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  1. will the 66' Skylark engine fan shroud fit a 67' skylark 300ci engine?Are they the same? Thanks.
  2. Ignition was off by one tooth, put the engine at TDC and ignition on the #1 spark plug. Started it and adjusted to 2 1/2 BTC, it started to run rough like before. Adjusted to 15 BTC and runs and starts smooth. Seems it's time for the timing chain to go.When replacing the timing chain and sprockets is there anything else I might consider changing?Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the pic, that's what I needed to verify.Now I'll take the engine to TDC. By the way from what book did that pic came from?
  4. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">300 firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Cyl #'s 1-3-5-7- Front to rear left bank cyl #'s 2-4-6-8 Front to rear right bank Distributer # 1111158 Timing, Crankshaft Degrees before U.D.C. (WITH VACUUM HOSE DISCONNECTED AND ENGINE IDLING) 2- 1/2 Start ADvance@ RPM 550-750 Medium Advance, Degrees @ RPM 12-16 @ 1400 Max Advance, Degrees @ RPM 30-34 @ 4600 Vac Advance, Crankshaft Degrees and Inches of Vac Start Advance, @ In. of Vacuum 6-8 Max Advance, Degrees @ In. of Vacuum 14-18 @ 16 Spark Plug Gap .035 Type 44S Dwell Angle 30 degrees breaker gap .016" </div></div>NOW we are getting some where. Ok when you refer to left bank and right bank, which is passenger and which is driver side? Do you know, not on the engine but on the distributor cap which is the place for the #1 spark plug wire, where should the firing order start? The thing is I am going to check the engine at TDC and make sure the cables are where they are supposed to be.Thanks for all the info.
  5. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If the 300 is based on the 340 engine (and I think it is) then the #1 plug is the first plug on the PASSENGER side of the engine. Most other GM V-8s have #1 on the driver's side. Joe </div></div>Now I am really cofused
  6. Can someone tell me where the number 1 spark plug cable should be exactly located on the distributor cap?Also there is a 66' 300ci 4bbl intake manifold for sale but I notice that there isn't a rear heater water inlet on it, will this fit a 67' 300ci engine?
  7. OK, lets start at the begining what is the rotation order on the distributor cap is it 1843657? Also if I where looking at the distributor cap directly straight at the points adjustment window where should #1 plug cable be? Pics would be helpful.Thanks
  8. I first eliminated the points condenser and installed an accel points eliminator, it worked perfectly. After eliminating the points I first decided to check the timing it was passed 15ºBTC, it ran sluggish but it started just fine, cold or hot. I proceeded to set it at 2 1/2ºBTC and thats when all my troubles started. All the problem is that cold or hot it will not start as fast as when it was at over 15ºBTC. Can it be that for some reason the distributor was removed and not set at Top Dead Center? It might be wrongly set and when I set it at 2 1/2ºBTC it might actually be higher? Can this be possible? Sorry for all the questions but I am a Buick newbie . If I had to remove the distributor and set it a TDC, do I have to do anything different than any other engine or is it as simple as a chevy engine?Thanks again!
  9. I am talking about excesive turnover, and when it starts it runs rough for about 30 second then it idles great.
  10. I have not cleaned the radiator that might help but how about the hard starting? The plugs are new, and yes I disconnected the vacuum advance.Just to make sure 2 1/2 is between 0 and the 5 mark on the timing cover right?
  11. I recently check the timing on my 300ci engine. I turned it to 2 1/2 B.T.C at idle like the owners manual says.It made a difference in that it responds much quicker, however it seems to run a little hot and startups are rougher(more starter whinning).Is 2 1/2 BTC a good timing point for the 300ci or should I change it? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  12. I have a 300ci engine on my buick , the only way I would change it is that I find a 350ci, 400ci or the mighty 455ci.There is no way I'll put a chevy in my Buick!
  13. Seems everybody only sells the flex hose. I am not looking for a show quality hose just want to remove the flex hose it has, don't care if it's an aftermarket part or not.Thanks anyway I'll keep looking. IS the 340ci upper rad. hose the same for the 300ci? P.S. sweet ride Dans 77 Limited, now that's a show car!