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  1. Tom-Lakeland driveshaft to rebuild your shafts. $85 per side and i'll buy lunch!
  2. Whole assemblys for sale NEW http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ELDORADO-...emZ260198735876
  3. For Bob ,Plastic case for the pulldown motor http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/86-91-Camaro,-80-96-GM-Trunk-Pull-Down-Motor-Housing_W0QQitemZ280192879304QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL080117126a20180
  4. For replacing your old,ratty,leaking vaccum hoses. Color of your choice! http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=80&ProductID=834 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=80&ProductID=494 http://www.fwdperformance.com/store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=80&ProductID=497 http://www.fwdperformance.com/store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=80&ProductID=496
  5. Enclosed are links for the fuel pumps http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=7&ProductID=75 http://turbosunleashed.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=25_29&products_id=141
  6. Tom--With the market and economy where it's at now is not the time to sacrafice one of your very limited number cars at B-J. Remeber its a totaly different crowd at Palm Beach. I would wait till after the election and see.
  7. If you watch the Barrett-Jackson auction this week you'll find people over paying for most of the cars. It's always better when at or in an auction to have a voice of reason with you. Mines my wife. 77 and cloudy in Orlando today. Tonight is going to be 40. Can't wait untill spring training. 30 days and counting.
  8. FYI- Tuesday 1/15/2k8, a 1989 red/ginger T/C with 65000 miles sold for $8500 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona. On a 1-5 scale it was a 3. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/search/carlist_Details.aspx?&In_LotNumber=116
  9. Remember-The material used for the T/C was early 80's tech. There is MUCH better material used today. I use Dynamat from FWD in Texas. On the turbo cars it really helps to keep from cooking your paint and clearcoat. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=&ProductID=724
  10. I belive Alan still has it. He got it during the "It's the holidays and if you touch ANY of those cars I'll......." look from the Mrs. Thanks--Tim
  11. Here's the way I did it. I called the local school board and got a hold of the transportation manager. They were in charge of getting all the items refinished or rechromed for all the school buses in the system. They tend to use the best shop in your area so they dont have a lot of rework. Hope this gives you another option.
  12. Just to add White/Black -15 Red/Black -15 Red/Ginger -13 White/Bordeaux-1 Yellow/Ginger-13 Yellow/Black -4 the list adds up to -103????
  13. Alan-Mike Who do I sent the tester to first? Just let me know and your address.--Tim
  14. Just the Florida sun in the picture. The wheel is as red as the as the car.
  15. I've got three sets taking up space in my garage.
  16. Just so you can see--Red with black top and white with black top.
  17. Not sure. Dan Holiday gave the lady a price. I dont think it was what she was looking for. It was her husbands car and he has passed. I dont think she can even drive a stick.
  18. Wrong. The color of the background lights were unique to the T/C. All of the cars you listed will ALL have the gears fail. The problem was not the gears but the grease used that turns to glue. I was part of the lawsuit vs. Pennsoil.
  19. Poly also makes a stiffer(larger) front sway bar. I have not put one on- yet. http://polybushings.com/pages/swaybarfrt.html
  20. Sorry-I have a place in Orlando Florida that repairs the gears. A little far for you. Hey Alan-do you have a fix? Hemi maybe?
  21. Joe-where are you and your neighbor located?
  22. Do any of you with the Shimmy have a rear sway bar? These cars did not come with a rear bar. I added one to all my T/C's and most of the rear loosness is gone. Give Bruce at T/C parts a call. I drove him to the Orlando airport and he said he had never been in a T/C that tracks so straight. Thank you Polybushings. http://polybushings.com/pages/swaybars.html http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Category.asp?IDCatalog=48&txtCatalog=Suspension%20::%20Swaybars
  23. Two ways you can go. Rick Diogo at RDI has a kit that includes a Porsche 911-T bov. About twice as loud as stock but not LOUD. FWD has a pipe that you can install the bov the kids in hondas and mitsus are running. Very good valve but VERY LOUD. http://www.rdiperformance.com/ http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=838 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=837
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