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  1. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnD1956</div><div class="ubbcode-body">As i understand it, you will never notice blue smoke from the combustion process due to the fumes being burned in the catalytic converter. </div></div>

    NOT to shoot ya down or nothing, just making a side point really....but about EVERY other 1985 Plymouth/Dodge minivan is BLASTING blue smoke out the tailpipe. A testament to the abuse that type of vehicle clearly endures. laugh.gif

  2. Yeah that's definitely likely...either the turbo or the oil line(s) going to/from it could have let go. Even if the valve stem seals were going bad, it wouldnt suck it down THAT quickly. Probably notice some blue smoke out the tailpipe but nothing extreme. Definitely check the turbo.

  3. No we weren't fortunate enough to get discs all around. The 87-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupes DID have 4 wheel discs....not sure about 83-86...though I want to say yes. POSSIBLY same deal with the 83-86 XR7 cougars becuase they had the 8.8 rear end and the turbo 2.3 like the Turbocoupe. Definitely not a V6 or V8 cougar though. So he definitely has a proportioning valve, same one I got surely, they didnt change those at all. Stinks because they NEED the 4 wheel disc setup youd be lucky to stop a fox tbird/cougar in less than a mile from 30 mph laugh.gif

  4. Knowing what little I know....all I can think of is the "spring" aka pressure plate. http://www.superformance.co.uk/parts/5001f_308_pressure_plate.jpg I know that those "fingers" act as a spring and force the clutch discs together. They exert force into/out of your computer screen (as youre looking at that picture) so maybe that's lost its springyness (LOL) or that sleeve in the middle is sticking on the shaft? Dont really know why I posted this the wise ones will surely be along soon grin.gif

  5. I cant believe youre slamming vettes wes! There must be something wrong with your dad's vette. Maybe its an auto? All I know is the ones that are stick, at least the 90ish or so and up 6-speeds....that last gear...wow you can drive forever on the highway because they sip gas when youre doing that.

    Theyre purpose-built and very well constructed really. Definitely not a VERY ergonomic car. No youre not going to see the end of the hood...keep in mind you sit very low in those...theyre designed to go fast and handle well. Probably not a great putt-putting around vehicle, as a result. Hardly an unsafe, dangerous car by any means. Hell a lot of that is the driver! And in the case of the ricers...thats just about all of them unfortunately. eek.gif

  6. Its times like this I wish I lived in the middle of nowhere where you can have cars laying around in the yard or something. Youre not even that far! Financially responsible? HELL no. Could I afford it? Well...yes. If mom didnt mind me grabbing a third car and I had the space to put it I would not be able to help myself.

    What a nice easy fix-r-upper. I PRAY it doesnt end up in a derby. eek.gif

  7. A local club put on a show EARLY this summer at a nearby nursing home. They are a group of mostly hot rods and muscle. So it was funny, my car is sittin there among all these perfect customs and newer (relative) stuff, and it's freakin drawin a crowd!!!! All of the ones in wheelchairs are motioning to their attendants to push them over towards it, it was fun to watch. I felt good that they could see it, clearly a lot of them grew up in that era and must have been happy to see it.

  8. Yea I must say I dont like the current one as much, but the original one.....dead sexy. Especially the GTS coupe. Wow. In fact at the local late-night Friday and Saturday hang out in a mcdonalds parking lot, a couple of weeks ago there was a 97 coupe and a current gen 'vert parked next to each other...the original design just doesnt look that dated. I like it better.

    Somewhere I read they were trying to capture the essence of the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes. I say they sure as hell did.

    And a friend of mine has an '02 Ram SRT-10. Looks awesome and he can't keep the rear end planted haha. He needs to learn some self-control though he is bad really.

  9. I was gonna say something here myself but I havent been on a whole lot lately. I very much agree. I was real happy to see that they included it. What's funny is a lot of that info. he has posted on this forum before! But it was still a good read and there were one or two things I hadn't heard out of him yet.

    Really cool though. Makes me wish I had one that much more. Probably a heck of a lot easier to keep up with traffic, AND cruise on the highway. Besides, with the harsh shifts I could just be like "yeah thats the shift kit" "yup got it from summit its a B&M bout a hundred bucks ya know tryin to drop the ET's any way I can" laugh.gif I got a few friends that would totally get a kick out of it. And seeing as I recently put one in the cougar and those shifts dont bother me at all, Im sure Id feel right at home!

    Great article Dave, and the car looks geat, even though the picture was too small LOL.

  10. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Mika Jaakkola</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hey, I have a 1988 Ford Country Squire LX STW as a daily driver and I LOVE THE CAR! I have owned it for 3 years now. When I got the car It had 93 000 miles on it, but I have driven app. 15 000 miles with my Country Squirrel grin.gif (yep, my cars nickname) . Because of my job I drive it ~300 US miles/week at the moment. And it's great!

