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  1. I have two that are a darker medium - #1611854; and two that are a lighter medium #1611865. Both are a metallic. Thanks, Debbie
  2. Hi! I have this Bentley Wheel Cover. Trying to figure out which year, model, make it is from. Here is a front and back picture. Also, I have 4 headlight rims. From the box, it looks like these are 1946, 47, and 48 Pontiacs. HLR-40L is the number printed on the box. Also, the box has a chart with years and makes. But, does anyone have any additional info regarding these? Is Regal vintage aftermarket? Or would these be original equipment? And, any info on models? Thank you.
  3. It is approximately 10-1/2" in diameter.
  4. Does anyone know make, model, year/s of this hubcap. Thank you.
  5. Well, I'm baffled, Keiser31. It sure looks original. But, what about the stamp with he part no.? Also ....is it possible that certain DeSoto models had a little different imprint??? Just an idea. You are the expert!
  6. The head is different, though. Here is a close-up of the head.
  7. I have this wheel cover and cannot identify the 'logo'. Any ideas, anyone??? It has stamped on back: Part No. 1324552. Thanks!
  8. I used to have a really good site for Tail Light Identification. But, when I just tried to click on it in my favorites folder, it says it no longer exists. If anyone has a good site for this - I'd really appreciate you passing it on to me. Anyway - Here is the Taillight that I'm trying to ID right now. The numbers written on the left lens are: GM14 SAE STI 71. The numbers on the white lens on the rhs are: GM14A SAE AR71. The back bracket is plastic, says Made in USA and has a part # of 5963423. And the front of it says that it's for the L.H. side. It measures approximately 13" across. Thank you
  9. Well, I guess it could be a center for wire hubcaps. I thought it was a horn button - but, I could be wrong. I will check into Buick. I hope you're right!!!
  10. Thanks keiser31! I would have never guessed that logo was Chevy! LOL!
  11. I know that two of these is a horn buttons (one with black center/silver logo - 4-1/2" diameter, and one with red, black & silver logo - 4" in diameter). The others are hubcaps or wheel covers. The one with several narrow slots is 15" in diameter. The one with 10 rectangular slots around edge is 10" in diameter. The plain one is 12" od and 8" from lip id (this is the one that shows both front and back shots). All of those I need make/model/year ID. Then the blue one is a 'Dub Cap'. They were used on VW hubcaps - but - I can't find anything about them anywhere. Anyway....I've done a lot of research trying to figure all of these out and coming up with nothing so far. Thanks!
  12. Are there any good sites or resources for help with identifying Beauty Rings? I have quite a few and have no idea how to figure out what they belong to. Thanks.
  13. On the Chevy Hood Ornament - what is the difference if it has GMC1 on it, or if it has 3688253 (I believe part #) on it? Mine has the GMC1 on it. Thanks!
  14. I have these old headlights. Pictured below - a set of 2 doubles; and one single that reads Guide R4-60. I am looking for information as to what make, model, year, etc. I also have these old hood ornaments, pictured below. The one with the swan is about 18" long and about 8" high at the highest point. The naked lady lights up and is about 7" long and about 7-1/2" high. And, the plain bullet looking one is a little over 14" long and has stamped on the back: GMC1. Again, I'm looking for any information, year, make, model, etc. Thank you!
  15. It says on it: Guide 45 SAE STDB 68. The Guide Code site I've been using, has it for Wildcat in one place and not in another. Please see attached pictures. Another number on the lens is: 5960155-1 LH. It measures approximately 19" long. Can anyone please let me know if this is for the Wildcat? And, if not, which vehicles? Thanks.
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