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    Cars of course! I've owned approximately 200 cars over the last 42 years. Many vintage, lots of mid-century muscle, about 45 of them were Corvettes. I was one of the original Moderators on I do almost all my own work. Complete frame off restorations are my favorite hobby. Spent about 26 years as an ASE certified top flight tech (glorified term for mechanic), mostly with the General but also with Ford and Chrysler. Moved to sunny Palm Springs about 16 years ago and now own a bar/restaurant there.

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  1. GregLaR

    Help with card ID (1960s British?)

    One of my aunts had a Valiant like this back in the mid 60's. It was only a couple of years old but I remember thinking then, even as a kid, that it looked horribly dated. And while the Chevy II and Falcon were reasonably plain counterparts to the Valiant, at least they didn't have these atavistic wings, angles and lines that had fallen out of favor by the early 60's.
  2. The spire was the coolest part of the building.
  3. Wow, the Mr. Norm's is a heartbreaker. A sad reminder of a once proud history.
  4. GregLaR

    FS 1965 Corvette Coupe

    This looks like an L-75 car. Price seems pretty fair to me.
  5. GregLaR

    1961, 1964 and 1965 Chevrolet Factory Literature

    Brochures arrived. Very nice condition Thanks again Russ.
  6. "crooked politicians" The American labor movement has been rife with corruption almost since inception. And, according to " is still plagued by rampant corruption, embezzlement, racketeering and influence from numerous organized crime organizations. From penny-ante theft to multi-million dollar embezzlement schemes, labor leaders continue to violate the trust of the members they claim to represent." Hardly paragons of virtue for the down-trodden worker. Here is a good read. It's a link to the list of the top ten union corruption stories of the year. Everybody's union reps are there; the UAW, Longshoremen, Boilermakers, etc.
  7. Idle hands 😄
  8. Time for a reality check....and maybe a calendar and calculator. The 40 hour work week was initiated by Ford in 1926. ....almost a hundred years ago. Unions were needed and made necessary improvements. But then they outlived their usefulness and became bloated hogs at the trough. The retirement benefits for this Oshawa plant is a prime example. $3,500 per month for the said 1,300 employees = $4,550,000 per month. That's $4.5 Million.....per month, for the rest of their lives. 1,300 $20,000 car vouchers = $26,000,000. Yes $26 Million. And 1,300 lump payments of $50,000 = $65,000,000. Another $65 Million. That's just about a hundred million dollars..... in the first month alone. It is crystal clear to me why GM is closing this plant.
  9. An excellent article. I think the author is spot on. Reminds one of Hyman Roth's comment to Michael Coleone in Godfather II: "We're bigger than US Steel" a bold statement in 1958. And where is US Steel today? A far cry from the the Fortune 500 company it was 60 years ago.
  10. GregLaR

    Cal 1920

    Interesting point Oz. I wonder if the camera might not have been secured in place and a triple exposure was shot with the same model in different spots for the final result? The area where the puddle is looks to have been touched up in the final image.
  11. This is one of the most asinine union rep statements I have ever read: "It may not be profitable, but it certainly wouldn't cause them any sort of deep economic harm," said (union president) Dais." A blind child of 6 could see that no company could be expected to keep going without making a profit. "The company also said about half of the 2,600 hourly workers are eligible for a pension. Retirement benefits include about $3,500 a month, a $20,000 car voucher, and a lump sum payment of about $50,000, said Paterson." With benefits like these it's no wonder the well went dry. I think many are blind to the fact that no matter how large a corporation is, there is still only so much money. They blame "corporate greed" but the real problem is the unions with their draconian strangle hold on corporations and their never-ending pressure for "more". Didn't they learn anything from the bailout that initiated in '08? Too many golden parachutes.
  12. GregLaR

    1920 open drive limo - or taxi cab?

    I think my monitor was drunk when I looked at the photo this morning. 😄
  13. GregLaR

    1920 open drive limo - or taxi cab?

    LHD with no right hand door. Didn't someone have a thread here last year on a similar barn find car? Perhaps it was only the body?
  14. GregLaR

    1937 Rolls Royce

    Agreed. Not one of RR's finer examples.
  15. GregLaR

    Cal 1920

    Ageed. I'm sure they're triplets.