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  1. Okay I tore the freakin' thing down Saturday I need to update this thing already....I hate photobucket it's good but it's gotten so crowded now they limit ya and it's dead slow. Don't feel like uploading the pictures now. What a lazy BUM. Doesn't help the college kid stereotype much. Course I am on winter break and pulling at least 30 hours a week at my usual off-school grocery store stocking job. But still....WHAT A LAZY BUM!!! :p Hahahaha. Anyway. Head's off...the upper oil ring is actually broken in two different places. Most of each respective section is broken, not all the way, just a chunk taken out. About 3/8" long in each case. Who knows when this happened. Probably a long time ago, plenty of scoring of the piston. But my buddy and I think a hone should DEFINITELY take care of the cylinder. I wanna see what his dad says about the ring. Only one thats broken. Dunno if all should be replaced or just the one. Don't know about the whole seating thing myself. Probably gonna grab a piston from Kanter, I know they anyway sell 'em each for $38. No clue on bob's or CARS though I'll check. Plenty of carbon everywhere inside...nothing overly suffocating...actyully starting to clean itself out seeing as the one piston had a lot of its surface showing. Head's gonna get cleaned up real nice in another friend's huge high-tech parts washer. Check the valves do some lapping maybe make sure they all seat. While its out ya know!!!.....
  2. Hmmm! Did a little reading...interesting. Is this something most machine shops can do? I suppose I'd just ask and find out. I like the idea...new school old school any ideas like that I'll listen to. :cool: That's pretty neat...thanks for the bit of history. I LOVE stories like that.
  3. Well...looks like last time I never looked closely enough, or probably just didn't bother to crank it over and check every cylinder wall. Just so happens to one of interest is plainly visible. Pushing the rod off the crank and wiggling it, you can see and feel the piston move side to side in the bore. There are visible scuff marks up and down the bore in at least two locations, about 1/4" wide or so, spaced about 1/4 of the circumference apart. You can also see a haze of rust through the oil film actually. It seems like the wrist pin is quite tight. There are no shims left on the rod cap, and another plastigage showed that its somehwere between .0015 and .002, which is about the maximum tolerance allowed according to the shop manual (.0018). As they all were when I checked some two years ago, the cap and rod babbitt both look GREAT on this cylinder, as does the crank journal. I dont mean to put myself down buuuut I can't help but think that at 16 I just wasn't nearly cautious enough. I'm sure those helping me back then felt the same way I do now whenever I read or hear about someone unearthing a vehicle from multiple decades of sitting and getting ready to try and turn the motor. Who knows. Maybe I made it get starved of oil, maybe not. Where the bore was scuffed didn't FEEL very damaged to the touch, I'll say that much. Any chance it could be honed? Can a standard non-oversize piston be put in? I would guess this would accomplish nothing because both the piston and bore are now worn some unknown amount, correct? If the next step is overboring and a new piston, well, then this might be the beginning of another resting period for the old girl. I'm certainly not going to drive it with that piston continuing to slap away. The noise is bad enough, but knowing what's going on I just couldn't do it. And yes, "someday" ONLY that cylinder will be bored and that piston replaced. The camshaft looks MINT, everything else looks so nice and is obviously in much better shape...I'll be able to at least say 7/8ths of the engine is original!!!!!
  4. I see an engine just barely peeking over the fender...I dunno what I'd do to the body...probably fix it up leave it stock and paint it whatever color I felt like...throw some slot mags on it. As for that engine: Megasquirt + twin turbo. 500 horsepower Fireball please!!! :eek:
  5. Definitely worth checking...especially seeing as two hours ago my semester ENDED!!!!!!!!! Feels great, freedom I need badly. I plasti-gauged 'em all in '07 after going to Rhinebeck twice, and that was there and back twice at 60 mph, so about 3,000 rpm the whole time. Most of them checked out fine, I replaced a couple shims here and there. I would certainly check it again though, seeing as the pan will be off anyway. I should find something in there anyway! And I'll let y'all know what that something is, when it is found!
  6. Really. As in...even with the crank there? It'll fit through? Possibly showing my ignorance some more...is it not up through the block you usually install/uninstall pistons? Why? How do you utilize a piston ring compressor to install it then?
