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  1. http://I have a 1941 Linciln Continental and think I need the spring shown. Does it hold the horn button in?
  2. Round center in steering wheel on 41 LC will not stay in. What holds it in?
  3. Found on line, there were 350 Cabriolets and 54 Coupes in 1940. On line info suggest the 1940s were all Lincoln Zephyr Continentals, and Lincoln Continentals in 1941. Can any one confirm? Thanks Bruce
  4. Great article on 1940 LC in current The Way of the Zephyr magazine. Article advises 23 LC built in late 1939 and 404 for 1940 model year.(How many were coupes and how many Cabriolets).? How many Lincoln Zephyr were built with the LC style body? Thanks Bruce Nussman 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 XK 120 Jaguar roadster with high performance power train 2004 Corvette convertible
  5. Waldron Last year I mailed you pictures of my 41 LC with vinyl top and pictures of one on a calendar. Please make a copy of build card showing vinyl top over steel top installed at factory and mail to me. Let me know if you receive any different pictures from your post. Bruce Nussman 5627 ST Isabel Dr Jacksonville, Fl 32277 904 744 0670
  6. You are correct. The 1960 292 cu in engine has solid lifters. I run the marvel mystery oil because of the age of engine and supposedly it will lubricate where normal oil will not. Bruce
  7. I assume this is a hydraulic lifter. I have a 1941 LC that has been re powered with a 1960 Ford Y block 292 cu in. engine that had noisy lifters. Marvel mystery oil corrected the problem. For years each time oil is changed I add a quart of mystery motor oil and run it to next oil change. My 1951 XK 120 Jaguar has a 302 Ford v8 and Marvel Mystery oil corrected noisy lifters. Last year a car friend purchased a 1973 Cadillac with noisy lifters and Marvel Mystery oil worked after 50 miles. Good Luck! Bruce
  8. When you replace use a product never seize on threads and nuts. I use on all bolts. nuts, sparkplugs etc. If you coat them with never seize they can easily be removed after years of usage. Bruce Nussman 1941 LC 1951 Jaguar XK 120 roadster with high performance power train 2004 Corvette convertible
  9. In Florida, USA they issue a paper title to owner of car and must be transferred to new owner. When I purchased my 1941 LC in 1982, I phoned the department of motor vehicles jn Florida that issues titles and they were able to give me several previous title owners names and address. Hope they do something similar in Sweden. Good luck! Bruce Nussman 1941LC 1951 Jaguar XK 120 roadster with high performance power train 2004 Corvette Convertiable
  10. Your new project is not a 1942 unless someone has changed grill and bumper. It looks like a 1946 to 1948. Unfortunalty our Mark I Lincoln Continentals do not bring top dollars. You will spend more than its worth to restore. That's ok to if that is what you want. Good luck! Bruce 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 Jaguar XK 120 with high performance Ford power train 2004 Corvette convertiable.
  11. Your cold start problem is probably the accelerator pump. Let the car sit over night, remove air cleaner and work the linkage by hand to see if it pumps gas in the carb. If you do not have gas, the accelerator pump is not working or the gas has drained back out of carb. you mentioned you had installed Lucas Deep Clean.I do not what this is but assume an additive for engine oil. I would add a quart of Marvel Mystery oil to the engine, as they claim this oil will go where regular oil will not. I have had good experience with this product on engines that have not been run for years. If you have any hydroliac valve noise this product will help. Good Luck Bruce 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 Jaguar XK 120 With High performance Ford power train 2004 Corvette Convertible 1966 LC for door convertible (owner 30 years)
  12. Lee Do you know how many Lincolns registered for the show, and how many were pre war? I thought about driving my 1941 Lincoln Continental for the show but had some concern about driving that distance on the interstate with cars passing at 75 to 80 mph. I tried to make a reservation at the hotel for two nights but they had a four night minimum and I did not want to stay that long. When we re painted exterior and re chromed in 2010, we also repainted under carriage which is still nice and clean. I understand you probably had a lot of rain. Bruce Nussman Jacksonville, Fl PS When I sent you pictures of convertable type tops over steel tops last year, you were to send me a copy of build record of the LC you were working on. I would like a copy as you mentioned the build record showed a vinyl top over steel installed at the factory.
  13. Your tail light lense appears to be raised on one end. My 41 LC tail light lense are flat on each end. I have been told both were used on 41LC's. When you find one, make sure it is a raised lense. Good Luck! Bruce Nussman 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster with high performance Ford power train 2004 Corvette Convertable
  14. If the other fender skirt is good, it should show you what is needed. Good luck!
  15. I understand turn signals and push button doors were first offered on my 1941 Lincoln Continental. When were hydraulic brakes introduced? Bruce Nussman 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 Jaguar XK 120 roadster with high performance Ford power train 2004 Corvette convertiable
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