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  1. Another thing is you just DONT try and accelerate up a "mild grade" in overdrive. At least if the car has the typical 2.73 gears out back. That's what my '87 Crown Vic daily driver has. Worthless. In all honesty for them being called "highway" gears, they aren't great on the highway. Id like to know why Ford didnt make an EFI 351 standard for those cars. The S.O. (standard output) 150 horse 5.0 Liter was bad enough in say a cougar or tbird, but throw another 400-500 lbs on to about 2 tons with one of these boats....the poor thing can't move it along to save its life.

    Now a friend used to have an 89 grand marq and that got around no problem...he must have had 3.08s or 3.27s in it. I think I see a rear-axle teardown in my future!! :rolleyes::)

  2. Well I did do a quick search and it looks like I was beaten to the punch. By like 2 years!!!! :( Haha oh well.

    But, my mom bought me The Cobra In The Barn, for Christmas (I was shocked at this too, couldnt belive she found that on her own!) and I thumbed through it and almost immediately found in the back, "Sleeping Beauties" and the ones that stung the worst were the '37 and '29 Cords. I kept looking at that '29 in amazement and sadness. I was bored tonight and looking at it again, re-reading the passage. Then I decided to so some e-research and wouldnt you know it, this turned up. Michel Dovaz's Sleeping Beauties -- The new book "The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties" It was like that feeling you get watching an intense action movie when the bad guys get it GOOD in the end. I was so happy to see that they are no longer rotting away.

    Of course I now need to get the book on that site, I'd like the full story. Because...being who I am I immediately jumped to the conclusion that the guy was a worthless you-know-what that would never sell them but never do anything with them. Especially since Cotter wrote "and theyll never be sold" in the passage in Cobra In The Barn. I literally said to myself earlier tonight "ya know I'd ust hook up with those Somali pirates, get a rouge helicopter and airlift that '29 outta there" hahaha. Yeah steal the thing in the name of "automotive justice" or something. It just made me that angry. And I think up crazy impossible things when I'm angry.

    Anyway, how cool is that? So many stories of ones that rot, I can sleep a lot easier tonight knowing those won't. :D

  3. OK Paul, young engineer in the learning, Do little 4 year old people hurt less because they do not have the weight and height to combine with the inertia in a fall??? Or is it because they are young and have faster reflexes to break the the fall??? Or maybe both??? Dandy Dave!

    Hmmmmmmm if my calculations are correct, a little bit of both!!! :P Haha. Couldn't tell ya all I know is I can't do that!

  4. Oh man here's where the kid gets yelled at by the old guys for well, being a damn kid. :o Haha.

    My car buddies and I have bastardized this to the point that we'll even utter statements like "I love how 4 year olds can just run around a house fall over face first on a wood floor and they're mint. Just get back up like nothing happened and keep running around"

  5. Geez guys, no one has nominated the '41 Buick. It even outshined the '41 Caddy!.....

    (from the peanut gallery)

    Dual carbs on the 320 with 165 horsepower!!!!! I dunno the torque number but cmon, musta been about 300 lb-ft anyway! And 46 years later, my '87 Cougar with only a slightly smaller 8-cylinder, made only 150 hp and 270 lb-ft!

    After driving my '38 Id really like to drive a '41 century or ride in one with the owner opening it up a bit. Hopefully when Matt Harwood is done with his he'll let us know how it drives. I will definitely be badgering him to!!! He had a custom cam made too and I think very mild headwork done as well when rebuilding the engine....

  6. Ummmm OBVIOUSLY the '38 Special.....duhhhh!!!:confused: :P Hahahaha.

    <-----(insert expletive you know which one!)

    But really I definitely couldnt pick one year, they had great looking and great performing vehicles through all of the decades....I'll probably second Dandy Dave "all Buicks are the best!" :D

  7. Haha thanks, I usually browse to see what's going on...hadn't touched the car really since the fall when I took it off the road, then my current little project came up.

