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    Cars of course! I've owned approximately 200 cars over the last 42 years. Many vintage, lots of mid-century muscle, about 45 of them were Corvettes. I was one of the original Moderators on I do almost all my own work. Complete frame off restorations are my favorite hobby. Spent about 26 years as an ASE certified top flight tech (glorified term for mechanic), mostly with the General but also with Ford and Chrysler. Moved to sunny Palm Springs about 16 years ago and now own a bar/restaurant there.

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  1. There's no replacement for displacement.
  2. The steering wheel is so high it looks as though that girl would be looking through it rather than over it.
  3. How about "Blazing Saddles" today?!
  4. I came across this site that says this very same car sold at auction in 2018 for $110,000.,24585/1931-chrysler-series-cd.aspx I am not familiar with this auction site. Could this be accurate information? Greg
  5. Leftover frame... Does that mean there are only 10 remaining now?
  6. I'm afraid I can't supply you with the correct answer but that is certainly an interesting question. Great looking car.
  7. Yes, I'm sure it was a sad end for those involved.
  8. K8096, Very interesting post. It seems the rules for what is, isn't and was are very fluid and open to more than a little interpretation. Being "in" and then being "out" would certainly be a hard pill to swallow. G.
  9. fbg, This is a great looking car with nice history and documentation. Price seems fair as well. Have you posted it over at Almost half a million Corvette enthusiasts there. I'm sure it will find a home quickly. Good luck, Greg