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  1. So yeah just to update...this will resume next weekend..got a 3 day weekend YAAAAAYY so Ill have some time...I got a plan...I think its reasonable I think it will work and hold like the original design does, I'll be sure to post ample pictures of what I end up making. I think this should be good.
  2. We're the Bull Whisperers and we'll keep your cattle in check, GUARANTEED!
  3. Huh. Yeah there's a thought. I REALLY need to learn how to weld someday! Cant even answer your question haha. Really opens up the amount of...well STUFF you can make.
  4. Yeah you've only conretely confirmed my fears, that the knuckle support is just roached. Definitely no threads there. I don't know, maybe get the bushing anyway, see if the threads are enough that it tightens up. Dont think the wheels arent turning LOL Im cheap as well, Ive thought of ways I could make something of my own. Because my dad was...my dad...weve got varying sizes and thicknesses of some tube stock, that kinda stuff, and a milling machine, and a small lathe...yeah. Hehe. Honestly I dont see the need for it to thread into the support as long as you can shim it up somehow, make a stand-in to replace the head head on the bushing itself there, so that the support cant more fore and aft.
  5. Okay!! Maybe Ill get pictures if I can later today, if I cant describe things well enough. The shock DID loosen up, so that should be a-ok. What I found with the outer lower knuckle support pin, is the bushing looks to be really worn? That was very loose, but the bolt that goes through the whole thing was 100% sound. Any meausurements I could take of what the hole in the knuckle support should be? As said, there should be threads I guess, but an ebay sale of a pair of knuckle supports shows, at least from what I can see in the pictures, no threads in the lower part of the knuckle support? Is the bushing supposed to cut into the support? Again, if anyone knows hos big the hole should be I guess I could measure that and see if the knuckle is bad. The bushing does not have threads. It has faint dull ridges, so I take it those are worn down threads. But that's all she wrote. Lower control arm moves very nicely, no slop or play in the inner pivot points.
  6. I hope I can still get 30 miles to the gallon!!!!
  7. WOW!!!!!!!! Why are those there? "ceased to exist" this have anything to do with it? Anyone know why the club is gone?? Hmm. All I do know is Ill probably sit down this weekend and spend a few HOURS goin through the tech index!!! Wow what a list, that's gonna come in real handy haha.
  8. So what's goin on now? Workin on it? Either way post up some pictures!!!! I know I wanna see, Im sure others would like to as well! Those Limited are just nuts, I hope I can see one in person sometime, theyre obviously just huge, my Special pales in comparison length-wise! But, welcome to a GREAT Buick forum!!! Youll find plenty of information here. Lots of really experienced, really knowledgeable people. Put your feet up and enjoy your stay
  9. Amen to that! (Not the thread title or the first sentence LOL!!!!)
  10. Hmmm good point then I can just get the spring back in place and jack the arm back up. Didn't think about that, thats great. Definitely will be continuing wrenching on this as I have time, and I'll be sure to update this with how things go.
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Shop Rat</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Jim Bollman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">keiser31 didn't ask for an analysis, he wanted a caption. </div></div> Jim, I thought the same thing. This photo was posted here awhile back and we all pretty much figured the posts were removeable. The request for captions was with the thought.....but what if they weren't? </div></div> Yea Im sorry...I've seen the pic like a dozen times before, actually on many different forums ironically lol...same deal how are they gonna get out...and FINALLY I thought "hmm I wonder if it actually.....could fit!" hehe thats my problem I have to try and figure eevvvverything out cant just leave well enough alone...
  12. Haha at the "honor the warranty part" Anyway, yes I considered that maybe the steering knuckle support piece is actually worn away. The eccentric threaded piece up top came out just fine, all threads okay, rotated easily, I think that's fine. It was once I took that apart that I could now grab the backing place and shake it a good deal, twist it even. So yea could be a problem! Ill have to disconnect the lower control arm and see. The shock, is very hard to move. About 1"-2" of motion in the middle of its range and then it stops. I could get on the bumper and shift my weight up and down sharply to move it, that made it move farther but it was very resistant. The one thing that's going to be a little tedious, probably going to fabricate my own compressor....I gota take the spring out right? I tried to undo one of the shock bolts and it just spun so obviously the frame is not threaded, there are nuts underneath? I would try flushing it out though, worth a shot!
  13. Yeah, I dont want to make it seem like I want to skimp on this car, I dont do that. However, in this case I think if I can find a used one, long as it is in better shape than this one and moves as it needs to, I think that will do for simply being able to drive the thing to shows and cruises around here and not be a summer without it. I really don't drive it great distances in general. Especially given this fact that I'd be waiting on the return for awhile. Ill keep my eyes peeled for used ones for sale.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: rocketraider</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Would be a hoot watching them get out even if the van is narrower than the post spacing. </div></div> I dont think I could!!!! Bodyshop is definitely gonna make a killing! ive got one...lil reference to indiana jones...."SHORTY I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING!"
