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  1. I do not have a phone number for Garyl Turley. Street address is: 1112 W. 34th Circle N, Wichita, KS 67204-4270. You might find the phone number in the White Pages. I know he has a number of early DB speedometers as a friend from Australia was here this summer and got a JM Speedometer from him and that he had a number of speedometers-350 as I recall.
  2. Try Garyl Turley in Wichita KS. Email: reobasket@aol.com
  3. John Parsons had an early NOS split rim. I had scrapings from it analyzed by X-Ray spectscrospy and it showed it was Zinc(galvanized) I did not know this when I restored my '16 so I used 1 Part by volume of Rustoleum Navy Grey # 975 and 4 parts Rustoleum Aluminum # 470, The grey kills the aluminum sheen which does not look right on the rims. Jack Carpenter.
  4. Try Restoration Supply in CA or Ron Francis Wiring. Jack
  5. I have reproduced the window bumpers for the '31 DH. These go on the bottom of the inside window frame. $ 5 each plus the shipping. Jack Carpenter
  6. I have just made the window bumpers for a '31 DH. Fit on inside window frame. nelsoncarpenter@charter.net
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have been to AU several times. At the FIVA Rallye in Tas. in 1993 I met a man by the name of (Cody?)Johnson from WA. He drove his ca. '25 DB all the way across and then the overnight ferry to Tas. 2500 miles one way. Broke the crankshaft in Melbourne. Put a new one in without removing the engine. I also know DB owners in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Do you belong to the Dodge Bros. Club? A great group and 6 magazines a year with free buy/sell ads. Jack Carpenter DB Club member # 7.
  8. Rex: I live in Conover, NC and have a '29 DA Sport Roadster-dual side mounts. I would be glad to have you visit. T Jack Carpenter, DB Club member # 7. email: nelsoncarpenter@ charter.net
  9. If you need the little rubber bumpers that keep the window glass from hitting the inside window frame, I have them, T. Jack Carpenter. nelsoncarpenter@charter.net
  10. Join the Dodge Brothers Club.$ 25 a year-6 issues of magazine. Contact Lester Hoffmann, Dodge Bros. Club. P.O. Box1648, Cambridge, OH 43725
  11. I had no key for the glove box on my '16. I made one by inserting a thin piece of rectsangular lead in the keyhole and repeatedly turning lightly it to see where the notches for the key had to be.
  12. This may help to narrow the S/N down: S/N 20,000 Eliminate hand holes in block S/N 34069 Vacuum tank used S/N 37445 End of 6 button light switch S/N 63361 Eliminate cone clutch. Jack Carpenter
  13. Lang's Model T parts sells windshield frames(the part the glass fits into). Their 1913-1914 Frame is the same shape as a 15-16 DB but it is too wide and requires cutting and splicing. Curvature of corners is same as DB.Only source I know of. You should contact them for dimensions as it has been several years since I was involved in this. 1-800-872-7871 MA You might ask them for a catalog which shows the pictures of the various frames they have. Jack
  14. Graves Plating in Alabama(?) did a good job on nickel plating for me.
  15. Two '49 Dodge reproduction gearshift knobs for sale. Original Tan color. $25ea .ppd nelsoncarpenter@charter.net
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