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  1. Agreed Mike. If he had gone through the lien sale process, he'd be asking a lot more than $10K.
  2. I graduated from Tootsie Toys to Matchbox. The difference in detail to a kid back then was astounding. I was crazy for Matchbox when I was a kid!
  3. $10K is not even fair market value for the car. It's ransom.
  4. If the seller "immediately took down the post" I think you have your answer. My first call would be to the Nevada Highway Patrol (775) 687-5300 before the car is moved again. Greg
  5. If you are correct Mike, that is a sorry state of affairs.
  6. I don't mean to sound alarmist but time is probably of the essence here. I would hate to see this turn into an unpaid storage/lien sale issue. Ken, have you checked Carl's bank statements for any type of automatic debit or cancelled checks that would show a Vegas location? Kind regards, Greg
  7. You just have to be aware of what he's really selling. $3K for a clean title and a legit VIN tag isn't too bad if you happen to have a '68 Charger R/T with a salvage title.... or worse.
  8. I was hoping there may have been another American use for the name that I was unaware of, similar to the Mazda bulbs of that generation. If this car really does have a rearend out of a Mazda, I just..... ugh! Why?
  9. In retrospect, that was not my finest moment nor my best call. I was a neophyte, who should have watched, listened and read much more before judging, then realizing too late my error. I am humbled to be named among this company by you Matt and if I am fortunate enough to count you among my friends, I'm a better man for it. Greg
  10. Very nice, but for the very real legroom issue pointed out by suchan.
  11. Yes, appalling on every level. I comb the southern California craigslist daily and the pricing for the majority of older cars just confounds me. Apparently the economy is tremendously stronger than I'd realized. While a generation ago Latin was taught in high school, now it's remedial English (and arithmetic).
  12. Love the uniforms and themed service stations! CALPET was the place to gas up in 1920's California. This fancy Moorish styled station opened in 1927 on Wiltshire Blvd. CALPET (California Petroleum Company) was eventually bought out by "the man who wears the star".
  13. It's a color change but I think it works pretty well with the design. All good until you open the door and see the "dreaded velour interior", ugh!
  14. I'm not familiar with the Mazda rearend. Surely they don't mean a Japanese Mazda?
  15. A complete nard... until you see the four speed.
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