    I think as you said, the pricetag set me off and got me a little angry and irrational. And YES you did mention that first off, ignore the price. But I just saw it and that was that. You make some very good points. It's a good thing the ad is not misleading anyway, stating "every detail has had attention". Then I'd have something actually worth complaining about!

  8. Yea I figured maybe I was being a little harsh.:o I dunno...I guess I just feel like if they took the time to go through the whole thing and make the other 90% of the car that nice, why couldn't they research what the engine is supposed to look like? It is really clean overall. Just a pet peeve since I've seen it so often.

  9. It's funny when you know your car so well that you instantly start shaking your head when you notice something and then of course turn into a maniac trying to pick the vehicle apart.

    I look on ebay for '38s for fun just to see what's out there. One chronic problem I see all the time, and is particularly bad with this one....look at that engine. BLEHHH!!! First of all the super-duper-AWESOME gigantic dynaflash 8 sticker on the VC isn't there, second, it's a light olive drab or something! At least it has the right VC.

    I feel like Ive seen many 38s especially convertibles obviously, asking top dollar for a "perfect restoration" and key elements like this are incorrect. The radiator cap looks like completely the wrong era too. I dont know where that belongs but that's definitely not the style this generation uses.

    Am I being a you-know-what here? I'm sorry, I wouldn't take that car if it was given to me. I'll take my original one I already have WITH the recent body damage and a rusty trunk floor over that. I love the design of the engine color and that decal. :cool: Every time I open the hood I smile. Gotta have it...

  10. I wish we saw THIS get built. Stumbled upon it one night, chevelle forum that had a little contest and a member juuuuust happened to be a really skilled computer 3-D modeler. I think it's a great adaptation of the 68-72 A-body into today's styling. The front end looks like everything Chevy makes. And the Audi-esque LED's would be siiiiiick. :cool:


  11. Michael,

    The unburned gas vapor is finding the proper oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe and heat flash pushed out of the next cylinder expolsion.... ......If you can get a little richer mixture, you can blow up the muffler. That's real cool! Been there, done that. Model T's are notorious for it!


    Oooooo....I wonder if it was YOU that originally corrupted me. :eek: Maybe not, all I know is that trick I learned from someone on here that claimed to have "once owned a model A back years ago". I've become a rather eeeevil person over the last few summers with that. *snicker*. The height of it has definitely been this summer, I heard about my actions directly. A buddy of mine was eating with his date at the same Cheesecake Factory I decided to drive by and "liven things up a little" and he texted me later that night when I was back at the McDonald's parking lot (the essential local fri/sat night hotrod/rice rocket hangout) asking me WHY THE HE-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS I did that!!!! :D I actually got like 5 people together from "the lot" and showed them what I was talking about. The 38 was the life of the party that night....ugh I miss summer!!!!

    My exhaust is *still* composed of nothing but cheap-o flex pipe. It and the $19 special muffler have withstood these shenanigans amazingly.

  12. Cool story, really the same situation and about the same period of time, just shifted!

    With ya 100% on the torch, good idea to avoid it if you can. I loooove PB blaster, the stuff is definitely what everyone says it is.

    As far as the rocker shaft, I actually drilled a small hole in each cap in the end of the shaft and yanked them out and then stuck a pipe-cleaner through the whole thing and pushed it all out. As well as for each hole, then just flushed it with the parts washer/you could use carb cleaner or whatever you prefer, kerosene as you mentioned would obviously be fine, just a steel shaft after all.

    Now I was able to go to the local machine shop and he provided me with two new caps...they resemble "freeze plugs" core plugs for an engine block, a tiiiny bit thicker I suppose. Maybe not really, could look that way because theyre smaller, but not important. They can just be lightly tapped in with a hammer and they stay with friction. Perhaps check somewhere and see if you can get them first. If there was absolutely no way I could have gotten them I would have just soaked the thing in a solvent long enough to flush everything out, worst case. I didn't expect to find them, they seemed odd but then again that shop had em and acted like it was entirely typical, so maybe that's a good sign.

