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  1. 1928 Pontiac Instrument Panel, call 717-940-0529.
  2. For Sale: Excellant 1928 Pontiac Instrument Panel with working speedometer and gauges. Call at 717-940-0529 or e-mail at jamesamartin@comcast.net.
  3. I am looking for an ignition switch cylinder and a complete trunk lock mechanism and cylinder for a 1926 Pontiac 6640D Landau Coupe. Does anyone know what might be comparable for either and where to locate either part? Thanks in advance. Jim
  4. I need a trunk lock cylinder and mechanism for a 1926 Pontiac Landau Coupe that I am restoring. Does anyone know where to find either a new, used or compatable mechanism? Thanks, Jim Martin 717-940-0529
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