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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the disassembly of 18" KelseyHaynes wood spoke wheels? I need to interchange the metal center from one wheel to another. These wheels were used on 1930 Studebaker and Pierce Arrow cars. Is that center piece pressed in place? Is it flared over the wood spokes opposite the bolt hole flange after assembly?
  2. Need good side rings (PA #727188) which have lock (PA # 727189) Let me know what you have in the way of 18" side rings...also known as "snap rings" The ones on the car have a profile that matchs Type B in my 10 year old Don Sommer catalog. Also another wood spoked (12)wheel or two are needed.
  3. As mentioned by other members, I may be of some help. By the Serial number we'll be able to give you the year. 1911's S/N's ran from 300 to 588, 1912's S/N's were 589 to 920 or so, 1913 S/N's were 991 thru 1590 and 1914 S/N's are 1591 thru 2098. The engine number would be nice to know as well, but there's always the chance it had been replaced thus we don't use that for year identity. Mercer Associates, for which I keep the Roster of all existing Mercers will be glad to help you with any questions on your car. STAN
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