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  1. Wanted for 1948 Lincoln - mud pan that cover clutch-brake pedals - 1946-1948 is the same. melcarsonhnr@alltel.net 704-847-4215.
  2. 1964 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Sedan for sale - engine & transm complete, trunk lid is rusty - interior poor - good to restore or parts - $1,400 - located Charlotte, NC - melcarsonhnr@alltel.net 704-847-4215.
  3. 1964 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Sedan for sale-body in good shape except for trunk lid-engine and transmission complete-interior poor-good for restoration or parts-$1,400 in Charlotte, NC. melcarsonhnr@alltel.net 704-847-4215.
  4. I am trying to remove front shock absorbers on a 1948 Lincoln Continental. A socket will not fit on the nuts. An open end wrench will fit but will not turn the nuts. Soaking them with penetrating oil now. Anyone know a trick to getting them loose?
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