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  1. Hard to see in the screen capture, but the same amount of letters as DODGE. Easy mistake.
  2. I'd say the wedged ends makes them appear to be more of a spreader tool rather than a compressor. Is the tool fully open in your pic Dave? How far apart are the ends when fully open? Cheers, Greg
  3. DPCD still offered a choice of black fenders with a colored body in 1938 but it was a cost delete offering for the very frugal Dodge and Plymouth buyers rather than a two color paint enhancement. Whenever I see a 30's era car with black fenders, especially a higher end model, it always reminds me of this. I think many today are not aware of this reasoning behind the black fenders, so they paint their cars like that thinking it looks upgraded, but the message in the 30's would have been much different.
  4. ugh! How frustrating! Well, repainting the hood shouldn't be too costly. Nice car.
  5. I agree, the brilliant LED strobes would probably come off as very distracting and gaudy rather than subtle, like a covered headlamp or a small flag.
  6. Yes, Phil, I found several of those as well when I searched the purple lights.
  7. I stumbled across an article recently that detailed this use of purple colored lights on hearses and funeral procession cars in the US and Canada. Somehow this bit of historical info had escaped me for all these years, although California statutes also recognize and allow it, for decades apparently. Historically purple lights have been associated with funeral processions in many states. I've since found many vintage examples of rotating beacons, loli-pop style flashers, purple sealed beams and headlamp covers designed for the final ride. All pretty interesting. Of course today the u
  8. This ad has been running sporadically for over a year. It has popped up again on the LA CL just last week.
  9. I can tolerate the whitewalls, it's the cringe-worthy, denim clad "time out dolls" that make my skin crawl. I enjoy every era of car at every show I visit, but when I see one of those..... things, I give the car and especially the owner a wide berth. If you're not really sure and feel you need a way to gauge whether or not you're a loser, this is the perfect yard stick. And please, spare me the nonsense of how this idiosyncratic weirdness helps to get the wives involved in the male dominated car hobby. It's simply not true. I bring my wife to many car shows. She thinks they
  10. I would also consider trading this engine for something interesting, and of similar value.
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