Chevy. It was definitely pricey, $650 including shipping but it's very well made and looks as good as you can possibly expect or want. I opted for a honeycomb core because I knew that I would not be happy with the new type cores. The honeycomb adds character and goes a long way to kee
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