  7. Thought this would be the perfect time for an update so some of y'all don't think I dropped off the face of the earth! School keeps me a slave, got my last final next Monday, winding down at long last. But I'm the most excited I've ever been over anything having to do with this car right now. Some might remember me whining about the tapping/knocking noise that it makes, under load, sometimes under this condition blah blah but not always and it was a theoretical discussion that went nowhere because I didn't know enough about what I was talking about in diagnosing a source even. I was reading a site purely dedicated to noise diagnosis, and it's funny how there are simple things that work that you'd just never think of. Like pulling plug wires and seeing what happens. The car has been off the road for a couple months now, but I rolled it out of the garage, started it, and did just that. Figured I'd start nearest the firewall. I pull the wire, rev it........NOTHING. :eek: :eek: :eek: Sounds like a whole new engine. It really to me anyway, makes it sound like it's brand new. After 4 years of wondering and trying not to beat on the car and worrying, the problem is solved. I'm gonna go with wrist pin. No noises exist at the speed of the rotating assembly. Maybe piston slap...but the main point is the head's coming off this winter over break and I'll see what I find! I'm just so in love with the fact that this engine, being this old, is in this condition. KNOWING this. Now I can enjoy the car far more carefree than ever. Can't wait til spring!!!! Have a good weekend all, hope everyone's doing well.
  8. Well I mean for perspective I've had buddies of mine go "DUDE I saw YOUR car the other day I swear it was the EXACT SAME CAR I couldn't believe it" *details are expounded upon* "Yeah I don't believe it either seeing as you clearly saw a '47 Olds
  9. Buick:eBay Motors (item 290370761911 end time Nov-22-09 18:59:51 PST) Look at all of the pictures, find the one, do a double take as I did....THEN read the description. :eek: Im sitting here hurting of laughter. AND of course lets not forget to geek out and remind ourselves it's a '39 not a '38 hahaha.
  10. Wow, soooo sad to hear this. I dont come on here much anymore but I wanted to check on James C's fuel pump discussion, and then I happened to see this. I never made a post about it but mine actually got hit one night this summer...05 impala made a right-on-red as I was coming just into the intersection, both fenders on the pass. side whacked pretty good. I just dont like that the original paint will have to come off them. So I totally understand your frustration. I dont know whats going on. I too know of 2 or 3 other old cars in this area that got hit this year. I definitely had a little hubris I suppose....just always figured it could never happen. I havent been in or near an auto accident of any kind ever in my 5 years of driving!!! What the hell do you do. We wonder why people dont take their stuff out and keep them "trailer queens"
  11. Oh dear lord LOL. Ive actually just been incredibly busy and, well, nothing has been wrong with the car or worth talking about really haha. But yeah I WISH that was the reason.
  12. Nice find, good to hear itll be alright again!
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 58Mustang</div><div class="ubbcode-body">You should read some of the Oz or Brit sites. They ride Trumpys, have trannys, dizzys, diffys, maggys, carbys, etc. You name it, it has a "Y" at the end. Funny as hell</div></div> Now most of those I think are silly and don't use but tranny for SURE and if Im talking online, dizzy as well. hehe
  14. Awesome. It probably should crank a little slower when hot...hotter gasses want to expand and were tryig to compress it anyway. I just dont pay close enough atttenion probably!!! All I know is she always starts quick!!! Good to hear you got it sorted out buddy!!! Have fun out there!!!!!
  15. It really wont necessarily. Once the entire system is filled and all air purged...if anything it may come up a little once hot just because anything expands when hot.
  16. Yes yes...Im actually not sure on mine. They might be 6v. I just got em from a NAPA. So I dont know. They seem to be up to the task. Hmmm.
