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  1. Server is back online.
  2. Massive Hardware failure on the Server. Provider is trying to recover it. I am in a holding pattern until they are able to resurrect it. Regards
  3. Now Online! 1936 Packard Twelve Owners Manual 1937 Packard Twelve Owners Manual 1938 Packard Twelve Owners Manual 1939 Packard Twelve and Super Eight Owners Manual Thanks to Walt Haskins for the donation of this content
  4. Now Online! 1933-1936 Packard Eight Parts List (Parts Manual) Thanks to Hobson 'Hobs' Fizette for the donation of this content.
  5. Now Online! 1933 Packard Service Letters (partial set) 1934 Packard Service Letters (partial set) Thanks to Dave Czirr for the donation of this content.
  6. Now Online! 1947 Packard Derham Gulf Oil > Sheik of Kuwait Documents 1947 Packard Derham > President of Lebanon Documents Both of these are a collection of correspondence between Packard, Derham and the ordering agents in regards to specially built 1947 Packard Convertible Sedans bodied my Derham for export to the Middle East. Thanks to both Don Skotty and the CCCA Museum for the donation of these documents.
  7. Now Online! 1945 Service Counselors 1944 Service Counselors 1947 Packard DuPont Paint Chips Thanks to Brian DeBoeck and John Lawrence for the donation of this content.
  8. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1957-1941 Shell Service Charts </span> Thanks to PI San Diego Region for the donation of this content.
  9. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1940 Packard Service Letters 1943 Packard Service Letters</span> 1943 ones are fascinating as they contain factory news of the war-time effort. Enjoy.
  10. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1941 Service Letters</span> Enjoy!
  11. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1938 Service Letters (Complete Set)</span> Enjoy!
  12. Here is a list of everything that is currently in the Literature and Manual archive on the Packardinfo.com website <span style="font-weight: bold">Title</span> 1912 Packard Models and Price List 1914 Packard "1438" Information Book 1916 Twin-Six 1-25 and 1-35 Fact Book 1917 Packard Twin-Six 2-35 and 2-25 Operation Manual 1925-26 Packard Six 326 and 333 Operation Manual 1928 Packard Six 526-533 Owner's Information 1929 "Price List on Packard Approved Accessories" 1929 6th Series Service Manual Part 1 1929-1956 Packard National Automotive Service Data 1930 (7th Series) Packard Eight Owner's Manual 1930 Packard Standard Eight Facts Model 726-733 1930-1932 (7th-9th Series) Packard Service Parts List 1931 Packard Eight Owners Manual 1932-1935 (9th - 12th Series) Wire Diagrams 1933-37 Sherwin-Williams Senior and 120 Paint Codes and Mix Formulas 1934 Accessories Information 1934 Eight and Super Eight Owner's Manual 1935 "The Gateway to Ownership" Brochure 1935-1941 Packard Parts List 1936 14th Series 120 Wire Diagram 1936 14th Series 120, Super Eight, and Twelve Wire Diagrams 1936 Bendix Stromberg Carburetor Parts 1936 Packard 120 Owner's Manual 1936 Service Letters 1937 15th Series 120, Super Eight and Twelve Wire Diagrams 1937 Packard 'Condensed' Shop Manual 1937 Packard "Distinguished Family" Brochure 1937 Packard Sales Folder 1937 Packard Six and 120 Accessories Brochure 1937 Packard Six Operation and Maintenance Data (Owner's Manual) 1937-1949 Packard Bearing Data 1938 16th Series Six, Super Eight, and Twelve Wire Diagrams 1938 Packard Six & Eight Brochure 1938 Packard Six Manual 1939 17th Series Six, Super Eight, and Twelve Wire Diagrams 1939 Packard Eight Owner's Manual 1939 Service Letters 1940 18th Series 110, 120 Wire Diagrams 1940 18th Series 160, 180 Wire Diagrams 1940 Packard 110 and 120 Owners Manual 1940 Packard 160 and 180 Owner's Manual 1940 Packard 160-180 Preliminary Shop Manual 1940 Packard Repair and Tune-Up Guide 1941 110 Special, 110 Deluxe, and 120 Owners Manual 1941 19th Series Wire Diagram (Non-Clipper Models) 1941 19th Series Clipper Wire Diagrams 1941 Dealer Information 1941 Packard A/C Service Manual and Updates 1941 Packard Acme Proxlin Paint Chips 1941 Packard Repair and Tune-Up Guide 1941 Packard Service Letters 1941 Service Repair and Tuneup Booklet 1941 Trade Letter T-3047 1941-1947 Packard Clipper Master Parts Book 1941-1949 Engine Service Manual 1942 (20th Series) Wire Diagrams 1942 Packard Repair and Tune-Up Guide 1942 Service Repair and Tuneup