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  1. That's rally too bad everythings pukin out on ya. Just recently we got a new independent station in town that gets their gas from Utah. Everyone is about exactly $2/gal for reg and theyre 2.28..but its all 100% gas, no stupid alky in it. So I go there from now on for everything, especially for yard equipment we have a riding mower an old chainsaw and a walk-behind. I figure that's the best I can do...even though that stuff is, as with what youve got, no better in it's stamina for the test of time. The 1 oz to 2.5 gallons of Sta-Bil is supposed to be good for a year? The bottle says that anyhow...apparently doubling the dose doubles the time?

  2. Hmmm I need to get a better picture...from the angle suchan's is at. I swear mine looks...just like that..though darker in color. Maybe just because of age or sun fading or something. I'll get a better picture this afternoon if I think it looks that close.

    Interesting point about ford and chevy grainings and painters being more familiar with them!

  3. Its funny how many different dash patterns I see in cars on ebay. Who knows, mine may not be correct either but to my knowledge that's one of many things on this car that likely would NOT have been touched during any part of it's lifetime, my dad certainly never did any cosmetic restoration of any kind. Only a handful of times have I seen a '38 on ebay that looked like the pattern I have.


  4. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: windjamer</div><div class="ubbcode-body">local store and ask if they had Prince Albert in a can? or call a random # and ask do you have your TV on? Hows it fit?? </div></div>

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA Ive heard of prince albert in a can and of course is your refrigerator running...but not Is your TV on. I laughed LOUDLY at that one!

  5. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JFranklin</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I think Trunk Rat is a TROLL, just having fun at someone elses expence</div></div>

    x 24320940546546!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people just have too much time on their hands. I know I do!!! Fortunately winter is almost dead here, so I can get off here and get out cruising again!!!! laugh.gif

  6. Pretty nice, I like it!

    However, the rocker cover has definitely been chromed at some point in the car's life. I am suprised how many ratehr significant flaws I find on the 37/38 buicks I look at on ebay for kicks. "pro" restorations even. Thats dfefinitely wrong, it should be the same color as the block, with the decal on it saying "Buick Dynaflash Eight Valve In Head" (though that may be just '38 I forget they might not have called it that or said it on the decal in '37. The font in '37 is a much more formal looking one too.

    Other than that it seems...pretty correct!

  7. Haha well right now studying for an absolutely evil test tomorrow morning.

    Parts should be coming this week I suppose. My spring break is all next week, so if the stuff is here by Friday I'll probably spend the evening putting everything back together. smile.gif

  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Skyking</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Paul, I stand corrected, you're right, it was different, it had diamond plate floor mats and I think a beige interior.</div></div>

    Yea that's the one I was thinking of. In all honesty THAT one wasn't near as crazy as this one!

  9. Was it? The last one I remember, that caused a huge fight, was an 80s G-Body Regal, and it was done up quite differently but equally as gaudy.

    If it's been on ebay before it probably keeps being sold once the driver is actually PHYSICALLY faced with the task of getting in and out of the thing!!! laugh.gif

  10. Dont know why I keep forgetting to post here. I actually have similar symptoms to the original poster, however this is a 90k mile un-touched engine. I actually do see some improvement with a thicker oil/Lucas additive.

  11. I didnt do much more than change the oil soak the cylinders in oil for a few days and throw gas down the carb after this '38 sat in a garage for 25 years, and not a GREAT one at that, not exactly the best protection from moist air is what im getting at etc etc. All has been fine I suppose but I wish I had done more. I was 16 then and just insane I still am, I'd like to think Ive gained some wisdom now that Im almost legal to consume alcohol, but probably not. But I wish I had gone through even more just to be sure.

    I vote go through EVERYTHING short of friggin' actually tearing parts off, going into the block. Whatever Dandy Dave said, didnt read it all before making this. Pull the oil pan and clean it til you can eat off it haha. As well as anything in the crankcase you can see garbage on.

  12. I would take a nice original ANY day. I thought my '38 was pretty good...then I see some examples like what you desrcibed, on ebay, at shows, etc and Im just blown away, especially when theyre of a similar vintage, 50 or more years old! Amazingly impressive, that somehow it escaped years of use and wear.

    Hopefully someday I can get my hands on one. No real preference on what it is really, I'd just like a really old untouched example!

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