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  1. Wow I wonder why that didnt turn into a link. I would have done what you did and wrapped img tags around it but laziness kicked in as usual Yep that one. I seem to remember not long ago reading in the Bugle when the feature artile was on 61's, that the build quality of them overall in that year was nothing short of astounding.
  2. Just calc'd it a week ago, mainly around town. Gas gauge cannot be trusted at ALL says full when theres about 6 gallons, and thus a couple times Ive ran it out! Just a hair over 9 mpg LOL so I assume 8 to calculate how far before its empty just to be extra-safe.
  3. D'oh it shouldn't have gone I never got to meet it.
  4. Found it!! http://www.buickclub.org/buicktown/31st_annual_great_lakes_regional.htm Guessin it's this one... http://www.buickclub.org/buicktown/2008%20Great%20Lakes%20Regional/P1000626.JPG which is definitely cool. Red w/ white top, always a winner with me personally.
  5. HEY awesome glad to hear she's finally tickin!!! The skinny pedal on the firewall inside the car, that's air LOL 2 bbl carb so each screw is the fuel mixture for one bbl. It really is rather un-formulaic. Sometimes you might find a manual telling you #'s of turns, but it really is best to play trial-and-error with 'em and get it running right that way, major differences can occur with temperature elevation all that good (well not so good really) stuff. With each one turn it out (counter clockwise) to richen it with some more fuel, in (clockwise) to lean it out. You wanna do one at a time, richen it until it gets stumbly and loaded up with fuel (you might hear it in the exhaust/see black smoke out the tailpipe too, if you can't, get a buddy to help with that) and of course the engine's gonna "roll" a little, shaky and if you sit inside you'll feel the roughness. Turn the screw slowly so this wont happen all of a sudden and very violently. You'll notice it gradually go from running smooth to getting grumpy and rough. As this happens back off very slowly until it gets smooth. If you back off far enough it will lean out to the point that it will again get rough, but in a different way. It's a little hard to describe but generally the idle will dip way down and if you've ever run out of gas before it will seem like it's doing just that. It will want to stall. Whereas, if youre richening it, eventually yes youll flood it and kill it but it takes much more in that direction to choke it off with fuel than it takes to stall it by not giving it enough fuel. Once you get it running the best you can with one screw, do the same for the other one. Again it takes some getting used to depending on how well you know the sound and feel of it when it's smooth as it should be. It should rev up smoothly without shuddering the car whether or not you stab the throttle or ease into it. Naturally the throttle response isn't gonna be like a fuel injected suzuki gsxr1000blahblah but you get the idea. I've gotten to the point where on the rare occassion my car starts missin I smack my right palm on top of the air filter and mess with the screws till it feels solid and still. I'm sure I've overcomplicated the heck out of this, perhaps everyone else here will be able to put it better if I haven't! At the very least, good luck getting her dialed in!
  6. Hahaha yeah no one seems to like the 58s. I dunno, call me a gaudy person but I'm a sucker for the huge fins the wild grille and the general smattering of chrome and stainless all over those! Nice! She'll be great when she's all done for sure.
  7. www.photobucket.com free and really easy to use put up as many as you want. One of the most useful sites I've ever used to be quite honest. Git 'em up there and let's see the stude!!!
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Thriller</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ZondaC12</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yeah I was just trying to have fun.... Thing is...it was a very simple statement. "61s are great!" Nothing too detailed so I figured it was just too ripe to pass up and I haaad to play around a lil'. </div></div> I guess the one thing that we sometimes forget is that the person behind the keyboard is often expressing an opinion without specifically stating that...your generation tends to know about shortening things to where some of us can't read them If I made a statement like "'38s suck", you, among others would probably be all over me. A statement like that isn't implying a '38 is like a Hoover or a Kirby (i.e. a statement of fact), rather an opinion. Not that the above statement is my opinion...I prefer other Buicks over '38s, but I don't think I'd make a negative statement like that. Presumably the "'61s are great" statement was one of appreciation of the styling / mechanicals of the '61 Buicks. We're good, right? </div></div> Of course, we were always good (least that was my intention). That was why I went overboard with the smilies there, I meant that to show I was totally not serious in anything I was saying at all.
  9. Yeah I was just trying to have fun.... Thing is...it was a very simple statement. "61s are great!" Nothing too detailed so I figured it was just too ripe to pass up and I haaad to play around a lil'. I dunno, must be something in the water here! Seems like a LOT of the guys I talk to as old car shows bust on ya CONSTANTLY. So it rubs off on me. My mom says "why are you so MEAN to each other!!??" I just say what every mother dreads hearing "don't worry <span style="font-style: italic">trust me</span> it's fine.
  10. THAT Buick was clearly hungry!!! You stole its lunch!!! LOL
  11. Niiiiiiice. Gotta love how the deck is as long as the hood! Could probably fit one o' them new Smart cars in there! Don't think I've seen too many '61's around here, they seem kinda rare.
  12. Ya know that's a good point I'll have to give him a call and see if he's interested!
  13. Bahhhh I dont even bother to look I just keep it matted and plow away anything that dares sit in my way LOL hahaahaha
  14. So YEAH. I DISrespectuflly DISagree (thats mah new catch phrase!!!) I think 61's are decidedly NOT great. I will now provide absolutely ZERO hard evidence to substantiate this claim. There. In all seriousness thats a sweet ride for that price I'd grab that sucker. Amazing.
  15. CRAP!!! I can't believe I forgot haha. Well thanks for the reminder! Think Jim might be out? That 38 coupe is gorgeous and I don't see it enough! I gotta get him to pop the hood I want to see it all fresh-looking n stuff.