Booklet 1946 Data Book 1946 Packard Service Counselors 1946-1950 Packard Service Manual 1947 21st Series Taxi Wire Diagrams 1947 and prior Carter Fuel Pump Service Procedure 1947 Packard 8 Tube Custom Radio Manual 1947 Packard Clipper Owners Manual 1947 Packard Service Counselors 1947 Wiring Diagram 1947-1956 Service Counselor Set 1947-49 (21st-22nd Series) Packard Repair and Tune-Up Guide 1947-49 Service Repair and Tuneup Booklet 1948 Accessories Brochure 1948 Fact Book 1948 Packard Owner's Manual (1st Edition) 1948 Packard Owner's Manual (3rd Edition) 1948 Packard Service Counselors 1948 Sales Brochure 1948 Service Technical Bulletins 1948-1949 (22nd Series) Paint Chips 1948-1954 Packard Parts List 1948-49 (22nd Series) Taxi and Long Wheel Base Wire Diagram 1948-49 (22nd Series) Wire Diagram 1949 Dealer Accessories Price Book 1949 Golden Anniversary Brochure 1949 Packard Owners Manual 1949 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1949-1951 Ditzler Paint Chips 1949-50 (23rd Series) Wire Diagrams 1950 Acme Proxlin Paint Chips 1950 DuPont Paint Chips 1950 Henney Packard Sales Brochure 1950 Magazine Ad 1950 Packard Kent-Moore Service Tool Guide 1950 Service Counselors 1950 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1950 Show Stopper Sales Folder 1951 24th Series Wire Diagrams 1951 Henney Packard Sales Brochure 1951 January Issue of "Packard News" 1951 Owner's Manual 1951 Packard Accessories Brochure 1951 Packard Annual Report 1951 Packard Operators Manual (Owners Manual) 1951 Packard Pointers No 24 1951 Packard Pointers No. 26 1951 Packard Sales Brochure 1951 Packard Sales Brochure 1951 Packard Service Counselors 1951 Packard's the one for '51 Brochure 1951 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1951-1954 Service Manual 1951-1956 Turn Signal Wire Diagram 1951-52 (24th-25th) Series Factory Production Options 1952 (25th Series) Packard Owners Manual 1952 25th Series Wire Diagram 1952 Ditzler Paint Chips 1952 DuPont Paint Chips 1952 Mechanix Illustrated Tests the '52 Packard 1952 Packard "Show Stopper" Brochure 1952 Packard Brochure 1952 Packard Data Book 1952 Packard Service Counselors 1952 Patrician '400' Brochure 1952 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1953 26th Series Wire Diagrams 1953 Dealer Invitation 1953 Ditzler Paint Chips 1953 Packard 26th Series Operators Manual (Owners Manual) 1953 Packard Road Test 1953 Packard Service Counselors 1953 Sales Brochure 1953 Sales Brochure promoting Ultramatic, Power Steering and Easematic brakes 1953 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1953 Shareholders Invitation Materials 1954 Salesmen Fact Book 1954 54th Series Wire Diagrams 1954 Accessories Brochure 1954 California DMV Registration Card 1954 Clipper Owners Manual 1954 Color Diagram 1954 Ditzler Paint Chips 1954 DuPont Paint Chips 1954 Gear Start Ultramatic Service Training Manual 1954 Invitation to View New Clippers and Packards 1954 Packard Service Counselors 1954 Sales Folder Brochure 1954 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1954 Spring Salon Invitation 1954-55 Studebaker Packard Annual Reports 1955 "Torsion Level" Sales Presentation Letter 1955 55th Series Wire Diagrams 1955 Accessories Booklet 1955 Build Sheet and Production Code Chart 1955 Clipper Motor Road Test Article 1955 Dealer Book 1955 Ditzler Paint Chips 1955 Double Prize Winner Torsion Level Suspension Brochure 1955 DuPont Paint Chips 1955 How Potent is the Packard V8 - HotRod Magazine Article 1955 Packard Motor Trend Article 1955 Packard Owners Survey - September 1955 Popular Mechanics 1955 Packard Radio Service Information 1955 Packard Service Counselors 1955 Patrician Owner's Manual 1955 Rinshed Mason Paint Chips 1955 Rochester 4GC Service Training Manual 1955 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1955 Serviceman's Training Book 1955 Studebaker-Packard Corp Paint Chips 1955 Torsion Level Suspension Brochure 1955-1956 Packard Service Manual 1955-1956 Parts and Accessories List 1955-1956 Torsion Level Wire Diagram 1955-1956 Torsion Suspension Brochure 1955-56 A/C Install Guide 1955-56 Packard Rochester 4GC Service Information 1955-SAE “The New Packard V-8 Engine” 1956 56th Series Wire Diagrams 1956 A Woman's Place 1956 Accessories Booklet 1956 Accessories Brochure 1956 Axle Letter 1956 Build Sheet and Production Code Chart 1956 Clipper Radio Service Information 1956 Ditzler Paint Chips 