  17. Been through ALL of this myself. Ahhh what memories hahahaha. If it doesnt wanna turn over...check ALL connections. Check the braided ground cable as said, both ends make sure all surfaces are completely clean and the bolt-down is tight. The positive cable runs to the solenoid, and then a SHORT cable runs from the other solenoid contact to the starter housing itself. Make sure all of this is clean and tight. If it still turns over too slow then of course the starter always could be going. But more than likely I think that short intermediate cable is loose, the bolt holding the end down on my car was backed off about 1/4"!!! Also...before even pulling the starter apart...I would actually say check inside the solenoid itself (again this is if it still wont turn over), you may need to pull the starter to do this...get it on a bench and pull the solenoid cover and observe how the whole deal works in there...a large disk is pressed into the other ends of those two contacts the positive line is going to. If they are held loosely in there or not screwed in far enough etc the disk will hit unevenly and the contact area will be way too small. This happened with my car as well and correcting it made a HUGE difference in cranking speed. Even when hot. I have a completely unrestored vehicle and it cranks extremely well every time, temp. doesnt matter. For the overheating...there's probably some garbage in the block...Im sure there is in mine...but mine got a ton better when I had the radiator just totally redone...boiled out cleaned out. If you can have it flow tested great, if not just get it boiled out anyway. More than worth it. If you can knock out the block freeze plugs, do it and scrape out of there what you can. You also mentioned fuel leakage or something...the kit isnt that expensive, just rebuild that fuel pump. Im a 20 year old kid who doesnt have a ton of money to throw around and therefore some things like this I tried to leave alone after getting it out of a 25 year storage. I ended up doing it anyway, things deteriorated pretty quickly. Check the carb too, if you have any problems with rough running or flooding/leaning out etc. And finally keep asking questions here, there are so many experienced people that will surely help you get her goin again no matter what the problem
  18. This would be photo #2<span style="font-weight: bold">8</span>
  19. Looks like a breakthrough in flow technology and EVERYONE else on the road will cower in fear at the roar of your <span style="font-style: italic">serious</span> machine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKRICEwdFQ0
  20. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Peter Gariepy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">West, only if the guy has an explosive personality. </div></div> At least he'd go out with a bang.
  21. Good to hear JD!!! Im sorry EVENTUALLY I'll show up at meetings haha. I keep having too much fun Friday afternoon and Saturday and getting snowed under with work Sundays. This is my LAST full week of classes. Got Mon-Weds next week then im DONE for 4 months. The '38 will be out soon's mom gets a chance to go to DMV.
  22. Ya know it's funny I check whats goin on here all the time and yet I forget to update my OWN stuff. Wheres Bill Engvall to tell me "heres your sign"....? The whooole shebang is back together....actually has been for a couple weeks...took a test drive around the block and pulled in the driveway only to adjust the brakes to get rid of the pull...and find a shot outer driver's wheel bearing! So hopped on bobs, grabbed that, now that's in. Whole front end articulates very smoothly and without funny noises etc. Everything is very solid now. Its in my moms name, on her insurance policy...so she has to make the trip to DMV. Really doesnt have the time now, but soon enough! Probably wont be at Rhinebeck...but Id say within 3 weeks or so I should have it out cruisin worry free
  23. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: OldsDoug</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ZondaC12</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yeah International frame/drivterain...looks like some other coachbuilder maybe one thats based over there. Make no mistake, over here that sure doesnt happen either!!! I do occssionally see old short buses built off of Ford E-Series and Chevrolet 20 and 30 series utility vans owned by people as a daily driver or to haul stuff...but definitely not a full sized bus! Wow. </div></div> Looks like a regular old BlueBird or Thomas body to me... were you referring to the rear door on the right side? It's a wheelchair door - Montgomery County MD has many just like it. DK</div></div> Nahhhh just some of the design of things like the front door etc...then again I can't claim to be familiar with all of thomas' and bb's coaches!!! And "Rossignol" figured if that was there that would be a manufacturer's name. My high school did have one with a wheelchair elevator in back like that, the bus was actually about 3/4 the length of a normal one, and white top and all.
  24. Yeah International frame/drivterain...looks like some other coachbuilder maybe one thats based over there. Make no mistake, over here that sure doesnt happen either!!! I do occssionally see old short buses built off of Ford E-Series and Chevrolet 20 and 30 series utility vans owned by people as a daily driver or to haul stuff...but definitely not a full sized bus! Wow.
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