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  1. Good grief. Again, I don't think anyone would make a correlation between the steering capabilities of an airplane and those of a car. There have been many production 3 wheeled cars built, Morgan, Renault, Messerschmitt, the newer Polaris, etc. and they've all opted for front steering. Here is a good video showing what an abysmal failure the Dymaxion, was with it's rear steering. Interestingly, the driver does mention that it compares with the sluggishness of both a rear tiller boat and a tail dragger of an airplane.
  2. MTB has played on my stage. Super nice guys.
  3. I imagine it would be terrifying with a longer wheel base at highway speeds. Have you ever tried driving your car in reverse at higher speed, say even 30-35 mph? Control is pretty quickly lost. I'm no engineer but I believe if it was feasible for anything more than a novelty/specialty vehicle, someone would have produced it by now.
  4. Hmmm? It appears you are correct Frank. I missed that. It was just a screen capture of "Bullitt Green Volkswagen" images. Perhaps someone was reliving the moment complete with the green Volks? However, the car does appear at least half a dozen times on different streets in different blocks throughout the chase scene travelling both directions and in cross traffic. Cheers, Greg
  5. Beautiful car! IMCDB seems to think it's a Springfield Ghost and that the disc wheels are unusual for this year. Slim chance, but it would be great if it were still out there somewhere.
  6. You are correct on the color Terry. In a year that offered such great name choices as Peacock Blue and Sunset Coral this delightful color has the very unimaginative name of "Thunderbird Green".
  7. Hmmmm? I think it's fair to say that boats and airplanes both work and steer on a much different principle than cars. One only has to drive a forklift a very short distance to understand how quickly the formula changes for a terra-bound vehicle when comparing front to rear steering. The true reason cars "steer by the front wheels" is completely a matter of control. I don't understand the reference to steering and a horse pulling a car? Unless this is being confused with the old argument of front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive and the image of a horse pushing a cart as opposed to pulling the cart.
  8. Disney?! It would probably garner an OC rating today.
  9. It is incredible to think that a vehicle this unique has simply been lost to the sands of time. The idea of rear steering is less than comforting.
  10. Yes, I remember the Austin as well. I'm very surprised no one has done anything with this Packard after this much time. Too bad.
  11. Hmmm? Hard to say. It's a nice body style, agree price might be a touch high for a 110. Personally the car just screams "Dullsville" to me, with the dark gray paint, tan roof and black wall tires. It's just about as unexciting a combination as one could imagine for an otherwise nice car.
  12. I find it helps if you yell "WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! repeatedly and very loudly while shaking your fist at the TV. Netflix is minefield of gargantuan historical "anomalies", automotive and otherwise. My latest bane is the newly coined "OC" movie rating for the "Outdated Cultural Depiction" warning. Which, strangely, most Disney movies seem to have garnered. I'm certain Walt has turned in his grave.
  13. Is this car sitting outside of a repair shop? I believe a pic was posted of it here a few years ago. Maybe it should be rescued.
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