1956 DuPont Paint Chips 1956 Electro Locks Brochure 1956 Executive Introduction Invitation 1956 Executive Owner's Manual 1956 Executive Sales Brochure 1956 Executive Sales Folder 1956 Fact Book 1956 Packard Accessories Brochure 1956 Packard and Clipper Paint and Upholsteries Dealer Book 1956 Packard Owner's Manual 1956 Packard Sales Folder 1956 Packard Service Counselors 1956 Power Pack - Weekly Salesman Training Vol 10-15 1956 Power Story Brochure 1956 Predictor Dealer Brochure 1956 Preventive Safety Brochure 1956 Rinshed Mason Paint Chips 1956 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) 1956 Smooth Safe Ride Brochure 1956 Studebaker Passenger Car Shop Manual 1956 Studebaker-Packard Corp Paint Chips 1956 Twin Traction Brochure 1957 Packard Clipper and 1955-57 Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog 1957 Packard Clipper Shop Manual Supplement 1957 Packard Clipper Wire Diagrams 1957 Packard Radio Photo Facts 1957-1958 Packard Body Parts Catalog 1957-1960 Studebaker-Packard Service Bulletins 1957-1960 Studebaker-Packard Service Bulletins 1958 "Packard Hawk" Brochure 1958 "The Packard Hardtop" Brochure 1958 "The Packard Sedan" Brochure 1958 "The Packard Station Wagon" Brochure 1958 Packard Wire Diagrams 1958 S/P Service Bulletin #339 4 Barrel Carb Service Training Manual AEA Packard Tune Up & Wiring Diagram Charts Auto Lite Push Button Motor Service Manual Borg Clock Instructions Borg Warner Overdrive Manual Brake Service Manual Carburetor Service Training Manual Carter Carburetor Service Sheets Clutch and Electromatic Clutch Training Manual Clutch and Electromatic Clutch Training Manual Complete Bijur Service Instructions Complete Utltramatic Service Information Copper Nerves - Packard Rewiring Manual Crossing Tradition with Chain Lightning Delco Bendix Starter Service Bulletin EconoDrive Service Training Manual ElectroMatic Clutch Training Manual Engine Diagnostics and Tune-Up Service Training Manual Front Suspension and Steering Training Manual Headlight Relay Upgrade How To: Convert from a Ceramic to Paper Fuel Filter HOW TO: Ranco Heater Valve Seal Replacement HOW TO: Rebuild a Trico Mag-Nu-Matic Washer Pump How To: Rebuilding a Packard Fuel Pump HOW-TO: Adapting a Modern Fuel Sender Ignition Service Training Manual Introducing the Packard Light Eight Jack and Jill in Motor-Car-Land Master Motor Builders Booklet New York Packard pricing for 1938 Online Parts Cross-Reference Database Owners Service Card 2652-2917 Owners Service Card 2672-9732 PA393707 Custom Radio User Guide Packard 24 Cylinder X-Airplane Motor Article Packard Dealer List Added Packard Engine Serial Number Reference Packard Model-Series Progression Chart Packard New Car Retail Delivery Inspection Sheet Packard Partsman's Training Book Packard Radio PA382042 Packard Section from period Motors Manual Packard: The Cormorant, and Goddess of Speed Packards Marine Engine ads from Yachting Magazine Philco PA 416102 - Operating and Installation Instructions Product Review: Evapo-Rust Radio Diagrams and Schematics RHD V8 Packard Roadtest Article Road Test: The Packard '300' Cavalier SAE Torsion Level Engineering Specification Service Management and Selling Training Manual Serviceman's Training Book: Engine Diagnosis and Tune-Up Serviceman's Training Book: New Car Retail Delivery Serviceman's Training Book: Scientific Diagnosis Serviceman's Training Book: Used Car Reconditioning Special 40th anniversary of the Packard, Automotive News Annual The 1941-47 Packard Clipper The Car that Won the Air War Over Europe The Story of a Living Legend Torsion Level System and Load Levelers on American Vehicles Transmission and Overdrive Training Manual Ultramatic Drive Brochure Ultramatic Info from Studebaker STBs Ultramatic Service Training Manual White House Packards
  13. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1939 Service Letters (Complete Set)</span>
  14. <span style="font-weight: bold">Now Online!</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">1936 Service Letters (Complete Set)</span> Enjoy!
  15. A "screw-drive" style garage door opener will not allow the door to fall if a spring breaks on a sectional garage door, but most chain drives will fall as they usually don't have a ratcheting action that locks the carriage in place. Just some added insurance in the future if you ever replace the opener.
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