  16. Really. Why, 'cause you said so?
  17. Ill tell ya what to do with it! Take pictures and post them HEEERE!!!!! I wanna see it
  18. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dave@Moon</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 1948Lincoln</div><div class="ubbcode-body">when was that? I would like to see it. </div></div> Probably this issue (Feb. 1987), when the car was introduced. </div></div> My friend has and LOVES an '89 Beretta GT which he got the body skirts and header panel for to make it look like a GTZ. Really killer with the dark maroonish red paint he and his dad shot it with. His dad KNOWS his stuff and it came out great. Really cool car and it's been great to him. Im sooo jealous his sheetmetal is DOUBLE galvanized for some reason. He says all of em were. He's pounded that thing through several winters....it is still gorgeous. Unbelievable.
  19. UPDATE------ He got back to me...... "That’s the problem exactly but I can tell you the car is not stolen. Convincing someone, that is a different story “again problem”. The person buying the car has to go to DMV, explain the problem and register this. Now I never been down this road but people have these cars don’t have titles only reggeis. Anyway DMV runs the car makes sure its not stolen then sends a letter to the last registered owner. I believe if he doesn’t respond its yours; if he says he sold it its yours; and if he tries to pull a fast one and say its stolen, well he’s going to be in trouble cause this car has a record of being w/ my neighbor since at least last fall so the police are going to want to know why now he decided to do a stolen vehicle report. Big red flag. Look at the dates of pics of these and the car was on Craig’s list over the winter/fall also pics taken from my neighbors yard." So I dunno. He did post the VIN on that forum--- 6y87z104716 that is a ZERO there not an "Oh"
  20. Yeah I only posted it here because I'm 99.9999 perecent sure NO-freakin-body from there is gonna go for it and he's gonna have to CRUSH the thing if he can't unload it . He told me "I'll speak to anyone that definitely wants it and it's a great very solid car, only issue they'll really have is a minor headache getting the registration". I don't know what minor headache means. Haha, I'm gonna message him back right now and ask for a little more detail. Update as it comes!
  21. Direct quote from the guy who listed it on the 80s fox body cougar and tbird forum I post on..... $600 running & driving very clean car need TLC that’s it. WHY so cheap well it’s not mine it’s my neighbors I want it but my wife will kill w/more junk around here. The problem is the guy he got it from through a barter deal did not have the registration. the other guy was an older guy who was the original owner I believe. Car was last registered in 1984 and sat since motor is a 390 carb gives a little trouble and one of the brake cylinders on one of the front is bad other the that IT’S A MUST. My neigbor drives a wrecker and junks for a living, and w/metal up and his wife on him its gotta go. I talked him into holding off to tomorrow ill post it here for anyone local who might want to see it. Farmingdale Longisland NY I asked him to get me the guy's contact info, he said the guy doesn't want to be harassed with phone calls...but my buddy will speak to anyone who is DEAD-SET interested in it. He gave me his email... innes7374@yahoo.com he'll be checking his email he's a real standup member there been on there awhile good rep if you really want this thing you'll get it and that old guy will give it to ya for $600. On that forum not many people there are into really old stuff, and quite frankly not many have the time/space/money for another project or they aren't close enough, few of em are in NY or even in the northeast, so I figured this ol' place was the best bet.
  22. The biggest thing is I want do run this thing as long as possible without tearing it down. Don't wanna make it sound like I'm going to drive it and drive it and drive it until every bearing is wiped and the thing seizes just idling but every time I tell someone the engine's never been torn into they're astonished (so am I really!!!) so I'd love to keep it like that as long as I can. Again it's even fascinating to me when I stop and step back and think about it. I'm REALLY good at dealing with inconveniences/idiosyncrasies too if it makes my stuff work better! I'm terribly impatient but in this kind of case...suddenly I make a 180 degree shift for some odd reason.
  23. This talk about "overtaxing" a cold engine, and "drive it gently" is what gets me worked up personally. I dunno, it's just not good enough for me. Even now in the summer I let the '38 idle for about a minute. In the cold weather I'll let it idle for 3-5 minutes. The 87 cougar I start right up and drive, but that has roller lifters and I use modern oil in that. In the cold I might let that idle a minute. Im sure that obviously has a much more high-volume, high-pressure oil pump than the '38. I just see it like this--if you shouldn't "overtax" it, then load must not be good for it as it warms up. I just feel like taking the safe way out and guaranteeing 100% that I wont beat on it too much. For me it's a small price to pay. Maybe it is just peace of mind and useless but it makes me happy and I don't mind paying whatever amount it ends up being that I do pay in gas. Also how is load not important, as Matt said? I just don't see how it doesn't factor in on start-up, simply from an engineering/physics/something standpoint. Surely under more pressure two sliding surfaces will see more wear, no? (maybe I should be going to school for mech. engineering instead of computers hahaha! )
  24. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Tom</div><div class="ubbcode-body">$4 a gallon gas apparently doesn't phase anyone. </div></div> QFT. ("quoted for truth") Ya know its funny it really must not be THAT bad if you get people doing things like this. Although I can't imagine for the really-upper-income bracket that it seriously would affect them. Some people could probably care less if it was $10/gal. I take issue with that personally simply because I hate sitting CLOSED away from the outside in a deepfreeze. I spend several months FORCED to stay inside. So when I can, I'm gonna be out there or if in my car those windows are down and the a/c is off as much as possible. 85-90 degrees and the moisture visible in the air? NO I will not cave! Bring the heat!!! (and it has come this weekend has been a scorcher!)
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