  13. Looks a lot like mine did when I took it apart! I feel like I did indeed just "walk" the tough ones off the shaft. Young a dumb...16 years old only a few years ago!! :o But nothing got damaged...I suppose I lucked out. I don't think any were extremely bound up. I know they were light, probably aluminum or magnesium? Someone could confirm possibly. I think NOW I'd just take a propane torch and gently heat them to see if they expand and loosen up. I had the task of cleaning out plenty of sludge from the bore inside the shaft. I'm sure I cleaned the entire shaft in my parts washer, the shiny parts look nice from the picture anyway, and as long as all the rockers moved freely and none fit extremely loosely, then I would say nothing needs to be done to it. Just ensure all of the oil passages are free, put it together with some assembly lube or just coat everything in oil and re-assemble.

  14. Summer...1987 Cougar 20th Anniversary. Winter aka saltly roads...1987 Crown Victoria, picked up October '08 for $800!!! Never seen a winter before then either, 100k on the clock, very well-kept. The cougar will become a nice sunny dry day only vehicle this year, I'll be able to afford insuring all 3 concurrently, so the 'Vic will be the DD 100%. I can't wait honestly. The cougar has become a hot rod and a car to keep nice and never leave me, hence why I bought a winter beater.

    BUT there's a catch...I started this from the get-go and will continue...before the first salt I go and buy 3 cans of WD-40 "Big Blast" with the fogger nozzle looking like it belongs on a Raid Yard-Gard can, and I HOSE down the underside of the 'Vic, then find a dirt/gravel road and drive/spin the tires to get dust all stuck on it. That combined with OCD washing it I think will keep it up a long time. I want to test this. After 1 winter everything looked exactly the same. The problem is you can't give me anything nice to put through bad conditions. I simply won't allow it without trying to protect the thing somehow....



  15. Hey thanks a lot Stevo! I definitely have, and the more I know the more I love this car and the hobby in general.

    Two things I still want to someday be able to do on my own are to rebuild a transmission either stick OR auto, and set up a rear end aka ring and pinion. Then I can pretty much say I do ANYthing I need, myself. I really REALLY enjoy being self-reliant and able to build/fix/replace whatever I need to. I can't imagine how much money I've not spent over the last several years due to the labor being taken care of my yours truly.

    This was something I've wanted to tackle for a long time. I so strongly look forward to being able to drive it without spending a half hour getting up to 40 miles an hour just to avoid hearing that thing slapping!

  16. Dude you really gotta keep in mind where you live too. :P Especially out that way, they're vehicles that aren't that appreciated by many for the reasons stated and others probably...and they're obviously very fuel inefficient and old so for both reasons seen as wasteful and "evil" at the risk of sounding overly dramatic ;). Have you ever had anyone ridicule you at the pump driving that Mark V for driving such a "gas pig"? Maybe not, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it did happen.

    Good to see you have the means to save another one though! Happy motoring bro.

  17. Kaycee--thanks for those tips, I did intend to measure the bores, just gotta get my hands on a mike and that will be done first and foremost!!!

    Jeff, as soon as I read the first sentence I knew what was coming! I don't know how but I did! Probably "path" and "traveled" did it hahaha :eek: :D

    But yes I see what you're talking about. I really hoped I could leave this engine entirely alone, thought it would be nice to claim I haven't opened it up and it's still fine. I have not removed anythign besides that piston and rod. I intend to leave it that way. If something else goes bad...such as a vibration or whatever, so be it. I'm gonna at least try. If I gotta do this again, oh well. Unlike when I tore down my '87 Cougar for a top end upgrade, this has taken very little time. I love it. Like an 8-cylinder lawn tractor. Also..PM sent.

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