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  1. 1956 Buick Century 4 Door Hardtop, Only 73K Miles (Not verified) Mostly a Super Nice Garaged Survivor that I drive every two weeks or so It runs very well and I have just put it on Ebay with a very detailed description: Current ebay Aution I also have a site where I have posted about 130 pics of the car: Picture Site Thanks ... darrell
  2. Hi, I have a 56 4drhdtp century and need the chrome pieces that are between the door windows and the glass. Basically they look like a chrome bead by the window felt. Do you have these, will they fit a Century, condition & price? Thanks, Darrelll
  3. Hi Kevin, I just bought a 56 Century and have a few engine pics. They are too large for this forum so I will send them to your listed email in the profile .. Look for a Gmail email with a health related name .. darrell
  4. Thanks for the compliment. I too have been a fan of the "bubble bee" combo. I think a saw a 56 Buick up close for the first time about 5-7 years ago when I stumbled onto the Annual Buick Meet in Richmond, VA .. Thus I was hooked on the 56. The color combo said "buy me! thanks again for your note! darrell
  5. HI Guys, I finally recived my 56 Century 2 weeks ago and I think my ignition switch is is bad. Previously, the car will not crank unless I play with the switch (move it abit). Now it will just "click" once and I am thinking it may be the battery but it would not even jump start so I am miffed. Assuming it is the switch, is there a "trick" to removing it .. I rember eons ago (before I tuned fat and bald) replacing a similar part on my $75 65 Impala Convertible using a paper clip but I cant seem to get this part out of the Buick. Any insight appreciated. Also, if you know of a way to bypass the switch perhaps I can trouble shoot? darrell
  6. Hi, He curently does not see a 2 car run between the two areas but will keep me posted. Thanks again for the tip darrell
  7. The owner of the '56 is not a car guy in terms of doing the work. I am thinking about $1,850 with all the extra parts I think it is really a car plus .25 of another car... LOL ... darrell
  8. Hi, the car is really all there plus many extra parts from a parts car. (Extra bumper, fendor, dash, intake, etc, etc) Orginially from Texas (still has a 73 TX inspection sticker) Interior mostly nice. I am thinking about 1,800 (including the zero miles new tires) Prior owner removed most chrome, driver's door and fendor and started to sand it. I have had it about a year and just do not have the time (my wife was right) darrell darrell
  9. Hi Lamar! Thanks for the DAS info. I have done almost nothing on the 55 Special 2 dr htp except putting new rubber (tires) on it. I will probably put it on ebay in the next week or so. Here are some current pics of the car soon to be for sale. Just needs someone with more time than me! Darrell
  10. Hi folks, I am moving a 56 Buick Century from Boston to FL. Any tips on a good reasonable hauler you have used and how to contact them is appreciated. I am exploring both covered and uncovered ways to do this. Thanks! darrell PS: I apologize if there is a better place for this post but I figured this would be the discussion board with most experienced audience in this area by Buick lovers!
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