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    Cars of course! I've owned approximately 200 cars over the last 42 years. Many vintage, lots of mid-century muscle, about 45 of them were Corvettes. I was one of the original Moderators on I do almost all my own work. Complete frame off restorations are my favorite hobby. Spent about 26 years as an ASE certified top flight tech (glorified term for mechanic), mostly with the General but also with Ford and Chrysler. Moved to sunny Palm Springs about 16 years ago and now own a bar/restaurant there.

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  1. uuuuuh.... "Why can't we get more young people interested in this hobby?" With the exception of Gunsmoke and keiser's comments, this thread is a perfect example of "why".
  2. Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts offers the original style coil for 1935-42 Plymouth, but they're pretty dear at $250.
  3. While I realize that cars like this one can be very polarizing and I generally prefer a more original version, I can also appreciate the work that went into this project. You may need to consider what he had to start with. Perhaps a very incomplete car. It's funny, every auto forum I belong to, has a thread asking why it's so difficult to draw new people to the hobby, yet when a car like this one, that doesn't fit the rigid guidelines already in place, comes along, there seems to be a pretty cold welcome for them. Same was the case last month for the early Chevrolet electric conversion someone linked to. I thought that one was quite innovative. I like this Pontiac. And I'll bet it gets a nice big thumbs up at every traffic light. Flame away. Greg
  4. I ordered a Number 29- Beef & Broccoli with fried rice. These guys are relentless......
  5. More than half a century later and it's still the coolest car around.
  6. Ugh! Right again John.😉 I should probably watch the movie again before I post any further....
  7. You are right John. I just don't recall if that scene was in the DeSoto cab or in Johnny Friendly's Cadillac.
  8. Made me think of the famous scene with Brando/Stieger in On the Waterfront (1954). I can't remember if the were in the Cadillac or the DeSoto taxi.
  9. I used to be a "wrangler" for TV and motion pictures. Supplied a lot of contact's cars and some of my own. Movies, television shows, commercials, music videos. And, as stated here earlier, it is quite literally hours and hours of extreme boredom, standing around....waiting for the 32 takes of the same car rolling into the same driveway, for 5 seconds of on film action....only to find when the perfect shot is finally captured in take 32 at midnight, some diligent PA views the rushes and notices what looks suspiciously like a booger peeking out of the nostril of the actor. "Wrap it up til 6am and we'll re-shoot it then".....ugh! The first thing to understand is, while movie people are omnipotent, they are not car people. With few exceptions, they are extremely hard on cars and have little regard for the owner's feelings or post-production whining about damages. Every prop used is just that, a prop. And nobody (besides the prop master, and he only cares about his own props) cares about any prop, anywhere, any time, ever. I pretty much handcuffed myself to any car I supplied for the entire time of the shoot to keep the cars safe from the scores of PA's and others "below the line" who just assumed they could use treat the cars as a hay bale (which is/was common terminology for cars). A minor but infinitely annoying peeve of mine, was the use of "dullers" on paint and chrome.This is a very common practice to avoid glare and/or reflections and the medium generally used is simple hair spray. Again, ugh! I was never at a loss to find people willing to offer their cars at absolutely no cost to the industry, just to be able to say "My car was in a movie!" But, honestly, nobody is making any more car movies like Bullitt, Gone In 60 Seconds, Smokey and the Bandit, Christine or even The Love Bug. If you decide to offer your car, my strong advice is to prepare for at least 4 times the amount of time you are told at first. Bring a good book. And never let your car out of your sight. Greg
  10. This seems like a smokin' deal. Should find a new home quickly at this price.
  11. Agreed RC, there are many in the greater Los Angeles area for $10K or less. (most seem to need a brake job )