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  1. They did make different size rim spreaders. Some of the later ones won't open wide enough for the early 24 and 25 inch rims. Some cars had even larger rims. Just be sure what you buy will open up large enough for your wheels. For anyone needing an email, I'll send it tonight when I get home. I don't have that copy on my work computer. I have also seen them with different thread count. The more threads it has on the main shaft, the easier it seems to turn. Slower of course, but easier to turn.
  2. Attached are the original directions from my "Hercules Rim Tool". Hope it is readable, if not let me know and I can email it to you. Basically it's a two step process. The first one is to break the rim open. Second is to shrink the rim.
  3. There is a Tail Light Lens on E-bay (Item # 330408652204 ) that has the original box with it and the box has the early DCPD Logo/Trademark on it. That Trademark is listed ( at least on that Web Site ) as the first one. Just found it interesting and thought I would share.
  4. I found an interesting web site that seems to date this plug to the 1950's. Take a look and read it. Origin of MoPar trademark & Logos
  5. 04mustang, where are you located?
  6. Here are some pictures of a 26 that was on e-bay a while back. I can't advise how correct it all is, but maybe the pictures will help some.
  7. The Company I got my cover from is MarkII. The web site is http://www.markiicovers.com/ It has been longer than I thought since I got my cover, March 2004. If you contact them and they say they don't have the pattern, tell them they have suppied it before. At first they told me no and then e-mailed me back saying they had it. My cover cost around $160 with shipping and storage bag. Price will vary with the type fabric or protection you need. Hope this or the other info from Phil 32DL6 helps.
  8. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between 1921 bows and 1925 bows? If they are the same, I can supply dimensions.
  9. There is a company I ordered mine from that has the pattern. Give me a day or so to find the info. It has been a couple years since I got mine from them. If you are just looking for a cover to use as a dust cover while the car is in the garage, then look at buying one of the inexpensice SUV covers. Othherwise, as soon as I find the info on the company I got my cover from, I'll post it for you.
  10. All I want to say is Thank You Steve Moskowitz for editing imouttahere's post.
  11. The carb float and needle valve on these cars cannot handle the pressure from a fuel pump. They will overflow every time. The pressure from the gravity flow of the vac tank is not enough to open the needle valve. Of course it can leak if it is worn, but get rid of the fuel pump and go back to the Vac Tank. It works fine. Haven't had any problem with mine since I got it working 4 years ago and it is a lot safer than an electric fuel pump.
  12. One of his e-mail addresses doesn't work anymore. Try romardb@zoominternet.net
  13. ROMAR sells the Black Vinyl top material that has the tan/lighter color on the inside. It is the best I have found to match what I think would be original. Also, it is one piece of material, not a separate liner on the inside. You'll have to call and talk to them because it is not in the catalog yet. Romar Inc. 3640 State Route 8 South Titusville, PA 16354 (814) 827-7601 (814) 827-7161 FAX 888-827-7601 ORDERS ONLY romardb@zoominternet.net http://www.geocities.com/romardb/index.html
  14. I am no expert on the electrical system, but maybe one of these wiring diagrams will help. I am not sure which system a 1916 has so here is a 1915 and a 1917. Hope it helps. As for checking the oil, there is a float in the oil pan with a indicator rod coming up thru the block on the drivers side between no.1 and no.2 cylinders. See the attached pictures. Yours may have a round button on top of the rod, mine doesn't. Join the Dodge Brothers Club and feel free to ask more questions.