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  1. I agree CB. I've attended and entered many car shows and find that many people who come to browse are not really "car people". Old and young alike, they are just the curious public and usually pretty friendly. I've never been offended by any question that the uninitiated may ask, including "How much is it worth?" I think it's a commonly asked question because people are truly interested and/or curious if their future could include one of these cars. I will always tell people who ask the approximate value of whichever car I'm displaying. I enjoy this interaction, even if I have to a
  2. An unusual car indeed. The flat paint looks almost industrial or military even. What is the purpose of holes above the steps? What are the two stanchions in front of the grill?
  3. ....and every root cellar or long forgotten sub-basement passage is categorical proof that "Al Capone slept here". Every one of the lower 48 claims this falsehood in one form or another. Southern California is the guiltiest for harboring false celebrity stories of car ownership, tryst related homes, etc. (Gable and Lombard honeymooned in at least 400 different houses here in California alone). If one were to believe all the stories connected to tunnels and Mr. Capone you'd have to believe that he spent most of his life as a mole, just digging, digging, digging..... when woul
  4. That listing is a good example of why one shouldn't drunk text old high school girlfriends late at night nor list cars for sale when hung over. Both turn out to be bad ideas in the sober light of day.
  5. Interesting car but pretty limited usability/return on investment. No funeral home is gonna bite at $100K.
  6. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/d/ontario-1937-cadillac-lasalle/7251812631.html restored 15 years ago.orginal drive train flathead v8 3 speed tranny.new glass ,rechromed bumpers,painted 10 years ago minor scraches dents misc.parts ,books ect.califorina car daily driver Larry (909) 935-6609
  7. Engine is a common 70's era Chevrolet 350 used in many cars and pickup trucks. Stamped numbers on the front, just below the passenger side cylinder head can determine its original use and if there's any more than normal value. Transmission is also Chevrolet, Turbo 350. Again very common. $75-$150 as a rebuildable core.
  8. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/d/escondido-1932-buick-57s-sedan/7265358927.html 1932 Buick 50 Series Special Sedan with dual side mounts. Straight 8 engine has recent valve job with hardened valve seats and new rings. Runs good. Beautiful paint and interior. All glass was changed out to safety glass. No rust, none, nada. This car has that Wow factor that makes people stop, smile and wave. Be the hit of anywhere you go driving this car. Reply by email only: 479519a6fe0130bd88a658cba096925e@sale.craigslist.org
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