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  1. I have never had the clutch on the Dodge apart so have "no idea" of the setting up of one BUT I have had exteriance with the multi plate clutch on Fordon model F tractors. In the Fordson the plates stick together when cold like you are saying and they quite often won't work properly until the oil is good and hot. The way to remedy this was to "dish" one set of the plates so that the plates would have a small amount of spring sideways to separate them from each other. If you held a pack of undished plates together and looked at the side of the set they were layered together with no gaps at all
  2. Mal is correct, the early 48-215 Holden was "designed" in the US and the first few prototypes were built and tested in the US but the production was all Australian. It was surposed to have been developed out of a 1940s small Chevrolet design that never even got as far as prototype testing. The earlyest Holden suspension and frame did have some issues with durability (they were prone to cracking on the roads out here at the time) so they were re engineered and the upgraded model (still called 48-215) was released in 1950 with a round front crossmember instead of the square section member on th
  3. I have posted this question on several sites, so you may already have seen it. My brother recently bought a Ford T block at our local swapmeet, and where the "Ford " script is usualy located on the Left hand side of the engine block, there is a raised cast area in the shape of a diamond with "IPCO" spelt out in it <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> and no mention of "Ford" anywhere. we talked to other T people there and no one knew anything about it. It was sugested by one of the posts I put in the US that it may just be one of the aftermarket maker
  4. Thanks Jon, Looks like it's going to remain a mystery, I will keep an eye out though to see if I can spot one on something sometime. Graham
  5. Thanks Jon, Would that make it most likely off a "fast four" ? Graham
  6. I recently bought a job lot of Stewart carby bits and pieces for the Dodgy 4, (mostly cast floatbowl top, but a few with the pressed top), and in the bits is a cast iron throttle body that is straight <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />, not bent at 90 degrees as is all the ones I have seen. Is this an early version, or one off a specialised aplication, or off something other than a Dodge/Graham product. It fits neatly onto the brass section of the carby body and seems to be the same mounting size for everything, just straight. I havn't seen these "
  7. Can anyone tell me where I can get a set of big end and main bearings for a 1936 straight eight 232.3 CI Pontiac ? Do these engines use the same size journals as the other sizes of 1930s 8s Thanks Graham
  8. G'Day from down under. I am contacting you for a friend who has a 1935 straight 8 Pontiac sedan. Holden bodyed (Australian) and generaly in good original order. He needs to replace the water distribution tube in the cylinder block, and was wondering if anyone could tell him the dimensions, and the size of the holes and there positions. When he tried to remove it there was hardly any of it left. He has been told by other Pontiac owners, that they do need them, but they don't know the dimentions and theirs are in their engines. This is the tube that runs through the water jacket and delivers wat
  9. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> Sorry I had no sooner posted this than I found the link to the truck section. If I had realised that it was there I would have posted it there first. I shall have to be more careful. Graham.
  10. I just posted this question in the Dodge Brothers car forum and feel a bit of a goose when I see that there is a special truck section. Oh well, me do'in somthin stupid is nothing new. Anyway. I have a friend with an early 60s Dodge power Giant truck that he is having trouble with. He has done the water pump, and out here can't find a source of either a new pump, or an overhaul kit. He has tryed the local (Australian) Chrysler dealers and the aftermarket people and no one wants to know about it. It is fitted with the 313 polyspherical V8, and has the early(?) type of pump, mounted high on the
  11. G'Day Blokes. Just a line to intro myself. The name is Graham, from Quairading Western Australia. I have been doing a bit of lurking on your site for a fair while now and like what I see. I have an interest in Dodge Brothers cars from the 20s, and have been slowly aquiring parts to restore one once my current project is complete (63 Studebaker GT Hawk) My Dodge bits and pieces are mostly 1924 and 1925 but I still need to find a few body bits, mechanicaly I am mostly there. Anyway, the reason I jumped in now, is I have a friend with an early 60s Dodge power Giant truck that he uses on his farm.
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