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  1. yeah i figured those spare-tire-holding-fenders its got on either side were probably something special. i dont think all buick specials of that year had them (at least from what i can see in photos ive found online). i think the covers might be in thr trunk, but i havent been able to open it! tongue.gif the key goes into the lock on the trunk but it wont turn. i havent forced it, ive been careful opening the doors and such, i dont want to break anything. maybe the lock needs a little wd-40 and itll break loose.

    i figured the starting problem would be one of those things. the first thing that popped into my head when my mom said that was "probably the carb mixtures are messed up" believe me i know how these things are simple, just HOW simple ill finf out when i open the hood. (the handles moved, but i couldnt open it, i was pulling out, i have since seen pictures of the hoods open, they go straight up, now i now what to do).

    hey i was wondering what does the horn sound like? is it one of those "AAAOOGA" ones? thatd be hilarious

    oh and about chopping/modifying, NO FRIGGIN WAY. i wouldnt even think of it. i see some of these just online and on ebay, all updated with todays technology, and they have a big v8 or something in it, come on, the only original thing on it is the body! plus ill bet these old straight 8s sound pretty cool.

  2. oh ABSOLUTELY im more interested in this. actually, my 14 year old brother wants the spitfire to be his. that thing will be a piece of cake--the battery tray is rusted through because the old battery leaked a ton of acid, so i can make a new one, theres just a tiny bit of body rust, mainly its a couple spots and one large one (tennis ball sized) on the trunk, wheels are a little rusty, ill use my dad's bead/sand blasting cabinet for those, and the interior needs very minor work. oh and it needs a new convertible top.

    but yeah this thing is one heck of an american classic, and i think its in good enough shape it would be stupid to pass up this oppurtunity.

    maybe i made the garage seem too bad. its a bit old, probably built in the 70's i would guess but its in good shape, good thick cement walls, the roof isnt weak, but there was a small leak and as i said it was repaired, i can see a few brand-new-looking pieces of wood, like 2x4 and 4x4 sizes, but ill bet theres just moisture in there from stuff in the air and its winter now so theres melting snow right in front of the door so probably some comes in under the door, also when it rains this probably happens too.

    but looking at the pictures, does that seem like bad rust or is there still alot of thick metal still under the surface? it wont be staying there long, like i said ill be pulling it out late april after i have my license, and my mom says it can be at our house as long as i dont turn the driveway into a junkyard full of this thing in pieces tongue.gif ill probably be able to put it in our 3rd stall, which of course, is a normal house garage, perfectly sealed and insulated and stuff.

    and ill definitely look into joining that club. i know in the events forum theres a post about a memeber here was able to establish a capital-region of new york chapter of the BCA, so thats really good for me. ill have to PM him and ask how i can join.

    Pete Phillips: thanks for reminding me of that, i didnt really think about the inside of the tank. but the gas gauge is all the way at empty so maybe my dad drained it at least most of the way, because i unscrwed the gas cap and i could smell fairly strong fumes. so im not sure what that would mean

  3. wow thanks so much! i cant believe how fast you two replied either!

    thats really neat that the meet is rather near me this year. i guess im really in luck. i would guess that the engine is probably alright, i know it was in perfect running order, the only thing was again, trouble starting.

    but believe me, im not an idiot and i do plan to not rush into this. i am extremely excited but i know i must take my time and resist the urge to rush. i wont hide it, im young and like most teenagers i have made many rather impulsive decisions in the past, but i have learned and this isnt something ill get s second chance easily if i mess up so believe me, ill make sure i know what i gotta do. my cousin is in his 1st or 2nd year in college (wow thats sad i should know which) and hes taking autobody and automechanics i think. he wants to start his own body shop with a couple friends. so theres one person ill be able to ask, plus i already know other adults who will be able to help me and ill definitely be attending that meet!

    thanks again,


    oh and BTW i know this thing is gonna drive very different than my mom's 2002 explorer of my dad's 87 cougar LOL. ill bet it wont be a dog though, even though its 107 hp ill bet the torque is pretty good. i also know ill have to learn double-clutch shifting, not to mention driving a stick shift period. i love the HUGE stick coming out of the floor too, itll be like driving a bus or something

  4. Hi Collectable Auto Discussion Forum!

    Looks like you have a great forum full of very knowledgeable people. I hope youll all be able to give me some good guidance with my project.

    I must unfortunately start out on a sad note.

    I am 16 years old, and my father passed away in the end of 2003, after fighting a malignant brain tumor almost the whole year. He had 3 old cars he eventually wanted to restore in his retirement when he would have something his job didn't allow: some decent free time. These cars were, a 79 truimph spitfire, an (i guess 60's) triumph tr3, and a 1938 buick special. So, because I have fallen in love with this car, and it meant alot to him, I want to get it running and fix it up.

    Please dont worry about me, I don't need nor am I looking for sympathy, my family and I are doing surprisingly well. We are fortunate to have many friends and family that care very much about us.

    I just feel I needed to include this preface because it would seem very out of place for a young teen is on the board with a classic in his hands. My dad would certainly not be letting me touch it, it would be his obviously.

    NOW, that all aside, Ill talk about the car's condition. My dad had it when he was in high school in the 60s. I dont know where he bought it from. He always took good care of it, he always was very knowledgeable with cars and was very mechanically inclined. The last time it ran was in 1981, when he put it on the road for his sister's wedding, and it was in excellent condition, only my mom tells me he "always had some trouble starting it". After that, it sat up to now in a garage that has protected it fairly well from the elements, though maybe a few years ago im guessing the roof leaked and it was repaired but some moisture gets in there, right now there is ice on the floor in some spots, and in general the floor is a bit wet. But its nowhere near like if it was sitting in a barn or under a tree or something outside. The garage is spartan, not heated or anything, so rusting is slow im sure. All four tires are dead flat. The car has 83k miles on it

    Ive posted links to pictures of it. The ones of the exterior--it is COVERED in dusty filth, not rust. at least on the top 2/3 of the car's body, when i rubbed the dust away with my finger, underneath was PERFECT paint/clearcoat. it seems to have protected it. nearer to the bottom, like along the left front wheel well outside there is a straight line of some paint chipped away with some dark rust on the exposed metal, and some tiny bits of rust on other places as youll see.










    (BE SURE TO MAXIMIZE THE WINDOW they open in! some i kept the size big because you need to see the details!)

    The undercarraige/frame i would think isnt all that bad, i know these things were built like TANKS back then, and it doesnt seem like real deep rust, and the stuff that looks real bad is right under the running boards, which makes sense that they would be most worn away. (i just kinda squatted next to the car and held my camera underneath and took pics aiming it at random.) you can also see what i think is the engine's bottom (oil pan) and the (transmission?) which look really nice for some reason?

    also the rust pattern on the rear differential is odd. why is it like that?

    this is just what i deduce with my knowledge.

    (Also: the interior is immaculate! i cant believe it! i figured it would be eaten away by insects and rodents and stuff! just thought id mention this)

    im posting here because i would like to hear expert opinion on it and if it is still in good enough shape to be driveable and pass inspection and stuff.

    also, i know i should flush out cooling system, check the brake lines & fuel line (if theyre not completely rusted away lol) put wd-40 or something in the cylinders and let it soak before cranking it etc, i just need to know good procedures for how to do all this and other things i may have not thought about.

    VERY SORRY!!!! for this extremely long post, but i like to be sure to be detailed. thanks for your time and if this is a reasonable project then i look forward to working on it. (my mom is going to schedule my road test for mid-April, i cant wait to get my license to i can start making trips and morking on this thing!)


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