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  1. Thanks Dave. Whether you have the numbers backward or not, you still answered one of my questions. The 6cyl tranny won't work with 8cyl.
  2. Thanks for the input. Your 100 looks good.
  3. I have heard that a powerglide transmission is versital in that it can be connected to either a six or eight cylinder engine. Is that true? I have a 1962 Nova with an aluminum case powerglide connected to a 194 6cyl. The transmission has started slipping and I was wondering if it would be cost wise to rebuilt this one or replace it with one that is a low mileage rebuild?
  4. I was wondering if adding a power booster to a car with drum brakes would make a significant difference in braking from the current set up of just drums?
  5. I have the 400 series moulding for a four door. It is comprised of 3/4" moulding from front to back with 1/2" moulding starting from the center of the front doors and running to the back. I have come across several types of clips that looked correct but I'm not sure if they will fit. Do any of you have a favorite vendor for purchasing fasteners? Any help would be greatly appreciated.