  15. Wow. That is INSANE. Amazing that this happens sometimes. Texas, too, perfect place for it to stay nice. What a time capsule.
  16. Yeah, sounds about right. I'll see what I find. Not in any rush to do this, still got plenty of time before spring hahaaha.....*sigh*
  17. Can I get an idea of how much this goes for? Dont get me wrong, I completely understand the merit in it, and I'd really like to do it right the first time, but if I pick up a used one that, though it's damping isn't best, it MOVES, that would be great too. Really just concerned with having a suspension capable of articulating as opposed to NOT haha. The drivers side is certainly mushy, the car bobs for a little bit on large humps in the road, but not that bad. Nothing more than I'd expect from a car built the way these were. I do intend to leave the drivers side entirely alone because that moves very well and I hear absolutely nothing from there. As an aside, jacked up I can push the tops of the tires abut 1/8" or so. The kingpins should definitely be done but they seem hardly on their last legs.
  18. Noticed ever since I started driving this car that under braking there's a "boom" from the front right sometimes. The pass. side front end is usually kind of hard to push down by the bumper, whereas the driver side moves a lot easier. After sitting all winter it binds up and upon the first couple drives it loosens up and is ok the rest of the summer. Seems stting for a couple weeks in the colder temps does something to it. I pulled apart the front end on that side this weekend...probably shouldnt have ignored all this, the joint where the steering knuckle connects to the kingpin/hub/all that mess, that lower joint, is looser than a goose. Upper one seemed good. But that's another story, I'll take care of that. Found out that, having the shock arm free to move on it's own, I could barely move it. I filled it with hydraulic jack oil when I first got the car on the road, didnt take much beore it started spilling out...guess it already had some fluid in it. Doesnt leak as far as I can tell...do these things seize from old age/use like this? Any way to free it up? Or time to just start looking? I have seen them on ebay before, and on the buy/sell forum from time to time.
  19. I HATE to rain on this parade.....I have seen this pic before and figured the same thing... But I just got out a ruler and measured it up....and the van is just shy of 3/4" wide, and theres more than 7/8" between those bottom two posts. *sorrry* hahahahaha *waits for fists to come a-flyin'*
  20. I have a facebook myself so I was able to see the link, grabbed the actual picture. What youll wanna do is for each picture from your album you want to share, right click on the picture itself, hit "Properties" and where it shows the web address of the photo itself in this new window that comes up, copy and paste THAT here with IMG tags and itll work. Just like I did here. Or you can actually use the "Share" button that facebook has so you can actually....well, share pictures with non-users of facebook!
  21. Ha no actually. I have gone to that one, I did talk to your friend when I needed a battery. This is by me on Guilderland Ave. in Rotterdam. He's retired but works there part time.
  22. JD, I'm sure you know Chris with the '56 Chevy and the '36 ford AND the 51 chevy fleetline haha. I did meet him first at the shows and cruises around here, but it's kind of a similar story since he works at napa! And plenty of times he's referred me there "yeeeeah I think we actually can get those for ya" Hes right Austin that's the way to go, thats the parts house to go to. This particular one I'm referring to, when I needed brake hoses, they looked the year and <span style="font-weight: bold">model</span> of car even up......wait for it.....in the <span style="font-style: italic">computer</span>. That about blew me away.
  23. UNDER......10,000!!!!???? WOW. Amazing deal. Can't wait til I'm makin real money, this is the kinda stuff I'd go for. Who cares about the mega-buck rare stuff, big deal if ya can't swing that. There's really a lot of deals like this out there...amazing how much car you get for what you pay sometimes...
  24. WOW a 57 roadmaster!!!?? That's amazing. I inherited and began making roadworthy my '38 at that age and I love it but....a '57 roadie! I'd kill for one of those! That is awesome, you're gonna have fun loafin' around in that dude! Heres what ya gotta do to post pictures. Hit post reply. When youre typing your reply, just below where youre putting in text, look at the blue text saying "File Manager". Click that, in the box that comes up hit "browse" and find the picture or pictures on your computer and double click one to bring it into this window. Hit add file once the directory path for the file is in that long thin white box next to the Browse button. For each file do this process, then hit Done Adding Files. Do you know how to resize pictures with Microsoft Photo Editor or MS Paint? They might be too large for the forum, gotta be under 2 megabytes. If you cant, go to photobucket.com. Register there, it's very easy, they'll walk you through uploading files. It is *free* of charge. Then you can link to those pictures by using tags and get the pictures here that way. Send me a private message if you need me to walk you through it I'd be happy to. And definitely post the pictures in the Me and My Buick forum, and how you came about getting this thing! Can't wait to hear about it! Are you mechanically minded at all? Even if not and you're just worried about maitenance, etc don't sweat it, we love these things cause theyre so easy to work on. Youll find tons of help here bud! We'll make sure she's runnin like a top and stays that way
  25. Dude you should shorten that sig up a little bit lol I did a double take I thought that was gonna be a long post!
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