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  1. Your new project is not a 1942 unless someone has changed grill and bumper. It looks like a 1946 to 1948. Unfortunalty our Mark I Lincoln Continentals do not bring top dollars. You will spend more than its worth to restore. That's ok to if that is what you want. Good luck! Bruce 1941 Lincoln Continental 1951 Jaguar XK 120 with high performance Ford power train 2004 Corvette convertiable.
  2. YES! I have had great success with brush using Rustoluem high gloss black to tuch up 41 Lincoln Continental. Also used their red paint to brush on engines and brake calipurs on Corvette. I have seen some old timers brush paint an entire large boat and it looked liked it had been sprayed.
  3. I have a 41 Continental and live in Florida. Years ago I wanted the same information and phoned the Vechile Motor Division at our State Capital. With giving them my title number they were able to reseaech and furnish previous owners names and address. My Continental had been in storage for 25 years and the owner had died. The previous owner to him was very helpful. Hope this will work for you. Good Luck!
  4. I have a 37 page Lincoln Authenticity manual that I ordered from Lincoln Continental owners club years ago. It shows there were two options. (1) all leather; (2)leather and whipcord combination. It also shows leather door panels with the bottom approx 5 Inches in carpet. You can order a copy for the original factory build card from the Ford Muaeum in Deaborn Michigan that will show how the car was built. Cost approx $20.00 It is a nice Item to add to your collection. I re upholstred my 41 Continental, we used a good grade vinal that has leather like grains and most people think it is leather.
  5. My 41 Continental owners manual refers to re pack rear wheel bearings every 5,000 miles. My car has a factory installed 2 speed Columbia rear axle, and I would like to know if axle bearings are oiled from rear axle lube or if it has rear bearings that require repacking. Thanks bruceandpeggy@bellsouth.net
  6. Want to purchase radio antena for my 1941 Lincoln Continental cowl mount, original or repoduction. Bruce Nussman, Jacksonville, Fla 904 744 0670 e-mail bruceandpeggy@bellsouth.net
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