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    Cars of course! I've owned approximately 200 cars over the last 42 years. Many vintage, lots of mid-century muscle, about 45 of them were Corvettes. I was one of the original Moderators on corvetteforum.com. I do almost all my own work. Complete frame off restorations are my favorite hobby. Spent about 26 years as an ASE certified top flight tech (glorified term for mechanic), mostly with the General but also with Ford and Chrysler. Moved to sunny Palm Springs about 16 years ago and now own a bar/restaurant there.

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  1. Loud and clear James. I remember one of my uncles bought a new Eldorado in '68. The car was a knockout but what sticks in my mind most is everyone commenting on the flat floor, it looked so stange after years of drive shaft tunnels. As for the '66/'67 Toronado, I remember seeing an ad way back when and it and it labled the marque correctly as "The car with the science fiction styling".
  2. Yes, he did. Even to his detriment. If you look close in some of his movies, you'll see he wears a prosthetic on his hand to hide the two fingers he's missing. They were lost when a prop bomb went off in his hand while filming.
  3. I don't know which is better, your fabrication work or your video quality. 😄
  4. I like this stencil idea. Very affordable too.
  5. I see a vintage car behind the glass Ed. Is this building privately owned today or is there still some type of business run there?
  6. I'm easy. 1937 & 38 Buicks do it for me. Prefer the Century but a Special is just fine.
  7. Excellent stuff Walt. The trailer is over the top! I particularly like the blue sedan. I assume both sedans had headlamps at one time. Are they still available out there anywhere, or lost to the sands of time?
  8. Well, Walt and I have been chatting over at the water cooler about toys and stuff so now I'm playing "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" with him. This is not an actual "model" but in 1964 when I was a kid, Marx came out with the Big Bruiser Tow Truck. I would watch their black and white TV commercials in awed silence, without blinking. Complete with a working crane, flashing red light, even another vehicle that could be "wrecked" and towed by Big Bruiser, this was the coolest toy known to mankind and I knew they had designed it just for me! For reasons beyond my comprehen
  9. I have been hunting, on and off, for a '37 or '38 Buick for years. Just waiting to stumble onto the right one at the right time. I always kind of expected it would probably be black. But after seeing this car I have to say, for me personally, it is the sharpest example I have seen. I usually shy away from brighter or incorrect colors for this era but this combination is stunning. I would love to own this car.
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