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  1. selling 54 SL trunk lid in good shape.. some rust along bottom most edge, somewhat typical for all 54 trunk lids asking $1000. PM or send an email shea.kevin<at> also have a complete rear quarter and front wheel well shields.
  2. I just listed this valve on Ebay for those interested
  3. I just listed this valve on Ebay for those interested
  4. My 54 buick has a 4 unit gage cluster and all the gages work well except cosmetically as the lettering is yellowing. Calls to restoration shops tell me $600-1500 to restore, silkscreen, etc.. ridiculous. All I want to do is to put some paint on them. I have cleaned them completely and even looked at the paint under a scope. They are not dirty, the paint is just old. can anyone suggest a less costly way to get the white brite color on the gage.. Does someone paint these things? I can't since my hands are not steady.
  5. looking for a gage cluster or gage set for the 54-55. looking to replace what I have since most of the white lettering have yellowed. Looking for a clean brite white set. or, tell me how to repaint the letters with my big fat fingers.
  6. yes is much easier all around if you use a leveler when you remove.. a must with clip on, very helpful with no clip.
  7. Selling a complete set of all windshield reveal moldings for 54-56 small series. These have all been professionally repaired and polished. Ready for immediate installation on a driver or show car. call me 617-484-9471 or email shea.kevin<at>
  8. I have yet to install mine in my 54... with the bracket attached to the fender (55 moved to a body mount) .. doesn't look like much fun.
  9. Just got off the phone with a restoraton guy who told me that BJ had a 40% buyback last year.. meaning that the owners bought their own cars. Is that inflation or a sign of a top to the market.
  10. trying to ID a radiator .. Harrison stamp 41D 3114744 (lower outlet - 3114761).. my parts book stops at 39-40 good shape - tests to 10PSI.
  11. here's a place to start or Brackets to support front disks.. asking them may lead to more answers.
  12. Faust I have the same clip -- the adjustable one. Looks like I can use what you have. How many places did you use this particular clip. where did you use that clip? Kevin
  13. The front spear is the same as the 54 so getting a # would be helpful, or even a picture. what town is the carquest in.. Stoneham is the closest to me. Thanks Kevin
  14. It would be very helpful to take a ton of pictures and post them in a photo bin web site.. that way, everyone can look at them and see for themselves what he has. most people on this site can spot what they need a mile away.
  15. I either ended up with completely rusted clips, broke them off while removing or lost them. Now I need to buy the lot. I have the real small pictures of what I need from the body parts book, but it is hard to compare to what I see in restoration specialist catalog. They want actual units to compare to, not tiny pictures. Has anyone been through this and ended up with a list.. for 40/60 2drHT/convert .. or have found a resource that kits these out. In the catalog they all look the same to me.. My guess is that most anything close to original will work, but I would gladly benefit from anothers' efforts. Does anyone have some samples of what works so that I can copy them.