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  1. Hi, Just tried to optimize and adjust the timing of my '56 98 and was wondering where the timing marks are. I checked the balancer for them, but without any success. I checked the shop manual but no pic or mention, where these marks are placed. I assume they should be located on the balancer as there is this spline reaching out of the block on the drivers side next to the balancer ... Could someone therefore please post a pic of where they are hidden and how they do look like as I am afraid there is something quite essential missing. Thanks a lot. J
  2. Noticed that, when the rubber seal had been slipped into the groove of either the cap and over the crankshaft, it is also longer than the groove. Do I need to cut it flush to the surface on the side without the steel back forging, or shall it be left the length it came? I am using a Best Gasket rubber type seal, I got from Fusick... asume it should be the correct one...
  3. Hi, can any one tell me whether the Tri-Chevy hood hinge springs are interchangeable with the ones for a 56 98 or where to get new springs for my car? My 98 is missing the springs and I doubt the that the ole broom stick should be considered a long term solution ... Cheers, J
  4. Thanks a lot! That was exactly the information I was looking for.
  5. Hi, I need to replace the rear main bearing seal on my 324ci Rocket motor. Is it possible to do that leaving the motor in the car or do I really have to remove the moter with the tranny in order to change the seal. Cheers, J
  6. Hi, I need to replace the rear tail shaft seal of my 1956 98 hydramatic "O"-type tranny because it is coating the underside of my car with oil (which prevents from rusting but is not really liked by the police, environmentalists and following cars ...). Does anybody know if this can be done without pulling out the whole engine-tranny unit? Is the real seal put inplace from the inside of the tranny or can it be replaced from the outside like on the 50ies Chryslers? Thanks, J
  7. Hi, I have just replaced an electric fuel pump by the original mechanic fuel/vacuum pump and now am wondering how the original lining for the vacuum lines has been. In the shop manual it just doesn't mention or show the way of the lines as neither where to connect with. I only know that the vacuum is used as a booster for the wiper motor ... If someone could help me out, please feel free to do so... I have the 4GC Rochester installed - just as additional info as I believe the second vacuum line should somehow be connected to it. Thanks, Jan
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