    It has 302 V8 with modern EFI under the hood and is very economical.(though '85 has the older 2-point EFI)

    I know that these cars do not have air bags etc, but before 80's Ford Motor Company has designed cars for 70+more years, so I would think that they have used some of that time for safety issues as well. So I do not consider it as time bomb on wheels.

    I like the feel and looks of my '88 Ford.

    The 80's big bodied cars are last "real cars", they don't make them anymore.


    Very well said man! Especially that last statement. My '87 cougar has a header panel.....the 89-97 MN12 cougars do not. Hood goes all the way to the front tip. A small thing perhaps but it is significant. And you should be fine with that 1986-up SEFI system. It TRULY is a well-engineered, thought through system and it is extremely reliable. Not too complicated too, it isnt hard to understand how the whole thing generally works if you want to make performance mods or just keep it in tune. Makes me wanna not hate new cars so much for all of the electronics! laugh.gif

  11. Wow from the pictures she don't look half bad!!!! I'd sure as hell cruise around town in that with a huge smile on my face as it sits!

    Love the picture of it next to the centurion. Wow what a boat. I'm sorry I just love the BIG ass-end and the chrome and stainless everywhere. Gaudy? Perrrrrrhaps. Still looks good? I think so.

    Let us know how the A/C is when you get it working. Anyone chime in on how good '50s era A/C was? The closest example I know of first hand is circa 1970s.....a '71 Lincoln Mark III 2dr at a cruise last summer the owner was letting me check out and sit in and move the steering wheel with my LITTLE finger. The A/C in that car was dreadfully freezing LOL.

  12. Yeah I was real happy to see that '15 in the Bugle!!! She looks great!

    I remember how excited I was last year to see it for the first time, at Rhinebeck. What a sight, especially with the exposed valvetrain.

    Somehow I still havent found time to sit down and read it all the way through but I noticed their mention of Dave's fabrication of his own axles for the car. That made me really happy. Like the old MOTOR's manuals say "keep em rollin". grin.gif

  13. Haha thanks guys! I just got it yesterday and went right to that article to check. Couldn't believe my name and car were there. Really neat. STILL kinda can't believe it! laugh.gif Good article, I'm really pleased. I'm also glad the picture I sent them was good enough. I like it a lot. Its in a local town park, which is very scenic, so I thought it would be a good place to get shots of the visor and skirts.

    The one thing that's funny is how much I emphasized that I drive it everywhere. That REALLY was the case last summer. I drove is as much as, sometimes MORE than my DD. Just couldnt help it its that fascinating. This summer....not so much. frown.gif

  14. Wow. Awesome!!!!! Really love it. Don't see many 2 door sedans either.

    Is that whistler grey? Mine's *supposed* to be that anyway...if that's what it should look like then I don't have original paint as I thought.

    But it is still a grey nevertheless, and personally I refer to it as the "big ol grey BARGE" haha.

  15. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: packard400</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> One of the most common questions I get when I drive

    my 1955 Packard 400 is "Who made Packard?".</div></div>

    OOOOHHHHH I think I know your car! I saw it at the Schalmont High School show, I think? Gottta be! I dont know of many 50s pack's around here!! That thing is SOOOOOO nice. It stood out like a sore thumb in that show and really stole the show I think, or at least a lot of it! Very beautiful ride. Two thumbs up! You gotta bring that to Latham Greens or Leadfoot Lucys at fuddruckers or something! Park next to ME!!!! laugh.giflaugh.gif

  16. He said "no scuffing on the cylinder walls" so I would take it to mean he burned up one or more rod bearings/snapped a rod/etc. Bottom end, as we would say. I also gotta say the way these engines are, the bottom end really IS a lot bigger! I guess our cylinder bores are not quite that wide and the pistons are surprisingly small as a result!

    Always neat to be exposed to different jargon like that.

    Another thing--I believe it's 1940-1955 that the rear ends can be interchanged. So 1940 and up could update the ring and pinion, but anything before, we gotta try and find Century gear sets or of course pay up and have one made. I wonder if they have a CNC machine at my school laugh.gif

  17. I actually have a Flowmaster on mine mounted under the backseat footwell, and then dumped off there. It sounds really cool! However, at about 50 mph there is a decent drone from the exhaust, so if I take it up to 60 it really quiets down!!! However, then I listen and put my head down closer to the floor and hear the noise from up front....and it does sound kinda busy. If I force myself to deal with it after like 15 minutes I get used to it and of course I have my portable radio playing on the seat next to me and that takes care of most it of really!

    But I feel less worried at 50, and of course as previously mentioned 35-40 is its happy place. HOWEVER, I want to note that up there around 60......the RIDE is amazing. It smooths out like nothing else, and truly does "float over the road" like people always say about stuff with this soft of a suspension.

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