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  1. It needs to be in a street rod. 😄
  2. Odd, that Buick appears to have been abandoned after only five years.
  3. This is probably the only newer model that appeals to me. 😄
  4. The car at the scene doesn't appear to have a front license plate.
  5. What would the purpose of such a plate protector be? Not protection from the elements certainly. Maybe theft deterrent?
  6. Thanks Grandpa. This is interesting. So I wonder if the two sets of parking lights worked independent of each other (which would require an additional switch I suppose) or if they both illuminated together?
  7. I think it turned out terrific! All you need now is a Brian Hyland CD.
  8. What was the purpose of the cowl lamps if the car already had park lamps beneath the headlamps?
  9. mike, Your link to the Van Ness Auto Row shows some magnificent dealerships! Thanks for the share.
  10. The park lamps below the headlamps is rather prophetic for a car this early.
  11. Magnum PI has got nothing on you Grandpa! 😄
  12. That is a nice showroom. I wonder where it was? Maybe if someone knew who White or Humphries were?