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  1. Summer has started to arrive in England and in preperation for warmer weather in Jul (maybe) checked the AC system and found a leak in the high pressure line. Two years ago had the AC converted from Freon 12 to Freon 134. Have look under the hood for a sticker that shows how much R 12 the system requires but none is to be found. Hence I am at a lost as how much Freon should be added to the system.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> <o:p>Please provide the number of ounces or the number of grams of R134 that should be added to the system to achive maximum cooling.</o:p><o:p> </o:p> <o:p> Thanks in advance for the help.</o:p> <o:p>Cheers,</o:p> <o:p>Majmx</o:p> <o:p>Suffolk England</o:p>
  2. Dwight; Did you wash and wax your TC before before you took the pictures? That is sure a great reflection off the hood of the vehicle. In the first and second pictures you can see the detail of the house on either side of the street. Great looking paint job! However, like Bob and TC 89 I will stick with the orginal paint configuration. Cheers, Bob
  3. TC Toy and Tony T; Thanks you both for postings replies. Apologies for not answering the mail soon but have been busy this past week. Now the weekend is almost gone, at least in the UK, I thought it best to review the form and see what was happening. Tony, the radio you purchased would you please provide me make and if possible the model of the radio you have installed. Working in the UK I do all my ordering on line and calling a vendor in the states at time get a little frustrating for they seldom are able to tell me if the product I am inquiring about will be a plug and play unit. Hence the request for make and model of the units that works in your TC. Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers, Bob Suffolk England
  4. Happy New Year!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Well it was a sad finish to 2010 for after almost 21 years the original Infinity radio in my 89 TC 2.2 finally stopped working. The good news is the TC thus far in 2011 is working fine. Of course I have not driven it in two days so Monday 3 Jan 2011 may be another story.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Have removed the original Infinity from the vehicle and now must decide whether to have it repaired, providing I can find repair manual/repair shop, or with your help find out what make and model radio will plug directly into the original wiring harness that powered the Infinity radio.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> All suggestion would be appreciated. Cheers, Bob<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Suffolk England
  5. Hello Dwigth; I hope you had success with LouZ procedure that Pizzaman provided. I have been through a similar problem with my 89 TC. You might want to also check the two fuses that are located in an electrical box in the engine compartment at the forward side of the right splash shield. Since the car came out of Florida there is a chance these two fuses might be blown. Take care in opening the black plastic cover of this electrical box. I will send, to your email address, the latest addition of the TC Club news letter has a brake article you might find interesting. Best of luck in finding the fault with your 89 TC's brakes. Happy New Year! Cheers, Majmx Suffolk, England
  6. Greetings; Imperial North reference your comments about "how unique the TC is." Did you happen to see the Novermber issue of Motor Trend page 12 where Angus Machenzie in his article Promise Fulfilled made a remark about the TC. It appears he has a different view about the TC. Cheers, Bob Suffolk England
  7. Greetings; Have sent you a PM on door locks. Cheers, Bob Steele Suffolk UK
  8. Allen; I sent you a PM. Cheers, Bob S Suffolk UK
  9. Greeting from the Uk; I drive my 89 TC 2.2L daily. Yes I have had head a gasket problem and break problems with the car since it arrived in the UK. However it 20 year old and I enjoy keeping her running. My car has 85,000 miles and I figure I can run it for another 20,000 miles with out having to many problems. Best of luck selecting your TC. Cheers, Bob Suffolk England
  10. Good News is always appreciated. Glad all worked out. Cheers, Bob Mildenhall UK
  11. Todd; Sent you an email to your home email account. Cheers, Bob
  12. Greetings Roger; I had a similar problem with my 89. After doing extensive trouble shooting using the blue cover service manual I replaced the fan relay and the temp sensor. This did not solve the problem. At this point I decided to take the car to certified Chrysler dealer and ask for advice. Explained to the mechanic about the trouble I was having. He asked me to open the hood and then pointed to my positive lead on the battery. It appears that Chrysler had problems with the red fusible link in the wire bundle containing all the fusible link which is located just aft of the battery. The red fusible link would separate from the main fusible link connection. To reconnect power to the red fusible link they ran a wire from the positive terminal connection and spliced it to the end of the red fusible link. After reconnecting the red fusible link to the positive terminal the fan works like new. Good luck with the trouble shooting. Cheers, Bob Mildenhall Suffolk England
  13. Hello Sue; Just went through this overheating without the fan not running when it reach about 212 degrees. I replace the sensor on the radiator housing, and also the fan relay on the left strut housing all to no avail. What I discovered was I had a fusible link that was broken. I determined this because I was not able to get the A/C Compressor to engage when I pushed the AC button located on the left side of the heater/AC control pane. If you are not able to get the AC compressor to run when you depress the AC control button you might have a fusible link that is bad. On my 89 2.2 the fusible links are located just below the radiator fan control relay located on the left strut tower. It is my understanding the orange link on the outside of the master fusible link plug was notorious for breaking at the plug head. Hence the work around used by some Chrysler mechanics was to run a wire from the positive terminal of the battery and connect it via a splice to the end of the orange fusible link broke off from the master fusible link plug. Hope this helps. Cheers, Bob Steele TC America Suffolk England
  14. When the temperature gauge indicator is between the ¼ and the ½ marks the radiator fan does not turn on. <O:p</O:p Have disconnected the electrical leads coming off the fan motor and direct wired the motor to the battery and the fan runs without a problem.<O:p></O:p> With the temperature gauge reading at the ½ mark plug the fan motor back into the factory installed electrical connection. Then disconnected the electrical connection from the coolant temperature sensor located in the thermostat housing. The fan did not come on. Reconnected the coolant temperature sensor and next replaced the fan control relay located on the left strut tower with new Chrysler relay. This remove and replace action did not cause the radiator fan to turn even though the temperature gauge was still reading between the ½ and ¼ mark. Any suggestions on what the next trouble shooting step should be would be appreciated. Cheers, Bob
  15. Marty14; Did you sell the center console top? If not what is the price? Cheers, Bob
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